The Gray Man: The Main Cast Ranked by Power

The Gray Man: The Main Cast, Ranked By Power

On July 22nd, 2022 The Gray Man began to take Netflix by storm. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans star in the action film. It is filled with star power and a diverse cast of characters.

The characters in this article are independent of their affiliations or alignments. The Gray Man All of them are in difficult situations, and no one seems to be in total control. It is sometimes hard to tell if any characters are really powerful, but some appear more powerful than others.


9 Claire

Julia Butters as Claire

The youngest member of the cast, Claire is Fitzroy’s niece and one of the most pivotal characters in The Gray Man‘s story. Her story is often used to bargain with Six and the CIA.

Claire, poor Claire, finds herself in a hostage situation throughout the majority of the movie. First, it is obvious that she does not possess the same physical capabilities, financial resources, or influence as the other characters in this film. She isn’t free until Six comes to her rescue, and that is a shame.

8 Fitzroy

Billy Bob Thornton as Donald Fitzroy

Fitzroy was the one who launched the Sierra program. He was also responsible for all six Sierras that were produced. Six seemed to be his closest friend.

Fitzroy would have been one of the most powerful people in film at one point. Lloyd’s blackmail destroyed any connections Fitzroy did have. Fitzroy was sadly physically and emotionally confined for much of his life. The Gray ManThis further hinders his influence on Carmichael’s scheming.

7 Margaret

Alfre Woodard plays Margaret Cahill in The Gray Man

Like Fitzroy, Margaret is a former member of CIA and one who helped Six escape Carmichael’s grasps. She is particularly adept at decrypting information about Carmichael.

Margaret was an extraordinary resourceful and intelligent person, but she wasn’t the most powerful character in terms either of physical prowess/influence. Her earlier days at the agency were gone, and she was becoming increasingly frail from her illness. Six reached out to her for assistance because her connections had been lost.

6 Avik San

A part of the reason The Gray Man has stayed in Netflix’s top 10 movies is because of the incredible star power in the film. Dhanush, an Indian actor who played the role of Avik San, was another star.

Avik San, a hired hunter goes where the money is. Although he is one of the most physically strong characters in the movie, he is largely at the will his employers for the majority of the film. Avik San’s most memorable moment is when he frees himself from his contract and assists Six’s team because of Lloyd’s lackluster honor.

5 Dani

Ana de Armas as Dani in The Gray Man

Six is Six’s most loyal ally throughout the film. Dani, who is Six’s fellow agent and met him during the film’s opening mission was a major reason Six survived.

Dani is a skilled professional with a lot of leverage. In many ways she is a solid in-between to the combat-obsessed Lloyd, Six and the exclusive bureaucratic Carmichael. There are many characters to choose from. The Gray ManDani is the closest movie character to a “jack-of-all trades” character.


Ryan Gosling as Six in The Gray Man

Sierra Six, the protagonist of this film, is a special-forces agent who was formerly a prisoner and conscripted into working for his freedom. According to some reports, he was the best of all the Sierras.

Six doesn’t just have many of the best quotes in The Gray Man; he also makes the movie with his action scenes and great charisma. Ryan Gosling is the ideal agent. He has everything they need for combat and all the tools to complete their missions. Six, however, doesn’t have as much authority as some of his fellow CIA members.

3 Brewer

Jessica Henwick as Suzanne in The Gray Man

Suzanne Brewer, a senior CIA officer, has been a Carmichael friend since Harvard. She seems to be aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

Brewer is Jessica Henwick’s most prominent role, and she gives a powerful performance as the film’s best manipulator. Despite her lack of field knowledge, Brewer was capable of finishing Lloyd off and putting the whole retrieval disaster on his shoulders. She is a powerful woman who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

2 Lloyd

Lloyd Hansen, a killer-for-hire and former Harvard friend of Carmichaels, is the ultimate villain. Six’s principal adversary, he is one of the antagonists in the movie.

There is some debate about Lloyd in. The Gray Man This is Chris Evan’s best role in TV and film. But one thing is certain: Lloyd is one his scarier characters. He is a powerful fighter and killer who both takes over absolute authority from those who hired him, and he also has incredible skills in the field. This makes him a strong combination of both power and strength. The Gray Man.

1 Carmichael

Denny Carmichael (CIA Director) is the main antagonist The Gray Man. He did everything possible to keep his secrets secret, even hiring Lloyd to kill Six.

Carmichael doesn’t go out on the field, but he does not need to. He is the one in control of everything behind the scenes, and likely to be just below the mysterious “Old Man” for influence. Carmichael was still in a position of immense power, even if Six managed to escape. Fans will need to wait to see the sequel to find out if anyone can take Carmichael down.

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