The Best Male Characters In The Spring 2022 Animation Season

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The anime season of Spring 2022 has not ended, but there are still some great series. It could have been returning series like Kaguya-samaOr a new series Spy x FamilyThe anime season was a great one, with something for everyone.

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Fans were able to cheer on a variety of new characters in the Spring 2022 anime series. Many have become fan favorites. These are some of the most popular male characters from the Spring 2022 anime series, returning or new.

10 Fudo Aikawa (Love After World Domination)

Gelato 5’s leader is a strong, straightforward man who is focused on his duties and his training. It’s this straightforwardness that drives him to pursue a relationship, with Gekko’s Reaper princess, his supposed nemesis.

Fudo, though he can be a little childish and naive, is a sincere man. He is Desumi’s boyfriend and his work as Red Gelato’s manager. Although he might not always achieve his goals, it is important that he does everything he can to make people happy.

9 Nagomu Irino (Deaimon)

Nagomu Irino, who failed to make it in Tokyo with his band, returns home to take over his father’s Ryokusho sweet shop Ryokusho. Nagomu finds out that his father’s injury is not serious and that the heir of the store is a young girl named Itsuka Yokihira. She is only ten.

Although he may seem unreliable and flaky at times, Nagomu is a person of warmth and friendliness. He is warm and caring and strives to be a surrogate father for Itsuka.

8 Kabetaijin (Ya Boy Kongming!)

Taijin Kawabe was shy and introverted as a young man. He soon discovered battle rapping, which made him an unstoppable force in the community. He was eventually overcome by the pressure and retired, despite being undefeated even against Sekitoba Kung Fu.

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His passion for rap never wavered, and Kabetaijin returned to rap with a renewed energy. Kongming acknowledges his skill as a rapper, and his impeccable flow as an artist.

7 Junpei Murao (Dance Dance Danseur)

Junpei Murao was inspired to take up ballet after seeing a spectacular performance in a recital. After his father’s passing, Junpei Murao shuns ballet in an effort to appear cool and manly. However, Junpei meets Miyako Godai, a young girl who encourages him to return to ballet.

Junpei’s initial insistence on being cool is demoralizing, but he soon overcomes it and dives into ballet. He is passionate about the art, even though it causes him to have problems with his teachers.

6 Ashito Aoi (Aoashi)

Ashito Aoi, a talented soccer player, has a little ego problem. Through chance, he meets Tatsuya Furuda, a coach in soccer who invites him to join her youth team. Ashito leaps at the opportunity but must face many obstacles along his path to success.

Although Ashito can be considered for others, he is obsessed with winning the game. This makes him appear selfish to others. It is thrilling to see Ashito’s growth as a character and as a soccer-player as the series continues.

5 Zhuge Kongming (Ya Boy Kongming)

Zhuge Liang (also called Kongming), was once a respected strategist for the legendary warlord Liu Bei. In modern Japan, Zhuge Liang found himself reborn. A world without war but full of problems, it is believed, was Zhuge Liang. Eiko Tsukimi, the young starlet inspires Zhuge Liang to make her famous and bring her singing to the masses.

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Kongming is a brilliant thinker and a well-read person. He is a sharp thinker, and was instrumental in Liu Bei’s victory in China. He uses this to engineer Eiko’s rise to stardom.

4 Shinpei Ajiro (Summer Time Rendering)

Shinpei Ushio, his childhood friend, returns to Japan to attend the funeral. He discovers that the mysterious Shadows are making the island’s residents disappear while he is there. Shinpei learns that one of these Shadows killed him and that he has gone back to time.

Shinpei initially is confused by what has happened, but his quick wit allows for him to quickly grasp the facts and use them to his advantage. It is exciting to see Shinpei’s desperate effort to save his family from the Shadows. His cleverness is what keeps them alive.

3 Miyuki Shirogane (“Kaguyasama Season 3: Love Is War Season 2)

The ever-popular Kaguya-samaThe third season was released in spring 2022. It was just as funny as we expected. Miyuki Shurogane, Shuchiin’s Student Council president, is particularly noteworthy.

Although Shirogane is well-known as a conniving, stoic character, many viewers know him as an aspiring rapper. The third season, however, shows many other sides to him. Shirogane is still a fun character as he attempts make Kaguya confess her love for him.

2 Xin (Kingdom Season 4)

Xin has made a great leap from the humble servant boy he was in his first season. Xin has been a distinguished leader of the Fei Xin Unit, having fought many powerful commanders and officers on the battlefield.

Although Xin is not yet at the rank of General however, he has made great strides. His charisma commands respect from his soldiers. While he doesn’t have a mind for strategy, his instincts guide him to victory on battlefield.

1 Twilight (Spy x Family).

Twilight is the top agent for WISE. He is a master at disguise and a spy like none other. Twilight is forced into Operation Strix and adopts the disguise Loid Forger. He creates a family, with Anya as a daughter and Yor his wife.

Twilight is a cool, level-headed character. However, he can be overbearing and forceful when necessary. Although he attempts to distance himself from his families, he is still attached to them regardless.

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