The Series’ Failures: Where the Writers Fail

Boruto Failed Series

After Masashi Kishimoto’s conclusion Naruto Series: The author passes the torch to the next generation through serialization Boruto: Naruto Next-Generations. The series, named for the next generation of Ninjas, is set in an era of peace Naruto Uzumaki and his generations fought for. As expected, Boruto It is now years since the Fourth Great Ninja War was over and there are few disturbances around the world. But, as time goes by, the Otsuki-Kara threat puts the world in danger again.


Boruto Uzumaki’s generation is at the heart of it all. Boruto This series has had many incredible moments and has proven to be very interesting. It has yet to reach the same heights of Kishimoto’s. Naruto series. When the series was first announced, many fans hoped it would correct the mistakes of the predecessor series in multiple ways. Boruto’s The same mistakes are repeated by writers, who, in some ways make it more difficult for future generations. Naruto’s glaring weaknesses even worse.

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Lack Of Time For Side Characters

Boruto Uzumaki, as the title of the series suggests, is the protagonist and the most important character in the story. Since the very beginning, fans have been informed that Boruto Naruto’s story is his and not his dad’s. It is important to stress the fact that Naruto, his generation, aren’t there for takeover but to nurture. Boruto He has done a great job in this area as Uzumaki, the young protagonist, has been a wonderful hero even if he fails in certain ways. Kawaki and his friends are also very much in the spotlight. Kawaki, the Sasuke in the series, is at the center of everything.

He’s been an important character in the story since the beginning and has proven to be a fascinating character. Perhaps even more so than Boruto. Boruto, Kawaki and other characters get quite a bit of panel-time in this story. Similar to NarutoNaruto Uzumaki, Sasuke gradually took over the story, and everyone else was left in the dust. With NarutoThis was a gradual shift that took place over time. BorutoIt’s there since the beginning.

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Boruto’s own teammates, Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki, are barely given any attention. Fans can see them progressing off-panel every day and occasionally getting small moments of glory every once in a while, but they don’t seem to be an integral part of the story. Sarada, who aspires to be the Hokage has never had the opportunity to prove herself and Mitsuki is still a medical wonder. Konohamaru Srutobi, their teacher hasn’t played the role of teacher in a long time. He has not had any significant moments in the classroom. Boruto Manga is not a word, which is the exact opposite of Kakashi Haitake’s. Naruto.

Even characters from the older generation aren’t given the same amount of screen time as they should, which is a major failure on the part of the writer. Fans are not expecting much from other ninja teams as they have barely appeared in the story. The 70 chapters that the series has featured the likes of Inojin and Chocho have had no impact on the story. This just shows how little potential the series has.

There’s no need to focus on the World Around.

While Naruto While it wasn’t a master at focusing on the world around it, it did a decent job. This left fans satisfied and not too shocked nor sad. The story’s opening section took fans to the Land of Waves, where they were able to explore the culture and people of this land. Fans later got to see Sunagakure’s geography, how they lived there and how it compared with Konohagakure in terms of military might.

As evident, Naruto He wasn’t afraid to explore the worlds of ninjas and immerse fans in an incredible world full of many characters that became fan favorites like Gaara. It comes to BorutoThis aspect of the story was, however, completely ignored. Although there were Boruto While anime can make up for this in certain ways (e.g. giving fans arcs on Sunagakure and Kirigakure) it is still the work of the author.

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The Boruto Manga lovers have been disappointed time and again by the author’s decision to condense Konohagakure’s story and make Kawaki (Boruto Uzumaki) the only telling characters. Everything from the side cast to world-building is a huge weakness of Boruto: Naruto Next-Generations. Shinki, Kagura Shizuma and other characters make the series interesting.

The ninja world is a new dimension to the story that adds depth and realism. It’s redundant that everything takes place around Konohagakure and centers around Boruto Uzumaki or Kawaki. As the story gets closer to its end, fans might see the importance of the side characters increase and hopefully play greater roles in the story. The writers are not up to the task at the moment. While some aspects are admirable, others are very obvious and require immediate attention.

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