The Fan-Favorite HBO Max Series Returns With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

Fan-Favorite HBO Max Series Returns With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

The long-awaited return to the DC Comics animated series fans love Harley QuinnThe new HBO Max episodes are back and they have received critical acclaim. As in season 2, Harley QuinnSeason 3 has returned to Rotten Tomatoes with a perfect, 100% rating. And, as an added bonus, the series has a perfect Audience Score as of the writing. The RT critic consensus for Harley QuinnSeason 3 is titled “Who woulda thought?” — Harley Quinn graduates from a ribald spoof into one of the most heartening additions to the DC canon in a diabolically clever and emotionally textured third season.”

AV Club gave the series an A rating. It wrote: “In the wake a second season which broke ground for LGBTQ+ representation within the overcrowded superhero genre,” season three continues to fire on all cylinders. IGN awards Harley QuinnThe season 3 rating was 8 out of 10. It said that “Love” is still in the air. However, Harley Quinn is just as insane, blood-soaked, funny, and comical as ever. SlashFilm concludes that “Harley Quinn”, a vulgar, violent, and unapologetically silly character, can be a breath of fresh oxygen in a world full of superhero movies and TV shows taking themselves too seriously.’s official series review was written by Liam Crowley. He wrote that the season received a rating of 4.5/5. Harley Quinn Makes great use of the DC Comics character catalog. It doesn’t matter if it’s for background appearances that are too quick to notice or for one-off cameos that help the episode’s mission (including one that left my heart genuinely speechless for five minutes). Harley Quinn Brings in enough fan favorites to please both comic-loving and casual readers.”

Justin Halpern, series creator and showrunner of the series, spoke in an interview with about at least one thing viewers won’t see: Harley and Ivy ending up.

I know that we don’t want a Are they going breaking up, or not breaking up?’ thing. The series executive producer stated that they don’t want the stakes of the season to be this high. “I think we want… “I think we want to see… We don’t want that… after two years of playing this, or two seasons, I don’t think that we want that for a third season. That’s why we don’t want it.” Halpern agreed.

The third season Harley Quinn will once again include 10 episodes, with the first three now streaming on HBO Max.   

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