The Top 10 Most Controversial Male Anime Characters Ranked

Endeavor akainu and tobirama

There is often a moral binary in anime between heroes and antagonists. Protagonists tend to be written to appeal to the audience and to be relatable, while antagonists can be seen as clearly antagonistic forces that must be overcome in the fullness.

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However, there are some characters – especially male characters, that are so flagrantly controversial that they cannot be defined under either category. These individuals, regardless of their goals or divisive outlooks on the world, have divided their fan base over their morals, values, and attitudes. It’s easier to identify these people and see how they have been received.

This article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga.

10 Bakugo Blurs The Lines Between Villain & Hero (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo has been a frequent topic of discussion in anime. Bakugo’s aggressive attitude has made everyone around him enemies. The League of Villains even tried to recruit him.

Bakugo’s moral compass follows the example of All Might and he declined their offer. Bakugo’s systematic abuse of Midoriya in childhood cannot be ignored. Many fans disagree and say that it should be condemned.

9 Netero’s flaws were overlooked by his subordinates (Hunter X Hunter).

Netero seems like a great man, dedicated to the survival and advancement of the human race. Netero’s obsession with constantly challenging himself proved to be a burden for almost everyone. Meruem refused to surrender to the Chairman and pushed him into a fight that he knew was futile.

He appointed Pariston, the controversial Pariston, to his board of advisors because of his treacherous nature. Pariston was an intellectual challenge for Netero, but he was a problem for all the other candidates in the election arc.

8 Ludociel created a moral dilemma for Britannia (Seven Deadly Sins).

It was difficult to discern Ludociel’s intentions when he first appeared. Although his philosophy of total demon elimination was controversial, it still received support from some Britannia citizens. One hand, it was flagrant genocide which would also require Meliodas to die.

The demon race was almost exclusively dedicated to the destruction and destruction of human realms. Even the most sympathetic among them had killed entire villages. The controversy over Ludociel was resolved when he joined forces to Meliodas.

7 Kaiba Was A Young Braggart That Didn’t Learn His Lesson (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Seto Kaiba was a gaming mogul that became angry at Yugi’s inability beat him. Kaiba became obsessed by this frustration and took increasingly extreme measures to prove his superiority.

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Kaiba forced Yugi’s friends to play a series death defying games. He also threatened to kill himself if his opponent didn’t forfeit the match. Kaiba, however, has proven to be a useful ally in situations, as demonstrated by his victories against Marik, and Pegasus. It is difficult for fans to determine if Kaiba really is a bad person.

6 Endeavor He Does Not Believe He Can be Redeemed (My Hero Academia).

Endeavor’s career began with the goal of surpassing All Might to become the number one hero. Endeavor hoped to create an heir to succeed where All Might failed. He could live his life through them.

Todoroki was an exceptional talent, but Endeavor physically as well as mentally abused him to push him beyond his limits. While he is remorseful for his actions, the wounds he caused to his family are still not healing. Endeavor says he doesn’t believe he can be forgiven. He only wants to atone. Many people debate whether he should be forgiven or not for the harm he caused to his family.

5 Tobirama’s Philosophy about The Uchiha was Divisive (Naruto).

Tobirama, unlike Hashirama, took a divisive and antagonistic stance towards the Uchiha clan. Tobirama did not support the peace between the two countries, particularly since his elder brother was forced to do so by brute force.

Tobirama was eventually responsible for seperating the Uchiha from Senju. This was perceived as discrimination which only exacerbated tensions between the two factions. Fans debate whether Tobirama was correct in his judgement given the Uchiha’s devastating effect on the world.

4 Mayuri was The Soul Society’s Scheming Science (Bleach).

Mayuri, even though he is a member of The Soul Society, is undoubtedly the series’ most controversial. Although he technically fights alongside Ichigo, his friends and the scientists, the scientist is still responsible for atrocities.

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He almost killed Quincies by human experimentation, and created artificial life called “Bounts.” Worse still, he failed to notice that his Zanpakuto paralyzed himself and his allies and did not take any steps to stop it. Some say that Mayuri’s sins far outweigh his efforts against the Soul Society’s worst enemies.

3 DIO Is A Charismatic Evildoer – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

DIO is a good person. He is charismatic, and many people overlook his worst atrocities in favor of his more attractive qualities. He is persuasive and captivating, and can recruit people from all walks to be his consenting thralls.

Vanilla Ice, DIO’s most faithful servant, even gave his life to prove his loyalty. DIO’s most controversial argument is whether his wiles are sufficient to overlook his many sins.

2 Some Men Argue Akainu Is a Necessary Evil (One Piece).

There can be no doubt that Akainu’s brutality is well-known. His concept of absolute justice, which he lied to Squard while also murdering dissenters is well-known among marines as well as his fans. Some argue that his influence is just what the Grand Line needs.

Roger’s inspiration for pirates has meant that only his unique blend of strength, intimidation and power is capable of restoring order. Others protest that Akainu has gone so far in his pursuit of evil that he is now evil.

1 It is difficult to determine the veracity of Floch’s message (Attack on Titan)

Floch is so controversial that whole subreddits have been split because of him. It is understandable that there has been heated discussion about Floch. However, the series did not adequately convey whether or not he was right.

Floch played the clear antagonist role, opposing the Allied Coalition up to his last breath. Floch’s claims that Paradis would be destroyed if the world didn’t take action were proved to be correct at the conclusion of the series. Fans argue about whether he is a unsung hero, or a demon.

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