Stay at the Uchiha Hotel Room with Your Family and Get Angst

Get Your Family Angst on and Stay in the Uchiha Hotel Room

Stay at the Uchiha Hotel Room with Your Family and Get Angst

Major fans Naruto have a major way to celebrate it: they can stay in Highland Resort Hotel & Spa’s Japanese Ninja Suite, which is all about the Naruto franchise. As you would expect, the space will be furnished with NarutoImages and references

But this summer they’re doing something special and a little different: they’re offering a “Summer of Uchiha.” That means there’s a room dedicated to Sasuke and his big brother Itachi Uchiha. It was decided that summer was the best time for this event because it coincides with Sasuke’s summer birthday, July 23.

This event will run until September 11, and was started earlier in the month. You can also earn a Shinobi Certificate by attending a side-event.

You can see the Macaroni Club restaurant at the hotel that serves Uchiha-themed food and drinks.

The hotel is also home to the Naruto x Boruto Hidden Village in Konoha attraction.

Reservations can be made here for the Uchiha room to experience that family feeling of angst. You can actually do this! NarutoThe hotel has an English page to help you make reservations.

NarutoIt is one of the most successful anime and shonen manga franchises. VIZ Media brings the manga and anime to America.

“Twelve years ago the Village Hidden in the Leaves was attacked by a fearsome threat. The village leader, the Hokage and many others were killed by a nine-tailed Fox spirit. The village is peaceful today, while Naruto, a troublemaker kid, is still struggling to graduate Ninja Academy. Although his ultimate goal may be to become a Hokage, his real destiny will be more complex. The adventure begins now!”

Source: Grape Japan


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