The 10 Most Clichéd Characters From Shojo Anime, Ranked

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There are many recurring tropes, clichés, and themes in shojo anime. Shojo anime is a genre geared towards young girls and adolescent females. It also includes predictable characters. While some characters are popular, others may be considered inappropriate or unnecessary.

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Characters like Usagi Sailor Moon, Usui Maid SamaShirayuki, or? Snow White with Red HairThey are familiar as they represent the same characters seen in shojo anime. Some of these character clichés can feel outdated, such as the ditzy female lead, while others can be nostalgic, comforting, and even inspiring.

10 Shirayuki is The Herbalist Healer (Snow White with The Red Hair).

In Snow White with Red HairShirayuki, a student herbalist, befriends Zen the second prince of Clarines Kingdom. She is passionate about botany and wants to be a court herbalist in the kingdom. She is a healer, who can make both antidotes or poisons. Fans will be reminded of other anime female leads.

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Kagome InuyashaSei from The Saint’s Magic power is OmnipotentThese are just a few examples of herbalist female leaders. It is evident that these anime continue to be popular because of their ability to heal female leads with a green thumb.

9 Haru is the Sensitive Bad boy (Fruits Basket).

Haru’s success is no surprise. Fruits BasketHe is found in the Shojo anime genre. His combination of snowy white hair, gothic style, and jewelry is enough to make anyone swoon. Haru is also known as the Zodiac’s ox, which gives rise to his fiery personality and his closeness with Rin, another Zodiac member. They are both ripped apart by the trauma they go through, but it brings them together in a passionate way that fans will never forget.

Haru shares a love for Yuki, another Zodiac member, which draws a wider range of fans. While Haru represents many soft, mysterious, bad boy clichés, fans are almost never disappointed to see Haru on screen.

8 Taiga is the Short, Hot-Headed Female Lead in Toradora!

Taiga starting at Toradora!This is your typical hot-headed, intimidating lead that other characters don’t want to mess with. The character setup allows viewers to easily spot the protagonist’s love interests, as they either become more comfortable around them or get nervous.

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Taiga is the perfect example of the short, pouty, and angry type. She is known as the Palmtop Tiger. While Taiga does experience character growth, playing on this cliché allows fans to easily spot her insecurities and make her character a little easier to read.

7 Tamaki is the self-proclaimed charming “Daddy” type (Ouran High School Host club)

The premise of Ouran High school Host Club is to satirize all shojo clichés and tropes, Tamaki’s character is so spot on. Tamaki, the president of Ouran Host Club sees himself as the “daddy”, while no one else does.

Although Tamaki is a good-hearted person and is more appropriate to the club’s emotional child, Tamaki’s comments towards Haruhi, his “daughter”, are not well received by most fans. They also take away from Tamaki’s likability which is most likely what is the point of this absurd romantic comedy. Ouran High school Host Club highlights clichés like this one that fans could do without.

6 Fans Want to See Yuki Find Joy (Horimiya).

Yuki HorimiyaThe hopelessly sad type is the character she portrays in many anime. She is so convinced that she is not worthy of love and becomes distracted, but she often overlooks the way others view her. Yuki is in love her best friend and resorts to childlike behavior instead of speaking her truth.

Yuki’s insecurity prevents her from seeing her friend as she does. She doesn’t have the courage to share her feelings with anyone, so instead of letting them know, she stays in her friendship and gives it the chance to develop. Yuki’s hopelessness, despair, and transformation into the life she deserves is what fans want.

5 Fujiwara Is More Than Her Chest Size (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Fujiwara Kaguyasama: Love Is WarHer multi-faceted personality makes her a unique character. However, her unique skills and abilities are often overlooked because of her small chest. This cliché is a predictable theme in almost all anime genres and seems to not be going anywhere anytime soon. This theme’s most disturbing aspect is Fujiwara’s insistence that her chest size should not be highlighted.

Ishigami’s indiscretion brought Fujiwara’s chest to the forefront of conversation. There are many scenes like this. Fujiwara is fun-loving and a game fanatic. She also has a knack for solving mysteries. The Shojo community would love to see Fujiwara’s personality shine through and not put too much emphasis on her body.

4 Shigure is the Creepy Uncle in Fruit Basket

Shigure Fruits BasketHe has many appealing qualities and complexes that are hindered due to the creepy uncle trait given him by writers. Akito is saved by him from her self-destructive behavior. Tohru finds a new home and becomes a more perceptive person.

Tohru and the Sohma families were encouraged to be friends with Shigure because they could see the end of Zodiac curse. Fans and other characters see him only for his flirting with younger girls, which unfortunately reduces his popularity.

3 Hak is The Best Friend Love Interest (Yona of The Dawn).

Hak Yona Of The DawnThe best friend, love interest character in Shojo anime. Yona is attracted to Soo-won, another member of the royal family. Hak and the audience are both aware of her childhood love for Soo-won. This is fitting, considering that he has a similar royal status to Yona.

However, Yona sees Hak differently as the story progresses. Their opposite personalities end-up complementing one another well. They support each other and Yona transforms from princess to warrior. The best friend who was there all along is a cliché that many romance fans may never tire of because of the unconditional love and support they give to the main protagonist.

2 Tamaki Usui is The Perfect, Unattainable Love Interest (Maid Sa!

A shojo anime wouldn’t be a shojo anime without the unrealistic perfect love interest — cue Tamaki Usui from Maid SamaIt’s easy to see the reasons he is so strong and able to keep going. Maid SamaIt is considered one of the most loved shojo anime.

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Usui sets a new standard when he leaps from the school roof to rescue Misaki’s embarrassing photo. However, he does not stop there. He also professes his love for Misaki and kisses her passionately for their first time. Maid Sama provides multiple opportunities for Usui to come to the rescue, like when Misaki is being attacked by Tora Igarashi, when she is tricked into drinking alcohol, or when she is trying to win butler competitions to save her friend’s café. Every episode offers a chance to see Usui raise expectations about relationships for Shojo viewers.

1 Usagi Is Known As A National Hero & An Airhead (Sailor Moon)

The number one cliché in shojo anime is the airhead female lead, and Usagi from Sailor MoonThis is an excellent example. In order to make Usagi relatable, we gave him characteristics such as clumsiness, ditziness and emotionality.

These characteristics do not take away the courage, strength and kindness many young fans looked up too. Sailor MoonReleased. These characteristics are not a good representation of anime heroines or women in general and should be left to the 90s.

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