Spine-chilling body horror • AIPT

Spine-chilling body horror • AIPT

Huesera The stunning feature-length debut of Michelle Garza Cervera is here. This is a haunting and beautiful look at the alienation and anguish of pregnancy. Huesera Explores Mexican folklore, and asks for our personal demons. 

Valeria (played by Natalia Solián in an impressive feature length debut performance) is pregnant with her first child. For Valeria, what should have been a joyous experience is filled with terror. Valeria is surrounded by terror and fear as she suspects that despite her devotion to God, she might be cursed. 

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Cervera’s sharp directorial skills and attention to detail lend a sneaky sense of anxiety to the eerie horror of Huesera. When Valeria starts to see startling visions, her bones begin to crack, there’s a visceral, emotional dread that is so rare in body horror. As this uniquely spine-chilling tale pushes forward, more about Valeria’s personal battles and the entity that torments her is revealed. Cervera is reminiscent of Jordan Peele and Ari Aster’s work.

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