These are the 10 Saddest Animes You Will Ever See!

The 10 Saddest Anime to Cry Your Heart Out to

Sometimes all you need is a good cry. What better way to do that than watching some very sad anime? This list of disturbing films and movies has been around for decades, as Japanese animation lovers know. This list will help you, no matter if you’re looking for a refresher, a dark and moody movie, or heartbreak.

We have a variety of sadnesses, from sibling sadness to sad romance to strangely melancholy science-fiction all the way through murder-mysteries with a twist, for every taste. Grab a pack of tissues and prepare to watch some disturbing anime. Heartbreak is a good feeling in this list.

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10. Flavors of Youth

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Nostalgia is one of the most melancholy feelings. Flavors of YouthThis captures it perfectly. Charmingly animated, this anthology is all that you need to feel those same vibes. The loosely connected stories explore nostalgia through the lense of food. The Rice Noodles clips from the first entry will make you weep. The next two entries, which build on The Rice Noodles’ success, offer thoughtful, emotional, and bittersweet stories to bring you to your knees.

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9. Mirai

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MamoruHosoda is a loved anime director. MiraiHis incredible talent is evident. This family drama that swept the nation in 2018 was nominated both for an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. The story follows Kun, a young boy, who starts to feel displace by Mirai his baby sister. Kun runs away, but he stumbles upon a magical garden that allows him to meet his mother and Mirai at different times in his life. This allows him to see the world and his family from a new perspective. Mirai is an imaginative and thoughtful take on family drama that’ll make your eyes weep.

8. Your Lie in April

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Stories about growing up that focus on the realities of growing older are much more common in anime and manga storytelling. Your Lie In April is a great example. After one of their friends has a nervous breakdown, a group of friends must navigate growing up and the many struggles that it brings. This anime series is a slice of life and offers plenty of crying, especially as you get to know the characters and follow their journey into adulthood. This show is moving and authentic. We wish we had it when we were teens. We are lucky to have it now.

7. Clannad

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Tomoya Okazaki (17) is a disillusioned teenager. His mother died young and he was left to his own devices. He became unhappy in his hometown and his life. ClannadAs he transforms his life through his teens and into adulthood, we follow him as he follows a group of young women. This is the kind of story that will make you cry and want to help its young cast. You will feel a lot of “I would even die for them!” energy.

6. Your Name

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This is one of the most famous sad animes of recent times. Makoto Shinkai’s Your NameWhen it was released in 2016, it took the entire world by storm. A Romantic animeStory about fate, this blockbuster tells of two teenage girls who mysteriously swap bodies. This is an amazing tale that will make you laugh. Shinkai is a master at animating the visual environment, so this animation is truly remarkable.

5. Garden of Words

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This touching story focuses on the joys and sorrows of a surprising friendship. When a teenager, Takao, skips school in order to work on his true passion – becoming a shoemaker – he bumps into the beautiful 27-year-old Yukari. They both head to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in the hope of finding solace. They seem to meet on rainy, lonely days instead. Another pure vibes anime, this one is super easy to rewatch. It will keep you effected as you discover the unexpected and strange relationship between them.

4. Erased

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It’s difficult to make a movie that is both a good laugh and a great murder mystery. ErasedIt does exactly that. Satoru Fujinuma is hiding a secret. A unique ability allows him to travel back in time at precise moments. However, this is only possible in relation to death or life moments. Satoru is devastated by a personal tragedy that causes his powers to go into overdrive. He returns to his childhood and must stop the horrible crimes that have ruined his life many years before. As this time-travel mystery unfolds, grief, love, loss, and friendship all play a part.

3. Weathering with You

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This is Makoto Shinkai’s second entry. Weather with YouAlthough it may not be able to replicate the worldwide phenomenon of Your Name’s popularity, it is a worthy successor. It’s even more devastating than you might think, as you can see by our ranking. Hodaka Morishima escapes from his abusive home and ends up in Tokyo’s streets. Soon, he finds a new family with Hina, an enigmatic girl with strange abilities. This charming tale of a coming-of-age story is accompanied by some of the most beautiful animation you have ever seen.

2. A Silent Voice

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There is no anime that expresses emotion like contemporary anime. A Silent Voice. This tragic tale explores bullying and suicidal ideastion as well as making amends. It is told through the eyes of young children who are growing up and entering adulthood. Shoya, a young Deaf girl, is bullied by Shoko when she joins his sixth grade class. After his treatment of Shoya’s is exposed, he transfers her and becomes a social outcast. The pair reunite years later as Shoko attempts to forget his past cruelty.

1. Grave of Fireflies

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Grave of Fireflies It might be the most heartbreaking film ever! Ever Made, so there was no other option to top our saddest animation list. Isao Takahata’s 1988 masterpiece is a moving meditation on war. It is told through the eyes of two siblings living in Japan during World War II. In the wake of a horrific firebombing attack that decimated their village, Setsuko is suddenly left for dead. Seita, a sweet and sincere man, tries his best to take care of Setsuko. Their journey is one filled with love and grief as well as heartache. It’s as true and current as the day it was released. However, many viewers cannot take more than one viewing.

This movie was not directed or produced by Miyazaki but it’s still one of my favorite Studio Ghibli films.

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