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Cast of Soul Eater

Fans Animation People who are looking for a fresh take on the supernatural may want to try giving Soul Eater A shot. This manga and anime series features Maka Albarn, the protagonist. She is part of the DWMA (or the Death Weapon Meister Academy), where she and her partner, Demon Weapon Soul Evans embark on many adventures to protect the Underworld against Witches and other supernatural threats. Thankfully, Maka and Soul aren’t in this journey alone, as they have various allies to help them along the way.

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For anime viewers who want to give Soul Eater It’s worth taking a look at the series to get a better idea of the cast. What are the main characters? Soul Eater?

Chart on Soul Eaters

This information is made as easy as possible by listing the ages, birth dates, and heights. Soul EaterThe main characters of’s.

Maka Albarn 13 145cm (4’9’’) July 6
Soul Eater Evans 13 167cm (5’4’’) June 1
Death the Kid 13 158cm (5’2’’) October 31
Elizabeth Thompson 16 170cm (5’7’’) January 7
Patricia Thompson 12 160cm (5’3’’) August 1,
Black Star 13 148cm (4’10’’) February 22
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa 16 169cm (5’6’’) October 2

7 Maka Albarn

Series protagonist Maka Albarn This is Soul Eater is an average student in DWMA. Maka is assigned to the demon scythe Soul Evans and has a goal of making him a Death Weapon more powerful than her father, who she had gotten torn apart from for his alleged cheating. Maka is a smart, responsible, and hardworking individual who has kept her family’s problems in mind. These are the traits that often brought Maka into conflict with Soul Eater. But, their innate brightness and caring personalities allowed them to enjoy a successful relationship.

Maka is a unique individual with many characteristics. Maka is a rare wavelength with incredible control and a special soul that allows her to fly, making her look like a witch.

6 Soul Eater Evans

It’s a classic totem Soul Eater Branding is its white-haired protagonist Soul Eater EvansPlaying the piano is a passion. Soul is actually a member of a musical family, but he can also transform into a Death Weapon. Soul, a laidback and cool person, is also prone to being careless and brash to the dismay of his Meister. He’s also rather known for his love for eating souls and being a general glutton, alongside other notable personality traits such as his humorous immaturity.

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Soul is not a weakling, and could be one of the most powerful Demon Weapons available. Soul Eater. Soul, despite his bratty personality, can take things seriously when necessary. Not only that, he as a unique “keyboard” form that converts his scythe form into a piano, allowing him to manipulate his wavelength through music. Soul is able to use Resonance with Maka to obtain an Antidemon Wavelength. This allows them to go toe to toe with Madness-users.

5 Death the Kid

Serving as the sons of Death himself Death the Kid The Soul Eater anime apparently comes from a “piece of Death” prior to his creation. However, he’s not simply in the DWMA out of nepotism, as his skills alone garnered him a place as one of the top three students in the academy. Death the Kid is described as mature, calm, and uptight compared to his fellow performers.

Death the Kid, along with his humble personality, has a strict sense of order. He is also prone to perfectionism, struggling to have all things in order and in perfect symmetry – enough to be extremely disturbed when things aren’t in order. Death the Kid, aside from being a master gun meister, rarely embodies the true nature of his godlike nature, as opposed to other anime featuring Shinigami. Bleach. Death the Kid is a unique character with his own wavelength and power levels, which makes him a fascinating character who can see the full extent his abilities.

4 Elizabeth Thompson

The older of the Demon Twin Guns. Elizabeth Thompson This is Soul Eater Death the Kid only owns one of the two guns. Once a ruffian like her sister, Death the Kid found them in the streets before “adopting” them as his Death Weapons. Elizabeth is more mellow than her sister and has a skepticism about ghosts. Liz, unlike Patty, can be jaded and cynical sometimes, contrary to her cheerful nature.

Demon weapons were featured in Soul EaterPatricia and Elizabeth are in perfect sync and show equal skill as their Meister when it comes to firing M9 Pistols. She also demonstrates remarkable wavelength control and compression, allowing them to “control” the wavelength and power of the shots that Death the Kid releases from their guns.

3 Patricia Thompson

Contrary to Liz’s serious nature, her younger sister is more fun Patricia Thompson, serving as her cheerful opposite and the second “gun” of the Demon Twin Guns. Previously a petty thief like her sister, Patty got to change her ways during her “adoption” by Death the Kid, who would eventually become their Weapon Meister in Soul Eater.

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Patty is well-known for her childish, insensitive attitude. Unfortunately, her lack of formal education also means Patty isn’t as knowledgeable as other people her age. However, Patty isn’t someone to dismiss and take advantage of, as outside her naivete is a rather monstrous attitude when angry. Sometimes, her “switch” to a serious mode in serious situation implies that her cheerful personality may simply be a facade. Like Elizabeth, Patty is in-sync with her sister as a weapon, capable of transforming into each other’s hand in times of danger.

2 Black Star

He is well-known for his short stature, but impressive charisma and showmanship. Black Star Not only is he a Death Weapon Meister, but he is also a master assassin in his own right. Soul Eater anime. Black Star, the last survivor from the infamous Star Clan assassins, is adopted by Sid Barrett of DWMA Intelligence and introduced to the ranks of their students.

Comparable to other protagonists Soul Eater Black Star is a showman, much like the rather regal Kid or the studious Maka. This doesn’t mean he is to trifle with, however. Black Star is a top student in the DWMA. He has not only martial arts skills, but shadow weapon meister proficiency, which means he can use various weapons. If anything, Black Star’s only visible weakness is his arrogance and preference for displays of power, something uncharacteristic of his nature as an assassin.

1 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

The brash Black Star of Soul Eater It is Tsubaki NakatsukasaHis reliable Death Weapon from Nakatsukasa. Tsubaki, who is a descendant of effective Death Weapons, is unique because she can switch between different forms of weapons seamlessly. This makes her extremely compatible with Black Star’s training as a shadow weapon meister.

However, Tsubaki isn’t solely in their team as a weapon. Tsubaki is also a weapon for some other players. Soul Eater’s best action scenes often feature her. She is often the voice of reason to Black Star’s impulsive nature. Tsubaki, one of the older characters in the gang’s gang, is as logical as Maka Albarn. Tsubaki, despite her Death Weapon nature, is kind and generous. This is something everyone appreciates, but her clan sees as weakness.

Soul Eater The series aired on TV from 2008 to 2009. A spinoff manga, called Soul Eater? Publications from 2011 through 2014.

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