Ten Things That Make Kurama’s Death Hard in Boruto

Naruto and Kurama's death from Boruto

Kurama’s death is one of the most sad moments in the history of the country. Borutoanime, making Naruto and the fans sad about losing such a beloved and loyal character. Kurama was given a final scene in anime that would make fans cry and feel the same sorrow as Naruto. Kurama was an unknown creature at first, but years later he became a beloved hero.

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His backstory was deeply felt by his fans who were thrilled when he fell in love with Naruto and became his friend. There are many elements in the story. NarutoKurama’s death was made tragically and emotionally by Kurama’s past. Fans felt the exact same way Naruto did because of the franchise’s longevity. They felt as though they had lost a family friend or long-time friend.

10 The Anime Said A Longer Conversation

Surprisingly, many Kurama enthusiasts who had been around for a long time weren’t affected when he died in the end. Boruto manga. It’s evident why. The manga didn’t spend much time on his impending death, making it seem like an ordinary event in the plot.

Naruto and Kurama were able to have a longer conversation as the anime extended Kurama’s final scene. Kurama and Naruto talked about the past, and their thoughts on their impending doom. They shared a great laugh and smiled despite their sadness at the end. Their separation was made more painful by the fact that their fans realized they were truly friends.

9 The Audience could Hear Their Pain

Junko Takeuchi, Tessho Ganda, and Kurama’s voice actors have sung the characters for more than a decade. Naruto and Kurama were both lonely, harboring resentment toward the world. They were both very playful and enjoyed teasing one another, forming strong bonds.

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Junko Takeuchi was able to capture the essence of the characters and bring them to life for their fans all over the globe. Teesho Ganda and Teesho Goto were amazing. Kurama was close to death, and the audience could feel their chemistry as well as the characters’ sadness. Ganda and Takeuchi were fantastic actors, and made Naruto and Kurama feel more real.

8 Kurama’s death was also his anniversary

“Partner”, which aired on October 3, 2021, is the 19th Anniversary of the show. NarutoThis is the first episode of anime. The debut of anime is not the only thing October 3rd brings. Naruto — it’s also Kurama’s first anime appearance. Additionally, NarutoThe opening shot featured Kuruma attacking Hidden Leaf Village in the opening scene. He was the first character to appear in the series.

This information reminds viewers of the progress that Kuruma, Naruto and the series have made since October 3rd 2002. It’s almost like looking through a family scrapbook, with photos that span all of life’s stages. Although it was heartbreaking to see Kuruma leave, the airdate makes it feel as if he had a family member who passed away on his birthday.

7 Naruto kept reaching out to him

He knew exactly what was about to happen but Naruto refused to accept Kurama’s death. Naruto told Kurama, “Please don’t go!” While Kurama was aware of the fact that he had no other choice, Naruto’s emotions clouded him rationality.

Poor Naruto collapsed after Kurama vanished in the air. He began to cry and shout Kurama’s Name, asking him to return. Naruto reached out for his hand and was finally able to grab it. However, it wasn’t Kurama — only Boruto, back in the real world. Naruto woke and realized that Kurama was gone.

6 The Tailed Beasts Reacted to His Death

All the Tailed Beasts were gathered around Kurama, who was about to enter the afterlife. The Tailed Beasts were not in the manga, so this was a touching and sad surprise. The anime introduced a family component to the anime, where siblings could watch their brother die or their family members can see the last nail go in their relative’s coffin.

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A more positive note was Shukaku’s reaction to Kurama’s death. They had fought each other since the beginning NarutoShukaku would always express his disgust for the fox. “Partner,” however, confirmed the fact that, no matter what, they were still a family and really cared about each other.

5 There Were Hints in The First ED

The ED for the previous episodes was a nostalgic glimpse back at Naruto’s life. Beautiful animation was shown to contrast the lonely childhood of Naruto and his life as a Hokage. The ED also displayed glimpses Kurama, which showed the fox’s past, present and future.

The ED showed Kurama and Naruto’s relationship, but also gave a hint of Kurama’s demise. But not all anime-only viewers understood this and were shocked at Kurama’s death. The sadness of knowing they were not warned is even more evident when looking back at the first ED.

4 Slideshow: The Second ED was a Slideshow

The ED of “Partner” was a slideshow that illustrated the gradual evolution in Naruto-Kuma’s bond. Screenshots from Naruto Naruto Shippuden episodes, BorutoIt teaches fans about the origins of Naruto’s and Kurama’s animosity and how they eventually became friends. Slideshow that showed Naruto’s and Kurama’s animosity over the years.

Both were hostile to the other and they resent their forced relationship. Kurama tried to control Naruto and corrupted his mind with hate. They eventually came to terms with their unspoken relationship and let their differences go. Fans went on a nostalgic trip and admired the development of Naruto’s and Kurama’s relationship.

3 Kurama saw Naruto through the Ages

Naruto made a comment shortly before Kurama’s death, stating that they had been together ever since Naruto was born. Naruto stated even that “in a certain way,” [they were]”More than just brothers.” The anime then focused on Kurama’s perspective, with him seeing all the different versions of Naruto through the years. From childhood to genin to teenager to young adult and finally to Hokage.

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Kurama had seen Naruto grow into a powerful man and added nostalgia to the anime. The audience was just as happy to reminisce as the fox, and enjoyed looking back at the progress Naruto had made. Kuruma and Naruto had a special relationship, and the audience could feel Kurama’s love for his Jinchuuriki.

2 Kurama didn’t tell Naruto the truth

Isshiki nearly killed Naruto in “Sacrifice”, forcing Kurama to make difficult choices. Kurama revealed a secret form known as Baryon Mode, which could help Naruto grow stronger. Kurama stated that it would shorten both his and Naruto’s lives, possibly even killing them both. Naruto was willing to use it. However, he didn’t realize that Kurama’s life was at greater danger.

Kurama kept this information from Naruto knowing that Naruto would protest. Kurama’s death was tragic, but there is beauty in the fact he would die for Naruto. Kurama was held captive by humans for generations because they were afraid of his power. Kurama, however, was willing to give his life for the sake of those who truly believed in him.

1 Naruto Didn’t Get To Grieve

Naruto continued to deal with the aftermath Isshiki’s attack against Konoha after Kurama’s passing. Naruto was left to think about how to kill his son, who was to be again controlled by Momoshiki.

Naruto didn’t have the time to grieve Kurama’s death properly because there was so much going on at once. Kurama’s passing was a sad thing for a beloved character. Fans would like to see Naruto grieve over his friend. Kurama and Naruto have done so many things for the village that they deserve an episode.

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