Takeru and Sakurako are Dysfunctional

sakurako looking down

When will Ayumu make his move? A brand new rom-com anime series, featuring the Ayumu, a kuudere-shogi fan, and Urushi, his senior student, who is the shogi master. Their amusing battle between romantic wits drives the story. However, their friends might also be falling for each other.

The first episodes of Ayumu Introduced two supporting characters: Takeru, the slightly tsundereish boy and Sakurako (his soft-spoken girl friend). They could become an official couple if they play their cards correctly, but Sakurako needs to be more creative in her methods. Hypnosis or manipulation are not the best way to have a happy anime romance.

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Sakurako’s Dishonest Methods Throughout The Anime

So far, Urushi has established herself as When will Ayumu make his move?The title of ‘Best Girl’ is not up for grabs, but there is plenty of competition. Urushi and Sakurako were the only two female characters in Episode 3. Sakurako has not made a convincing case for herself. Sakurako uses manipulative, dishonest tactics to get her way. It’s one thing that she is shy and timid in comparison to Urushi. Although it’s a joke in anime, Sakurako doesn’t do anything really heinous. Sakurako’s actions are not typical of the Best Girls.

Sakurako uses hypnosis to her advantage. She waving a five-yen note on a string to hypnotize Takeru and get him to do what she wants. Sakurako uses this hypnotic trick a lot to force Takeru to act against her will. She “convinced him” to join an unofficial shogi group, even though he was not interested. She repeated the trick in Episode 3 to get Takeru to leave a shogi clubs session. Takeru was clearly enjoying herself.

Although Sakurako admitted that it was done so Ayumu, Urushi and Urushi could be alone, it still felt dishonest. No matter the reason it was, no decent anime character would resort to dirty tricks to get someone to do something against their will. Even in a gentle anime, it smacks if villainy. When will Ayumu make his move?It suggests that Sakurako is having serious problems. That trick will only make these problems worse, no matter how serious they are.

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Sakurako’s apparent need for personal growth

Sakurako’s little trick of hypnosis might be used to make people laugh in the early years. Ayumu Episodes, but it’s not very funny and isn’t that great of a gag. Worst, Sakurako seems to be using hypnosis as a way to get what she wants. Ayumu It is similar Kaguya-Sama Lite — A romantic battle-of the-wits anime in which clever ploys and careful planning can work out for these smart couples. Sakurako should realize that her hypnosis trick was a dirty cheat and should be abandoned.

Sakurako’s dependence on hypnosis indicates that she doesn’t have the resolve, courage or intelligence to win Takueru over, as she has difficulty expressing her true feelings for him. Sakurako clearly has goals. She wants to be closer to Takeru and advance the Ayumu/Urushi romance. But Sakurako can’t do it all on her own. Sakurako, at least, doesn’t believe that she can. Each time she uses hypnosis, she gets the coin.

These tricks don’t work for anime heroes. They need courage, bold action, and self-confidence to succeed. There are no shortcuts to success. Sakurako’s hypnosis will not change her character. She will appear dishonest and manipulative throughout. She doesn’t have to use her coin; she only needs the best version herself to act. It’s the basis of her character.

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