Studio Bones Panel Live Blog: A Look Back

Crunchyroll Expo 2020 is in full swing. Studio Bones has made sure that all eyes are on Studio Bones’ main stage. Masahiko Minami, the president and co-founder of Crunchyroll, has been invited to talk with fans at the convention. The crowd is eager to hear more about Bungo Stray Dogs. Mob Psycho 100. My Hero Academia. 

Chris Han will be moderating the panel and everyone is eager to meet the president. He claims that the Crunchyroll photo shows him at the time Space Dandy was being built, so it may be a little out-of-date. Next year, he will need to take a different picture for the panel. 

Minami is first asked what it’s like to be the president at Studio Bones. He is more like a producer as he works with all the Bones staff. He works with everyone on every project, from script to design. He checks all his emails in one day before moving on to the afternoon meetings. He enjoys a glass of alcohol at night to relax. It is often with his coworkers, whether they are at Bones and elsewhere. Minami considers this work because they discuss the work environment. 

Minami says that anime was his first love as a child. Moonbeam from Finland was his favorite. He also grew to love anime like Space Battleship Yamato, Gundam and others. He took a keen interest in media and studied it at college. He moved to animation when he started working. Minami claims that he always wanted to be a director. Minami loved Gundam’s Tomino Yoshiyuki, so he began his career at Sunrise. But Minami soon discovered that direct production was more appealing than general directing. 

Minami is asked by a reporter which anime the studio made them most proud to be associated with, and he replies Fullmetal Alchemist. It was the one that brought everyone to Bones, and made them aware of the company’s offerings. Bones worked on Wolf’s Reign, and Ouran with FMA. Bones viewed these projects as their global foundation. 

Eureka 7: Hi-Evolution comes to the table. Minami is asked why three films were ordered following the original anime’s production. Minami said that they worked on the original series 16-17 years ago. This was the idea behind the original anime. Then, they would go on to explore the rest of the series. The team discussed the possibility of making the Eureka film as a trilogy. Minami’s crew wanted to create these films to set the tone for future franchise projects. Minami wants us all to look forward to even more. 

Minami then gets asked about Josse as well as the Tiger Fish. The response to Minami’s question was overwhelmingly positive. Minami is then asked about Bones’ decision to choose the story. He says that it was different from other Bones stories. There were no robots, explosions, or fights. The director, who worked on Noragami as well, wanted to experiment with a new movie. Josse was chosen for this challenge as it was a completely new kind of work. Minami asked Minami if the team wanted it to move forward. They said no. Minami was so moved by the passion of the team that he agreed to allow the show to go ahead. 

The president of SK8: The Infinity is asked about the origins of the story. Minami says the producer of Josse also oversaw this skateboarding series, and again, when he asked about action or robots being involved – there was nothing. Minami said that he was interested because he enjoys all sports. They hadn’t had the opportunity to make a series of sports before and the producer insisted that SK8 air for a full season. Minami believes the show is a success because he can see that it was popular among fans both in Japan and overseas. 

The Case Study of Vanitas was brought up as a title for this year. Minami expressed excitement about the show’s action and said that Minami agreed. Square Enix, the original publisher, was known to Bones through FMA. Minami loved the series’ art and found it great when Minami pitched it. Minami was not able to capture the delicate art in animation because it was too difficult. Vanitas was for only two cours. Bones couldn’t explore much of the series so Minami hopes that they can explore it further. 

Last year, Minami says Bones picked up a lot of projects like Godzilla: Singular Point and Carole & Tuesday. The company has many projects, according to the president. Mob Psycho 100 is next on the agenda to excite fans. 


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