The Best White-Haired Anime Boys


If you’ve been around the internet for a while, you might have seen all of the tweets and posts about anime boys of the white haired variety gaining tons of traction. It’s kind of a bizarre phenomenon; it’s not like white haired anime boys are completely different from any other anime character. Are they?

It’s definitely true that white haired anime characters tend to be in a whole different realm in terms of personality and appeal. They are able to play in all facets of anime, from active and edgy to passive and sweet. They’re usually infinitely cool and tend to be one of the most powerful characters in their series. White hair is an appealing feature. It’s practically magnetic. It makes a character look more appealing.

If you watch anime, you’re probably familiar with what’s being said here. There are many recent examples, including Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo becoming a fan favorite almost immediately. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore fan, this list is here to give you eleven white-haired boys from anime that hit different, whether it be in their personality, their skill, or just in general. Feel free to check them (and the series they’re from) out; you might just find some new favorites!


1. Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

This is the first and most well-known character on this list. Inuyasha, the title character of the anime. Inuyasha?, shonen Series penned and edited by Rumiko TakahashiThis series ran from 1996 to 2008. The series follows high school student Kagome, who finds herself transported to the Sengoku period when she’s pulled into the Bone Eater’s Well by a demon. Inuyasha, an eared dog-eared half human, half-demon and she meet her at this point. Together they set out to find the Shikon Jewel’s shards. Inuyasha is an interesting character. His personality is perfectly balanced between his harsh, distrustful nature, blunt honesty and kindheartedness. This makes him both funny and frustrating at the same moment, making it fun to watch his character grow over the course of the series. His red robe and fluffy white hair are iconic, as well as his dog ears and determined eyes. Inuyasha is the gold-standard for white-haired anime boys.

2. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

Killua is another immediately recognizable character. Yoshihiro Togashi’s 1998 series, Hunter x Hunter. Despite the series being focused on Gon Freecss’ journey to becoming a Hunter like his father, Killua has an essential role and quite the interesting storyline throughout the series and has become a fan favorite. Killua is drawn to his dual thought. As the son of assassins, he is bloodthirsty with no mercy for those who try to hurt others. But he’s also a happy, mischievous and somewhat irresponsible child when it comes down to sweets. He’s also an incredibly powerful character not only in his ability to use Nen, but also in his intelligence, analytical skills, and maturity. Both adorable and intense, Killua is one character that just sticks with you from the moment you’re introduced.

3. Kai von Granzreich (The Royal Tutor)

Six feet tall, powerful eyes that make people cower and eyes so intense, one might imagine. The Royal Tutor’s Kai is some kind of antagonist with a heart as cold as his stare. Kai is the most kindhearted character in the series, despite his critical eyes and his edgy hairstyle. Kai is a lover of all things fluffy and soft, and he enjoys just lazing around. Kai is fast and strong and can get enraged when his friends are in trouble. This theme is familiar to many white-haired anime boy characters, but Kai feels it’s more authentic. Kai’s calm, angry face gives off a bad first impression. He also wants to be the big brother who can be trusted. While not the most well-known on this list, Kai is definitely a white haired anime boy that’s easy to love.

4. Gasser (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

The fever dream that is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo comes prime white haired anime boy, Gasser (or Heppokomaru, for those of you that either haven’t or don’t want to see the series’ English dub.) Unlike some of the characters on this list, Gasser isn’t struggling with dual personalities; he’s just a guy with an extremely strong (and smelly) special ability traveling with a band of weirdos. Gasser’s role in the series is the only duality that exists. He’s the no nonsense, sane counterpart to the titular Bobobo at Some times and the funnyman at others. Mostly, though, he’s just an all-around adorable character, and it’s fun to watch him get to be cool and battle while also being a bumbling, blushing mess while talking to the girl of his dreams, Beauty. It’s impossible to make a list of white haired boys that hit different without including Gasser, a character that hits so different that it’s practically indescribable.

5. Griffith (Berserk)

Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is absolutely iconic, so it’s no surprise that one of the most iconic white haired characters of all time comes from the series. He’s pretty. He’s smart. He’d probably stab you in the heart. That’s the essence of Griffith, friend turned foe of the series’ main character, Guts. Throughout the series, Griffith draws people in with his bewitching beauty, brilliant mind, and confidence; he’s a character that people love dearly or despise greatly, but regardless, his presence is always acknowledged. He’s the kind of person that enters the room and expects all eyes to be on him, and that’s what makes him so special. Griffith is unapologetic in everything he does. He has an almost inexhaustible ambition and self-confidence, which makes him both frustratingly and charismatic. Griffith, a white-haired, anime boy, knows how much he’s admired and expects everyone to be at his feet.

