Stray’s Cutest Robot Friends | Screen Rant

Stray's Cutest Robot Friends | Screen Rant

While StrayMany people thought this game was about a cat exploring a cyberpunk-esque environment. However, they may have been shocked to learn that the cat’s story is far more than they expected and that there are some adorable robot NPCs. There are three central locations that all have good vertical traversal. StrayThe story, characters, gameplay, and story of’s game are far more detailed, with lots to discover for collectibles, worldbuilding, and interesting worldbuilding. There are many robots that can be interacted and the cities are well-populated. It’s easy to find interesting and entertaining scenarios in a videogame where each character responds differently to what the other players do.


[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Stray.]

Making cute cat things Stray is just some of the fun that can be had in the 2022 adventure game. The game centers on a cat who falls in a walled city after being separated from its three cats. The city is overrun with an infectious, florescent orange organism. It breeds tiny, one eye creatures that eat everything. The Slums are a safe area where robots have been held captive for many years. The Outsiders, a group made up of robots, seeks to reach the top of the city to open the walls and return to the outside world.

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Although there are many things to be learned from the dystopian cyberpunk city of StrayThere are tons of interactions between characters to explore. Many robots come with their own personalities, and they have special conversations when the players first meet them. Although most conversations are brief and do not repeat once players have spoken with them, there are many interesting interactions. Some conversations are simply overheard and are not directed at the player. Others are reactions to what the character is doing and others are gentle reminders of humanity living in a dystopian future.

Ledoc, The Silent Blushing Bot, Is One Of Stray’s Cutest Characters

Ledoc reaction

This adorable bot is the first character you will see after climbing up Antvillage. Like many cat-like actions players can perform in the game, this bot is very similar to other things that they can do. StrayRubbishing against the robot produces a flushed expression on its face monitor. Ledoc appears to be sat in a cozy corner, unaffected by the bustle of Midtown, all wrapped up and sitting in a small room. Ledoc does not have anything to say to this wandering cat but the character’s sweet response is sweet.

Stray’s Cat Can Cosy Up To A Slumbering Cowboy

Sleeping cowboy heart face

Players will find a robot lying on a couch while exploring Midtown. Jumping up onto the robot’s belly will awaken it. A question mark will appear on the monitor at its forehead. The robot’s head will turn towards the cat, curling up on its stomach and changing into a heart symbol. However Stray shows players want to be annoying critters, this interaction reveals that maybe players also want to be cute critters too.

Reuniting Doc & Seamus Is One Of Stray’s Best Moments

Doc and Seamus are the main characters in this storyline. StrayThey are found towards the end the players’ adventure through The Slums. Meeting Seamus in the bar with Momo, this robot will tell the player going to The Outside is pointless because his father, Doc, left to find it and never returned. The player misses him and wants to find him. Seamus works with him to locate Doc and reunite father-son.

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Reuniting the estranged robot duo is one of StrayThese are some of the best moments. Doc pulls Seamus in a hug. Seamus is shocked and returns the hug. The robot’s monitor shows a bright red heart. This is one of the most adorable interactions in the game.

Stray’s Adorable Robot Companion, B12

B12 face

Even though there’s no information on whether or not it will be, Stray will be getting a sequel, not having B12 as the player’s companion in a Stray 2It doesn’t feel right. B12, the player’s guide through this world of the game, is what brings life to the little drone that was at the start of the game. StrayDuring the journey through the cyberpunk cities, he shares many of his experiences with the player. B12’s death at the end is made more painful by the shared moments of victory, rescue, and teamwork. B12’s robot design is cute, and it likes to keep its hands in a backpack.

Momo Is One Of Stray’s Best Robot Characters

You might find many cool Easter eggs and references. Stray but Momo takes the lead when it comes to cute robot friends. Momo is the protagonist character in figuring out how you get to The Outside. This robot is one of The Outsiders. It guides players to find the other Outsider to help them find a way out. This bot will be a companion for many players as they contact others in The Slums. They then venture into the sewers to search Zbaltazar.

Momo is one the most expressive robots in the game. His dialogue feels very human. Since StrayMomo’s story tells the story of what happened to the human race. They died long before the players fell into the city. Momo’s interactions with the cat, particular faces, and the dialogue make him a relatable and adorable character. Momo’s first encounter with Momo is marked by a sad expression and a downturned face. This is because he is upset about the transceiver malfunctioning. However, this will soon change to a happy expression once all The Outsider’s notebooks have been returned to him.

Once players visit each of the locations with outsider symbols and obtain all of StrayMomo will receive Momo’s notebooks. Momo will smile when Momo returns them. Momo will give players the opportunity to pet the cat’s heads and pat its top on a stool in the bar. Momo also has a special line of dialogue between the player and Momo when they part ways. It says “Tell Clementine and Zbaltazar that you found me brave,Momo is one the most adorable robot friends that players can interact with. Stray.

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