Tomodachi Game Animation Release Date Confirmed, New Visual

Tomodachi Game Anime Release Date Confirmed With New Visual

Tomodachi Game is finally getting an anime adaptation, and here’s every detail regarding its release.

Written by Yuki Sao and Mikoto Yamaguchi, illustrated by Yuki Tako Tomodachi GameThis manga is psychological thriller-based and has been in print since December 2013. The manga is still in continuation, and it’s currently on its 18th volume. Tomodachi Game is a popular manga in Japan, and many fans wanted to see an anime version of the manga.

The following information is for those who do not know: Tomodachi Game, it’s based on the story of Yuichi Katagiri, a high school boy who loves to spend his time with his five friends. All five of their friends are forced to play after the school trip funds they have been given are stolen. Tomodachi Game. They are put to the test in this dangerous game.

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Tomodachi Game New Visual Released

All the main characters of the anime are included in the new anime visual. The five friends Yuuichi Kangarari, Tenji Misaka Makato Shibe Makato Shibe Yutori Kokonogi and Shiho Sawaragi can be seen in the visual. In the visual, Manabu-Kun can be seen. And the coins in the background depict the anime’s theme, money over friendship.

Tomodachi Game Release Date

Tomodachi GameThe anime premieres on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Japan will release the show on Nippon TVAnd BS NTV. International fans can view the latest episodes of Tomodachi GameCrunchyroll.

Okuruto Noboru is behind the animation and Hirofumi Okuru are the directors. Satomi Miyazaki is the character designer, Murano Warmwood is the cinematographer and Weismann is the art director. The anime’s opening theme is called Mizuki Nana (Double Shuffle in English), and the ending theme is Saji (Light Day in English.)

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