Squeal Trailer Reveals Twisted Fairytale [EXCLUSIVE]

Squeal Trailer Reveals A Twisted Fairytale [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant offers an exclusive first glimpse at the trailer for Squeal by Aik Karapetian, a dark fairytale that will arrive August 19.

Screen Rant can exclusively present a first look at the trailer for the upcoming film Squeal (previously known by Samuel’s TravelsAugust 19th, 2009. Cranked Up Films will distribute the Latvian production through Good Deed Entertainment. It premieres theatrically in selected cities, and on Demand in the USA and Canada. Directed by Aik Karapetian (Firstborn, Orange Jacket on Man) and co-written by him and Aleksandr Rodionov, Squeal This darkly comic fairytale is loosely inspired from Homer’s The Odyssey.

Belgian actor Kevin Janssens portrays Samuel, a man who has lost his father in a remote Eastern European town and is looking for his way home. While searching for his father at the edge of a mythical forest – as many fairytales begin – he encounters a pig farmer’s daughter named Kirke Kirke (Laura Siliņa) who is deceptively welcoming and invites him into her home. He soon realizes he is being turned into a forced laborer and finds himself alone with no support, unable to speak the language, and chained up beside the pigs.


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In Screen RantThe exclusive first look at the Squeal Below is the trailer. It shows Sam and Kirke meeting for the first time. After that, the music gets darker and the mood turns frightening. The film becomes a survivalist tale, as Samuel attempts to adapt and escape. It seems that one particular pig could be the key to freeing himself from captivity. Watch the trailer below.

(Watch the complete trailer on YouTube.

Kirke is named after the Greek goddess Circe. Odysseus’ traveling companions, the Trojan War veterans, are returning home when they meet Kirke. She transforms their men into swine to keep them together for one year. Although pigs are an integral part of the human population, SquealAudiences will need to wait until the film’s full release to find out if Samuel is one of them or returns home at the end.

Kevin Janssens in Aik Karapetian's SQUEAL

Squeal also stars Aigars Vilims, Normunds Griestiņš, Juris Bartkevičs, and Guntis Pilsums. The film has been selected for festivals like Fantastic Fest last year, which features English and Latvian dialogue. It runs for 85 minutes, and it is sure to keep viewers entertained whether they view it in a theatre or at their home.

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Squeal In the US, the film will be released theatrically at major cities like Los Angeles or NYC. The movie will also be available On Demand in the US and Canada on August 19.

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