The Best Anime Male Characters with Brown Hair

Several Male Anime Characters With Brown Hair

There are many anime series. Each anime tells its own story. Every series is different in writing quality. But, as with all fiction, the characters are the most important. A series without relatable characters will most likely fail because the audience is drawn to them.

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While there are many characters in anime with unusual appearances, many more look normal. Hair color is an important distinguishing feature. Many characters have brown hair just like real people. These brown-haired characters may not be memorable in every case, but a few stand out.

10 Eren Jaeger – Attack On Titan

When Attack On Titan In the beginning, Eren wanted the Titans to be destroyed to save humanity. But as the series progressed Eren became a villain with a legitimate motive. He was a Titan Shifter from a young age and had the power of the Attack Titans and Founding Titans. Later, he acquires the War Hammer Titan.

He activates The Rumbling with the Founding Titan by awakening the Wall Titans. This is to save his friends and wipe out all humanity. However, he really wanted his friends not to stop him, so that the Eldians could become the world’s saving graces.

9 Neji Hyuga – Naruto

The Hyuga Clan lives in the Leaf Village, which is why it is considered the strongest ninja town. Every member possesses the Byakugan, an ocular ability that grants the user a near 360º field of vision. The Byakugan allows you to see the chakra circulatory system of a person.

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Neji was considered a prodigy for his ability to master advanced techniques even though he was part of the clan branch family. Although he believed everyone was fated, he changed his mind after meeting Naruto. When he gives his life to save Naruto in the 4th Great Ninja War, he realizes what true freedom looks like.

8 Duo Maxwell – Gundam Wing

Many people consider Gundam Wing The series was considered to be the best of the franchise, and it is easy to see why. The series featured the first time that a group teen piloted iconic mobile suits. Duo Maxwell commanded the Deathscythe.

Duo is one of the most social pilots. Although he appears to be a laid-back, happy, and relaxed person, he is much more complex. Duo had a difficult childhood that saw a lot death. He prefers to keep that part of him hidden from the rest of his crew.

7 Tatsumi – Akami Ga Kill!

Akame could be the main character Akame Ga Kill Tatsumi, however, is in fact the dual protagonist. Tatsumi was born in a small village and travels to the Empire capital to make money for his family. While there, he discovers just how cruel and corrupt Empire is.

He joins Night Raid, an undercover division of the Revolutionary Army. He also acquires the Incursio imperial Arm, which grants him full body armor. Tatsumi suffers many losses throughout the anime and gives his life to save the capital from the failed Emperor.

6 Kaname Kuran – Vampire Knight

There are many decent vampire anime. Vampire Knight, This school has both vampires and human students. Kaname Kuran, one of the few remaining pureblood vampires is over 10,000 years old, despite his appearance as a teenager.

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He is a strong and authoritative individual but is warm and friendly around Yuki. He can also control vampires against his will. He can transform his body into a weapon and use telekinesis to erase memories.

5 Shinichi Izumi – Parasyte -The Maxim-

In Parasyte, the maxim-These small, worm-like aliens arrive in Earth’s soil and are buried within their hosts. Once this happens, the parasites travel to the brains of their hosts and take control. Shinichi, a high school student, managed to stop one parasite, but the other ended up taking control of his right hand.

Migi is the parasite, and they become reluctant allies. However, they develop a friendship along the way. Shinichi has to battle other parasites that are emotionless, bloodthirsty, and must be rescued. Migi gains more humanity over the course of the series while Shinichi loses some.

4 Tai – Digimon

Digimon While the series has been very popular for some time, most people are drawn to the original series. It has its own movie as well as many sequels. Tai is energetic and adventurous and is the bearer the Crest of Courage.

While he may not like Matt, he is the DigiDestined’s joint leader and is partnered with Agumon. With Agumon at his side, Tai grew up and became more mature. His rivalry/friendships with Matt added drama to the child-friendly anime.

3 Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis EvangelionThis series is dark and complex, with giant mechs fighting against huge monsters called Angels. Shinji Ikari plays the main character and is the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. It contains his dead mother’s soul.

Although Shinji is calm and laid back in the beginning, he has a lot of emotional pain and fear from his perceived abandonment issues. Although his fragile emotional state makes it difficult for him to connect with the rest of the universe, it does not prevent him from trying to help others.

2 Light Yagami – Death Note

Death Note This is one of the most acclaimed mystery animes of all time. Light Yagami is the central character of the series. Light was an average high school student until he came across a Death Note. It taught him that he could use the Death Note as a weapon to kill anyone, as long as they knew his name.

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At first, he killed criminals that had escaped justice. But he developed a god complex and eventually, he created a utopia with people he considered honest and kind. He turns into a madman, and worse, he ends up becoming the exact thing he wanted to destroy.

1 Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

Many Bleach Fans believe the series should have ended with Aizen as the final villain. He was the main antagonist throughout the series. His genius and ability to manipulate things proved him to be an able and effective manipulator. He also has extraordinary strength.

Aizen’s ability to hypnotize was total. His sword release enabled him to control all five senses and allowed him take on the strongest Bankai in the series. He was able to attain true immortality. His goal was to kill and replace the Soul King.

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