Shenmue Anime Release Date: February

Shenmue Anime Release Date Falls in February

People will be able to see Ryo Hazuki’s story in a new way soon. The ShenmueRelease date for anime: February 5, 2022. Crunchyroll will stream the movie. On Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, it will join the Toonami block. It will air at 12:30am local. There’s also a new key visual and trailer for

The new Shenmue trailer kicks off when Ryo’s story begins. He happens upon Lan Di’s encounter with his father. He discovers more about the legendary mirrors. The beginning of his quest is evident from this point. Some segments also show the famous forklifts.

Here is the official ShenmueTrailer for anime, with release date at end.

Here’s the English cast list for the dub.

  • Ryo Hazuki: Austin Tindle
  • Lan Di: Scott Gibbs
  • Shenhua: Natalie Rial
  • Nozomi Harasaki: Cat Thomas
  • Guizhang Chen: Jeremy Gee
  • Chai: Greg Ayres
  • Wong: Bryson Changus
  • Joy: Luci Christian
  • Christine Auten: Xiuyinghong
  • Ren: Cody House
  • Dou Niu by Joe Daniels

And here’s the ShenmueThe anime key visual. It features characters from the original and sequel games. Ryo is in the lower right. Shenhua Ling is visible above Ryo. Lan Di can be found in the upper right corner. Nozomi Harasaki (left) and Chen Guizhang (right) are depicted. Joy and Ren Wuying are located in the upper right.
Shenmue Anime Release Date Falls in February

The ShenmueRelease date for the anime adaptation is February 5, 2022. Crunchyroll will have it available for purchase. You can watch it on Cartoon Network at 12:30am during Toonami. There will be 13 episodes in total.

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