The Sixth Season of My Hero Academia: Release Date and How To Watch

'My Hero Academia' Season 6 Release Date and How to Watch

A sixth season is coming for one of the most loved anime series.

My Hero Academia announced that a sixth season was headed audiences’ way at the end of its fifth season, which concluded airing in early November 2021. Fans have been following the news closely in hopes of any updates about the next season. Fans are now clearing their calendars in preparation for the official premiere date. My Hero AcademiaSeason six.

What time does season six begin? My Hero Academia release?

A release date has been announced for the sixth season. My Hero AcademiaThe announcement was made during Hero Fes 2022 on July 24, 2022. According to the event, the next season of the popular anime will premiere on October 1, 2022. A new visual was released in conjunction with the announcement, teasing the thrilling directions season six’s storyline could take.

My Hero Academia is a delightfully different take on the pervasive superhero trope that’s inundated media for more than a decade now. Similar to shows such as The BoysOder Invincible, My Hero AcademiaThe story of super-heroes is approached with a twist. It follows Izuku Midoriya, an unpowered young man in a world in which the vast majority of people boast superpowers called “Quirks.” A rare Quirk-less person, Midoriya is the target of frequent bullying until he inherits the abilities of his idol, All Might. All Might passes on his “One For All” Quirk, allowing Midoriya to put his unbridled courage to good use, setting off the events of the popular series.

In the seasons since Midoriya inherited “One For All,” things in My Hero AcademiaThe world has never been more exciting. New heroes and powerful villains have joined — and left — the cast of characters, as Midoriya and his classmates learn and grow, and put the unique and far-ranging abilities each boasts to good work.

Where to look My Hero AcademiaSeason six

My Hero Academia‘s sixth season will be viewable with a subscription to Crunchyroll, but the precise dates that it will arrive on the platform are yet to be announced. The most popular anime-streaming site is the best place to find a broad range of anime offerings. It already has each of them. My Hero Academia‘s first five seasons.

In the wake of season six’s release announcement, Crunchyroll announced that it would release the season five OVAs on August 1, a few months ahead of the season six debut. Crunchyroll also has its own OVAs. My Hero Academiagame My Hero Academia – The Strongest Hero. The game is a classic fighting game, and allows players to take on the roles of the heroes from anime and manga. It can be downloaded from the Crunchyroll site, and is rated “T” for teen.

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