Tokyopop Announces Four More Manga Licenses, Return of the ‘Rising Stars of Manga” Contest – News

Tokyopop Reveals 4 More Manga Licenses, Return of 'Rising Stars of Manga' Contest - News

TokyopopAt its panel Anime ExpoIt licensed the following manga on Saturday:

Title: SCRAMBLUES (Bokura no Scramblues)
Author: mame march
Summary: The CD jacket design was created by Kurosaki for Eddie, the legendary musician.
He begins to see past Eddie’s stoic exterior and begins to realize the man underneath the affectation. Kurosaki then starts to consider the messages and emotions Eddie is trying to convey through his music. Kurosaki recognizes that Eddie is his voice and that he will be guided by it. But how does he convey what he really feels …??

Title: The Snake That Loved a Sparrow (Suzu Hebi Kyūairon)
Author: Nna Natsuo
Summary: In a world of forest creatures that can transform into humans, Komazu, a member the sparrow clan is one day saved by Shiratoh, a white snake with a cold, eye-catching appearance. Dealing with both animal problems — fear of predation by their common enemy, the eagle — and human problems — differences in class, loneliness, and prejudice — these two boys learn to overcome the difficulties that come their way through an open mind and heart.

Title: Be my Love, My Lord (Ban ni Natte, Goshujin-sama)
Author: Adumi Nagano
Summary: In this world, humans obey beasts and beasts obey them. Reiji, the second child of a well-known family was born to a lonely mother. His beastman servant Tsubaki has been his constant companion since childhood.
Reiji kisses Tsubaki casually, and one day his feelings change to love. He is unable to suppress his feelings and his sharp bite leads him to a darker realization: they are different races, different cultures. Can they overcome their differences and embrace their love?

Title: My coworker has a secret (Wakeari Otoko Onna No Secret Days)
Author: Mushiro
Summary: Akari, 25, is a Tokyo-based bookstore worker. Although she appears to be a normal, stylish office worker, she has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone else to know. She is an avid otaku for 2.5D stage actors and spends every penny of her paycheck to support them. Although she tries to conceal her true identity, her male coworker discovered the truth.

It also announced that it will be bringing back its Rising Stars of Manga competition. There will be 10 winners. The first prize winner will receive $1,000, while the second prize winner will receive US$500 and the third prize winner will get US$250. The US$100 prize for runners up and the US$100 prize for audience favorites will be awarded to them.

The competition’s theme will be “25.” Submissions are accepted from July 25 through October 25. You can submit in black-and-white or color. Submissions must be between 10-25 page long.

TokyopopIndustry professionals and previous winners will judge the competition, said the company. The company added that artists will be allowed to keep their copyrights on their works. TokyopopThe IP will not be owned by them. TokyopopThe winners will be made available in a digital gallery. More details, including where to submit entries online and the terms and conditions, will be revealed by the company at a later date.

TokyopopIt also revealed that it had launched a Discord server. Fans were encouraged to join. Other series were also mentioned by the panel, including the HyperventilationAnd Off or onWebtoons, and the Dekoboko Sugar DaysAdditional, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Mirror Moon?, and Marcy’s Journal: An Introduction to Amphibia works.

Sources: Email correspondence, Tokyopop panel at Anime Expo (Lawrence Furry)

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