The Sandman Star reveals how Johanna differs from John Constantine

The Sandman Star Reveals How Johanna Differs From John Constantine

Exclusive: Jenna Coleman, Sandman’s star, explains how her modern Johanna Constantine is different from DC’s fan-favorite magician John Constantine.

Jenna Coleman is playing Johanna Constantine in Netflix’s adaptation of The SandmanShe has talked about her character and John Constantine’s differences. A film adaptation is planned based on Neil Gaiman’s comic series. The Sandman languished in the development pipeline for years until Netflix signed a deal to produce the series in 2019. The SandmanSeason 1, starring Tom Sturridge in the role of Dream, will be available on streaming giants on August 5.

In April last year, Coleman was announced to be playing the role of Lady Johanna Constantine, a character who appears in the original Sandman comics and is the 18th Century ancestor John Constantine. This role was previously brought to life by Matt Ryan in the Arrowverse. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Coleman would be playing two roles. Coleman would also be portraying Johanna Constantine (an alternate female version) of John Constantine. Gaiman would later confirm that this was due to practical reasons. It also avoided potential issues regarding rights with the character.


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Coleman has now spoken exclusively with Coleman Screen RantDiscussing her role in series and how Johanna Constantine will differ to John Constantine fans. This suggests that “the essence” of John Constantine “is very much there”,She will likely be in a much higher standing than her male counterpart and even work for the royal family as an exorcist. Below are her full comments.

[Showrunner]Allan Heinberg was keen to know more about [how]This is Johanna Constantine, upgraded. Johanna Constantine, who is now an exorcist to royalty. She is making money and she is doing well for her self. She’s at her best. She’s also a great example of essence. [she’s a]roguish is a dry cynic but it’s really this kind of wounded, single warrior. It is there. We are just meeting her at another time.

The Sandman Morpheus and Johanna Constantine

Based on what fans have seen in trailers, The Sandman‘s Johanna Constantine even bares a physical resemblance to John, with the character choosing to don his trademark trenchcoat. From Coleman’s comments, however, it would seem that fans should not expect her Constantine to be as far down on her luck as what they’ve come to expect from John. Her clientele includes royalty, so she seems to be moving in very distinct social circles. Both characters share a common core and will have a similar cynical outlook and dry wit.

John Constantine’s replacement with Johanna has been controversial. Much like the decision to cast Gwendoline Christie in the role of Lucifer, Netflix’s approach to the original Gaiman comics has often found itself willing to divert from the source material when deemed necessary. Some fans might not be open to such changes. The Sandman‘s approach to Johanna Constantine offers a fresh take on the character and ultimately should be judged on the merits of the final product alone.

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