Ten Worst Trends in Naruto Ranked

10 Worst Trends In Naruto, Ranked

Many narratives are interwoven with common themes like protecting comrades, never giving up and working hard. Naruto. Fans praise NarutoFor inspiring viewers to emulate the determination of Naruto Umaki and Rock Lee’s work ethic. Some anime trends can make it less interesting to watch and reduce the importance of these tropes.

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It is not just the viewers who are confused by the direction this show chooses to go, but fans as well. Many viewers may not agree with the direction that the show takes. Naruto Although it is considered one of the most important shonen animes, it is far from perfect.

10 Genjutsu loses its significance in battles

Genjutsu is one of three essentials in ninja fighting, along with Ninjutsu or Taijutsu. However, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu are still integral to fight scenes. Genjutsu, on the other hand, loses its effectiveness and characters use it less as the show goes along. After the Fourth Great Ninja War starts, the heroes have to win by beating their opponents with the same tactical thinking that Genjutsu requires. Itachi uses Izanami while Madara uses Infinite Tsukuyomi. However, most fights consist of Ninjutsu as well as Taijutsu.

9 Naruto’s Shadow Clones Rarely Works

The Shadow Clone Technique is Naruto’s most popular jutsu. It is often ineffective against enemies and causes a lot of chakra waste. Naruto’s Shadow Clone Technique should be able overcome opponents by their sheer numbers. However, each Shadow Clone vanishes easily after a single hit.

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This jutsu also needs a large amount of chakra. Therefore, Naruto’s frequent usage of it can do more harm than good in important fights. It’s a powerful forbidden jutsu that is often considered to be detrimental to Naruto’s health.

8 Sakura Never Grows Up

Sakura’s hatred for Naruto makes her one of the most disliked characters. She has an inferiority complex and cannot get out. She is often behind Naruto, Sasuke and others in combat skills, and finds it difficult to keep up. She is fine with competing with her teammates but she can sometimes seem more focused on exceeding them. These are themInstead of defeating the villains.

7 Villains lack individuality towards the end

Many villains share many of the same talents and the belief that hate will always be a constant in the world ninjas. Nagato and Obito are villains. They have powerful Dojutsu including the Sharingan, Rinnegan and Byakugan. Each of these villains has their own reasons for being obsessed with hatred. However, it becomes unnecessary to repeat the belief that hatred is inevitable. This redundancy not only reinforces the theme love/hate, but also makes the show less exciting.

6 Lovable Side Characters Fade Away

Many characters that fans become familiar with lose their importance in the plot. Rock Lee, for example, contributes to the show’s theme about hard work during Chunin Exams. He also assists Naruto in rescuing Sasuke through fighting Kimimaro.

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However, Naruto ShippudenHe doesn’t take part in major fights that have the spotlight on him only. Shino Aburame, Neji Hiuga and Shino Hyuga get the same treatment. They also don’t get much screen time. Naruto Shippuden.

5 Naruto Doesn’t Have to Train Hard To Become Powerful

Naruto’s dependence on Kurama makes the prominent theme of hardwork less credible. Naruto does his best to master the Rasengan Rasenshuriken and Mount Myoboku to get to Sage Mode. But he relies more on Kurama than his skills. Kurama’s chakra gives Naruto the advantage in multiple fights. Without Kurama, Naruto wouldn’t be able enter Kurama Chakra Mode. Hagoromo also grants Naruto the power of Six Paths, which gives him one of the greatest power boosts in the series.

4 Plot Armor Saves Main Characters Often

Incorporating plot armor into many scenes reduces the excitement of anticipating what happens next. As an example, plot armor saves Sasuke when he is almost dead at the Kage Summit. Obito, Zetsu also intervene when Sasuke needs help. It also leads to conflicting messages, as shown when Naruto claims that people are not born with a predetermined destiny, despite beating Neji with the power of the Nine-Tails – something he is born with.

3 Naruto Adapts A Story About Ninjas

NarutoIt sticks initially to the theme about ninjas. The characters use hand signs to perform tricks, such as throwing shuriken or kunai knives, and make jutsus. But, all of this changes at the end. Naruto Shippuden. Characters don’t have to use hand signals as much as they used to. They can also create Ninjutsu with standard ninja tools such shuriken, which can explode mountains. Characters no longer need to use tactics to win; they simply outpower their opponents to win. Ninjas are therefore less important in the story.

2 Anticlimactic Endings to Fights

Fighting is not won by using a powerful attack or outwitting your opponent. Some fights end anticlimactically as the enemy becomes stronger and the heroes have to be lucky to win. Naruto, for example, uses Talk No Jutsu in order to convince villains to change their plans.

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The result is that the tension that had been building up between the characters during and after the fight suddenly stops. This is because Naruto’s words are listened to by the villain and he decides to dramatically alter their opinions.

1 Female characters lack strength and development

It is the most dangerous trend because of its lack of strength and development in female characters Naruto​​​​​​. Numerous female characters conform to gender norms, and rely on men to find meaning and follow their lead. This is why many of the most hated characters in society are female. NarutoCharacters are female. Female characters are also in NarutoThey are not strong enough to match the strength of their male counterparts. Despite the fact that characters like Tsunade or Mei have enough strength to become Kages they pale in comparison with male Kages.

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