Ten Ways Berserk’s Casca is the Best Anime Heroine In Anime

casca best heroine

BerserkKentaro Mura wrote and drew the epic fantasy tale of Guts, the single swordsman, and the adventures he has in a medieval world. Guts is often seen as a single struggler, as the Skull Knight refers to him. However, he isn’t always on his own. Casca, his knight friend and first true love, is also his companion.

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Casca was introduced in the early days of the history of Berserk. She is a key character in Guts’ story and plays a sometimes passive role. Guts’ most adventurous feats and quests were inspired in part by his love for her. In the old days, Casca watched his back while he fought.

10 Casca is a tireless worker for the things she has

Most shonen protagonists, and some seinen ones, work hard to achieve their goals. Casca, the knight who worked tirelessly for years to achieve her rank in the Band of the Hawk, is an example of this.

Casca was only given one thing: the chance to fight and train with Griffith’s Band. Casca would not have been able to make the immense effort required to become a knight and someone Griffith’s elite troops could admire. Some qualities transcend the line between seinen or shonen.

9 Casca has amusing insecurities about dancing

If the author presents them with some insecurities, flaws or doubts, any tough, capable character can be nicely rounded out. It is important not to let those insecurities or flaws ruin the character’s strengths. Kentaro Miura, author of Casca, did a great job with that balance.

Casca is, in general, strong and confident. Berserk. Casca is shy about her dancing abilities and is unsure if it will be enough to look good at the Midland capital’s formal balls. Casca prefers to watch the action than dance, as many anime characters can do club dancing and the waltz.

8 Casca isn’t used for cheap fanservice

An anime or manga series can use fanservice with taste or show some restraint. My Dress-Up Darling This is an excellent example. The same applies to BerserkThe characters of, who aren’t used to cheap fanservice. They are only nude in part or whole for story-related reasons.

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Farnese and Casca are two examples of characters who have displayed some skin. BerserkHowever, they are only allowed to do so for the story’s appropriately motivated purposes. They also don’t fall into suggestive positions for humor’s sake. Berserk Casca is beautiful without being a joke.

7 Casca Is Incrediblely Brave in Battle

It is rare for anime protagonists to show extreme courage and resolve when faced with danger. This feat is even greater for low-ranking characters.

Casca is a well-respected knight in the Band. Casca knows that every battle will be her last but she’ll not hesitate to charge into battle in order to protect Griffith. In the battle for Doldrey she was brave and unflinching against the enemy armies.

6 Casca Has Impressive Leadership Qualities

Griffith is the Band of the Hawk’s overall commander, but he trusts other major characters like Casca and Guts to lead his men into battle. It’s a good idea, since Griffith would struggle to lead an entire army on his own. It gives Casca an opportunity to shine.

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Casca impressed Berserk Fans were amazed when she led a group of knights that fought Doldrey’s defences and flanked the Tudor army. Later, she led what remained of the Band after Griffith’s capture – an even more impressive feat.

5 Casca Commands A Great Deal Of Respect

The most respected characters in shonen or seinen series are often the charismatic, powerful male characters. These include Commander Ewin Smith or All Might. BerserkGriffith is the author. Casca was also included in the story.

Casca does more than survive these battles. Casca also supports Griffith as an a knight. Her humble background makes her the Band’s second most respected member, after Griffith. Another reason she was followed by the other Band members after Griffith’s temporary downfall.

4 Casca is a Compassionate Mother Figure

Casca looks more like a sister in arms to the Band members. But in later story arcs Casca got the chance show off her maternal side. Casca was an action heroine who had the chance to bring together her strength and motherly side.

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Casca and Guts are drawn to the mysterious Moonlight Boy by their sexiness. Guts viewed them as his parents and Casca accepted him. Casca was incredibly protective of her son, despite all the hardships she faced. Berserk It was long overdue for its Best Mom.

3 Casca Releases Her Griffith Obsession

Many anime characters are devoted to a particular person, and will even overlook their flaws in order to make them look good. Momo Hinamori idolizing Captain Aizen is one example. BleachCasca was for a time a bit like Griffith in Berserk. However, she changed her mind.

Casca realized that Griffith would never repay her love and so she learned to be strong and let go. Although it was difficult, given Griffith’s devotion to her, she persevered.

2 Casca Found True Love with Guts

Casca is more than just a love interest. Berserk‘s hero, Guts. Guts’s counterpart and equal in almost all aspects, she is Casca. That made their romance more authentic and fascinating than many action romances. Casca had also to let go of her Griffith obsession in order to do it.

Casca and Griffith saw each other in one another and were open to accepting each other’s imperfections, mental and physical. This was the most romantic thing about this relationship. BerserkThe Golden Age story arc of’s Golden Age is one of the most memorable in all of seinen manga. This relationship has stood the test of time.

1 Casca Has Great Humor

Even a dark and violent story like this can still be compelling. Berserk Casca is a good example of someone who can find humor when needed. Casca doesn’t make her look bad with raunchy humor or excessive gags, but she does react amusingly to the Golden Age’s absurdities. Casca is so funny.

Casca later went into Elaine mode and amused the audience by acting almost like a curious child who can’t resist playing with everything. Even more funny was her company, Schierke the witch and Isidro (the young thief swordsman).

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