The Top 10 Coolest Bleach Characters Ranked

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Bleach This is a hit shonen action series that stars Ichigo Kurosaki as the protagonist. There are many supporting characters and villains. While some of them are assassins or warriors of great power, others are comic relief characters or simply there to fill the gaps. No matter how strong they are or whether or not they’re heroes or villains, there will always be some. Bleach These characters are so cool.

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Although the concept of “cool”, is subjective, it can be difficult to define. However, most anime fans recognize a cool character as soon as they see it. A cool character is one that has confidence, is witty, has unusual powers, and wears a stylish outfit or has a unique gimmick. All of this in mind, Bleach Fans can identify which characters are too cool.

10 Shuhei Hisagi’s Smart Philosophy on Battle

Although Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi, Squad 9, is only a decent Soul Reaper but he still makes it look cool. He has a cool aura, right from his uniform as a Soul Reaper, his dark hair, and facial markings.

Shuhei has a confidence, stern, and self assurance that is rare for someone like him. He has a sombre but intelligent philosophy. A warrior can only have power if it fears and respects their own power. Anybody who views war as a game will be punished.

9 Uryu Ishida Is Ichigo’s Quincy Friend & Rival

Uryu Ishida, Ichigo’s best friend, is a Quincy. This Quincy is a spiritual archer who can use a bow and an arrow to vaporize Hollows. Uryu is charming and charming, but he is more cool than cheesy. When Uryu gets serious, he is a great guy. Really This is serious.

Uryu was a show-stopper Bleach His smooth, charismatic personality and cool, calculated ways in combat have won him many fans. He is a confident speaker who can back up his claims with cocky dialogue. Uryu is also known for his Quincy style and can be seen outside of battle.

8 CoyoteStarrk Is Only One Chill Warrior

CoyoteStarrk, the Primera Espada is an unusual one. This brown-haired guy is lazy and much prefers sleeping to fighting. However, if ordered, he can fight Aizen’s enemies, and show his true capabilities as an Arrancar. He is a fantasy cowboy and has a cool outfit.

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Starrk was impressed Bleach His calm and confident personality won over fans. This contrasted well with his lazy ways in fascinating ways. He doesn’t boast about how strong he really is. It is a refreshing departure from braggarts Yammy or Nnoitora.

7 Sosuke Ahizen Planned Everything in Advance

It’s clear that Captain Sosuke is one of the most powerful, intelligent, and coolest anime villains ever to exist. He is a supremely confident man, boasting in a sinister and condescending style that sends chills down viewers spines.

This is pretty cool. Aizen can support it with iconic scenes like Aizen posing as a villain and slicing his hair to change his appearance. He is known for planning for everything, and watching people dance in his hands. He also has mind-bending illusions.

6 Ulquiorra Schiffer Is Cold & Brutal

Ulquiorra Schiffer, the fourth Espada is a ruthless and cruel villain. The vicious, but calm, villain exudes evil coolness and a stern, menacing aura. He assumes bat-like characteristics and becomes unbelievably strong.

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Ulquiorra’s chilling speeches about despair and emptiness can intimidate any character. These words speak louder when Ulquiorra defeats Ichigo. His calm, reserved nature and casual contempt for others makes him cool even in the worst ways.

5 Grimmjow is Ichigo’s best enemy

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is the 6th Espada and a fan favorite. He is a passionate, wild fighter who wants to show that he can beat the best. That’s kind of understandable. In the manga, he even became a reluctant ally to Ichigo.

Grimmjow is a cool guy. His neat hairstyle, jawbone mask fragment, and lean, mean panther body are all examples of his cool aesthetic. He is also witty and cocky. His sense of honor helps to balance all of this. He isn’t your average thug. Ichigo will fight him as a cool competitor.

4 Kisuke Urahara is The Good Guy Aizen

Kisuke Urahara may be a master kido player, but that’s just one of his cool qualities. Kisuke Urahara is a captivating blend of goofy humor and seriousness, much like CoyoteStarrk. This makes him a unique and fascinating character. He is also a brilliant former Captain.

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Kisuke has done many things, including plotting revenge against Aizen and coaching Ichigo. He also helped Ichigo’s group get into the Soul Society & Hueco Mundo. Aizen was also directly fought by him a few times. He has a confident, smart-aleck attitude that is easy to justify in battle.

3 Yoruichi Shihoin Is So Cool & Funny

Yoruichi, like Kisuke Shihoin was an ex-Captain and lost nearly everything. However, that didn’t stop her from fighting the good fight. She’s still fighting for her cause as a loving rogue who is at the top of her game. Bleach Her fans love it. As Ichigo’s ally, she is doing even better.

Yoruichi is charming, cocky and confident in battle. Yoruichi has mastered martial arts and can move in a unique way. Bleach Character could ever be.

2 Kenpachi Zaraki is the Best Brute Ever

Captain Kenpachi Zaraki from squad 11 is much more than a mere thug. Some of his intriguing character quirks and philosophies make him even more appealing, like his refusal to kill injured foes. Instead, he allows them to live and challenge him every day. It’s all about the thrill of fighting, not killing.

Kenpachi’s personality is a perfect balance of pure bloodlust, duty, and his unofficial foster dad, Yachiru. Some of his most memorable moments include when he used kendo instead of some fancy trick to finish Nnoitora.

1 Byakuya Kuchiki Is Cool & More Sympathetic Than Expected

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of Squad 6 is the coolest Bleach He was the most prominent character of them all, even though he was a cold-blooded villain late in Season 1. He is a coldly handsome Soul Reaper with a deadly bankai and a noble-born Soul Reaper. He also has cool confidence in battle.

Byakuya was even cooler when it came to his redemption and swore that he would defend Rukia over using the law against him. He did not betray his identity or who he was in the process. He is still a confident, cool aristocrat soldier who fights for the right but he isn’t heartless about it.

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