Son Says Roddenberry Would Be Proud of Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds Would Make Roddenberry Proud, Says Son

Exclusive: Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod Roddenberry says Strange New Worlds would have made him proud.

Rod Roddenberry, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son, says Star Trek: Strange New WorldsHis father would be proud. The most recent entry in the long-running, multi-generational science fiction franchise is set five year before Captain James T. Kirk becomes the Federation’s flagship, USS. Enterprise. The series follows Captain Christopher Pike, Anson Mount, and his crew as they embark on a five-year mission that will explore the undiscovered corners in the galaxy.

Strange New WorldsThis is the sixth TV show to be introduced by CBS following the rebranding of CBS by Alex Kurtzman. Star Trek: DiscoveryIn 2017. It was originally spun off from the serialized Discovery, Strange New WorldsIt was designed with a more episodic structure similar to the older. Star TrekTelevision series. Its stellar writing and outstanding performances helped to make this a successful series. Strange New WorldsThe best-rated Star TrekEntry on Rotten Tomatoes to-date.


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Interview with Screen Rant , Rod Roddenberry shares his thoughts on the success of Star TrekThe most recent series. Strange New Worlds. The producer admits he thought his father would’ve been proud of show and praises both the creatives behind it as well as its distinctive appeal, which makes it stand out as something unique. Read what Roddenberry says about Strange New Worlds below:

He would be proud. Strange New Worlds’ uniqueness is something that has surprised me. That they are doing this is amazing. This surprised me initially, as we have some funny episodes. These are the things I would say to start reading scripts. I have no idea how it will play out. This is something I do not know how the audience will receive it.

They have it down. It’s a hit with fans. And I am so proud of all the creators. They have done an amazing job with Strange New Worlds. They’re amazing and I’m so proud of them.

Spock Hugs Chapel Strange New Worlds

Gene Roddenberry is the man who created it Star TrekThe series was created in 1966 and became an international phenomenon. The series was structured in an episodic way, in which the crew encountered a new problem on a new world each week and had to use their expertise to solve any issues that crossed their path. Strange New WorldsSimilar to that, Captain Pike leads a crew of capable characters with distinct personalities. This is an example of what it means for a Federation officer.

This is what it means The Original Series‘ influence is so evident in Strange New WorldsIt’s easy to see why Roddenberry would have been proud of this new series. In addition to bringing back the episodic format of the franchise, the show revisits underserved areas. Star Trek characters like Dr. M’Benga and Una Chin-Riley, who now get significant development. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the audience embraces of Strange New Worlds This serves to remind us of the impact Roddenberry’s original approach on TV.

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