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6. Gintoki SakataGintama)

Gintoki, a samurai who is as silly as he can be, is loved by many. Gintama He is known for his fun-loving, easygoing attitude and his dedication to the causes and helping others. Despite his penchant for lazing about, blowing his money on Pachinko, and cowering at ghost stories, Gintoki is also hardworking when he’s contracted for a job and shown to be incredibly brave in the face of danger in order to help others. Due to the comic nature of Gintoki Gintama, Gintoki’s personality is perfect, even with all of his traits that would usually be considered unsavory. Even the bad traits are endearing when it comes to him; he doesn’t feel like a jerk or a hindrance to the other characters. He just comes off as someone who’s a bit childish and working through severe trauma, and his actions and beliefs reflect this. Young, dumb, and (mostly) fearless, Gintoki is a white haired anime boy that’ll steal your heart (when he’s not busy reading Weekly Shonen Jump Picking his nose is the best.

7. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Alright, alright. It was obvious to everyone. It was inevitable. Jujutsu KaisenThe 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards awarded Satoru Gojo the Anime of the Year award. It was the most talked about character on the internet at the time of its release in October 2020. Satoru’s casual, fun attitude, disregard for authority and concern for his students made him a popular choice. The anime shows the audience what Satoru wants to achieve: A reformation of the jujutsu world that provides students with a comprehensive education to help them become more powerful, regardless their family affiliations or other qualifications. He is a complex character thanks to his good nature and his passion for battle. Plus, his eyes look stunning. They broke Twitter for good reason.

8. Toge InumakiJujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru isn’t the only white haired anime boy worthy of love in Jujutsu Kaisen. Though he’s only a minor character by comparison, Toge has one of the most powerful (and yet most difficult to manage) abilities, which is that of Cursed Speech. Toge is a man of few words. Instead, he shows his intelligence, kindness, and bravery through actions to prevent anyone from being hurt by his ability. Toge’s calm and cool demeanor reveals his compassion. Toge is not only a charming character with a great personality but also very adorable when he speaks in fish coded safe languages. Toge is truly the whole package and provides definitive proof that you don’t have to be a main character to be the coolest guy around.

9. Itsuki Otori (Starmyu)

Some might argue Itsuki is not. Not A white-haired anime boy. His hair begins to turn purple at the ends and is white. His hair is almost all white. He has the energy and charisma of an average white anime boy. Itsuki, who is also the leader of a Star Team, is a Kao Council member and the best at acting, music, dancing, or singing. He is trusted to lead his team to success. Compared to the others on the Koa Council, he’s rather unconventional in his leadership and tends to be a free spirit, encouraging others to express themselves in a way that suits them instead of adhering to tradition and greeting his team with his singsongy “boys~” each time they meet. Itsuki is not only a bright personality but also has many secrets. Ever the enigma, Itsuki is one white haired anime boy that’s both charismatic and concealed, and he’ll have you wrapped around his finger by the end of the first episode.

10. Ronaldo (The Vampire is Dead in a Flash)

The new white-haired male anime boy, The Vampire is Dead in a Flash’s Ronaldo is both a strong, rough vampire hunter and a sensitive, teary man. He is a very strung individual, often bickering with Draluc and getting annoyed with clients and his allies. He’s rough and short-tempered with little patience for distractions when it comes to his work. However, he is softhearted and often cries when he feels left out or when he’s overcome with emotion, and when it comes to caring for armadillo familiar John, he’s quite the sweet and doting parent. He comes across as a silly character, as he’s supposed to, but he’s also a genuinely interesting character that easily finds a place in the audience’s heart.

11. Bakura Ryou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Bakura is sweet and mild-mannered but has the malignant Yami Bakura inside him. Bakura also holds the Millennium Ring, a Millennium item with the darkest abilities. Bakura, a harsh, ruthless and self-serving Yami Bakura, is shown to be the exact opposite. He helps Yugi Muto and his friends defeat their enemies and is actually quite friendly with them. While Bakura himself sometimes seems like he doesn’t have much of a role compared to his evil counterpart, he’s still a fascinating character and his relationship with Yami Bakura is compelling, especially in later arcs when his abilities are being used to their fullest. Yu-Gi-Oh! has some very unique characters, but Bakura’s mysterious circumstances and struggle with Yami Bakura make him a traditionally impressive white haired anime boy.

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