The Easter Egg Comics in Marvel Studios’ ‘Ms. Marvel’ Explained

The Easter Egg Comics in Marvel Studios’ ‘Ms. Marvel’ Explained

What was the origin of the discussion about which comics are free to share with viewers and how did it start?

SANA AMANAT: We wanted each comic to capture something from each episode. While “Ms. Marvel” is an adaptation of the comic book series, it has so many important moments and references from the comics that it wasn’t hard to figure out what comic made the most sense in which episode. You’ll just get a slightly different version of the same type of scene and/or story.

These close parallels to comics were always a central part of the show’s storytelling. MS. MARVEL (2014) #15 and MS. MARVEL (2015) #12 have especially close ties to the episodes…

SANA AMANAT: They were, to a certain extent. The writers love the comics, so I am biased. However, I was happy to continue pushing the episodes in that direction. We got a lot of the gold we wanted to capture in those issues.

What part do you consider the most important of Kamala’s journey from Karachi to Karachi? 

SANA AMANATKamala was able to return to her roots, even though she was lost. That’s the reason we took her to Karachi in the comics and there she reconnected with her family but also met someone (Red Dagger) who had created a purpose for himself without any super-powers. Kamala had a need, and he responded. She was tired of Captain Marvel’s praise and needed to meet a hero like him.

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