Tomodachi Game: Episode 12 Review


This contains spoilers about Episode 12 of Tomodachi Game. “What’s most important to me is …”” is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The eleventh episode Tomodachi GameThe third game was won by Group C. Kei and the rest of Group K were shocked to learn that Group C was the winner in the third game.

Yuichi, Mikasa and Sawaragi were temporarily released from the real world after their win. They found out that Shibe’s father was arrested and Sawaragi had vanished. Kokorogi was abducted and Yuichi offered to play a Tomodachi Game in her place.


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The Weak Win Game

The season finale starts when Yuichi is forced to enter a darkened room by a group of people who are holding Kokorogi hostage. Kuroki (a new character) explains the rules to Yuichi of Weak Win Game to him before the games begin. Kuroki states that Yuichi is going to be tortured for three rounds. Kokorogi and Yuichi will be released if he is able to endure the pain. Kokorogi must endure the pain for Yuichi if Yuichi is to escape the torture. Kokorogi must also decide who will suffer the pain. The torture will be less painful if Kokorogi chooses Yuichi.

Goriki, a huge Hercules-like giant, is the man who will get you punched in the first round. Kokorogi will only be punched once if she chooses to punch herself. Yuichi will get punched three more times if she chooses Yuichi. Kokorogi has five seconds for her choice, but she cannot. Yuichi is therefore automatically selected. Yuichi is then punched three times and thrown to the ground. The next round is worse. Kuroki announces that Kokorogi will lose one fingernail if she chooses herself. Yuichi will get three fingernails, but she can choose to be with Kuroki. Kokorogi doesn’t want Yuichi suffering, but she is unable to bear the pain. Kokorogi, as the audience saw, is fragile, weak and unable take care of her own needs. Yuichi is aware of this and offers his support for Kokorogi in the second round.

Kokorogi has to make a decision for the final round. If she chooses her own partner, she must dance naked. Kuroki will gouge Yuichi’s hand with a knife three times if she chooses Yuichi. Kokorogi tells Yuichi she can’t make a choice and that she will do anything he asks. Yuichi agrees to do so again. Kuroki tortures Yuichi, but he then tells the participants that the special games are over and that they can go. Kuroki misinterprets Yuichi’s anger as directed at Kokorogi when he hears it. Yuichi clarifies, however, that he is not angry at Kokorogi but Kuroki. Kokorogi then falls into his arms, and he exclaims with tears in his eyes that he trusts her. Yuichi is able to be consoled by this.

Rock, Paper, Fingers

Yuichi invites Kuroki for another game after the final game. Yuichi will award Kuroki 10 million yen if he wins. Kuroki accepts. Yuichi promises Kuroki that they will play “one round” of rock, paper and scissors. Kuroki wins and receives 10,000,000 yen. Yuichi loses and gets to cut his fingers.

Yuichi explained that if Kuroki chooses paper and loses he will trim all five fingers. Yuichi will trim two fingers off Kuroki’s fingers if he picks scissors, but not any other fingers if Kuroki chooses rock.

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Yuichi senses Kuroki’s discomfort and tells Kuroki that he has an advantage because he can only pick paper or rock with his bandaged right arm. Kuroki cut Kuroki off before they could begin to play, claiming that he hadn’t said he was going. Yuichi can then start mocking Kuroki in front of his friends. Yuichi then raises the stakes, declaring that Kuroki would give everyone one million Japanese yen each if he wins.

Kuroki feels pressured and accepts the offer. The game begins. Kuroki begins to choose paper but is shocked when Yuichi uses his left hand to cut the paper. Kuroki screams that Kuroki cheated and Yuichi responds by saying that Yuichi had stated that he could only use paper or rock with his right hand but that no one said that he couldn’t use his left hand. Kuroki, feeling embarrassed, orders his friends to grab Yuichi. However, as they do so the Tomodachi Management ambushes the area.


According to the Tomodachi Game management, Kuroki and his team have been impersonating them. Yuichi suspected this when they called him. Mikasa was asked to contact the Tomodachi Game Management. Yuichi intercepts Kuroki and claims he has unfinished business.

Kuroki is told by the man he trusts that Kuroki will not be replaced by a friend. He will cut off one finger if they do. Kuroki’s friends are reluctant to help him. Yuichi is able to pass out, luckily for him. Maria, now with her natural pink hair, tells Mikasa, Kokorogi, that they may be able save Shibe, who was arrested for murder, after Kuroki has been taken into custody. But, they’ll be able to take on 500 million more debt.

Episode 12 concludes with a major cliffhanger, which completes the first season. Tomodachi Game. Mikasa and Kokorogi team up for Tomodachi Game 2, to help Shibe. Yuichi, however, continues to recover from fainting due to blood loss.

The Season Finale of Tomodachi GameCrunchyroll has it streaming now

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