Top 10 Anime Girls with Short Hair

Lotte Jansson, Nobara Kugisaki, and Minori Kushieda

The most important aspect of anime is hairstyles. They come in a variety of vivid colors and are often highly stylized. The best ones reveal the characters to audiences before they can speak.

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Short hair is a less common style in anime. This hairstyle is often associated with a girl or woman who is tough, shy, or a combination of both. This hairstyle is often worn by young girls or soldiers, but any anime girl with short hair can be a powerful force to reckon with.

10 Kisa Sohma opens up (Fruits Basket).

Kisa Sohma is a cursed family member who has the most trouble with the zodiac spirits. Fruit Basket. Although she transforms into a fierce tiger, Kisa initially does not speak – a habit she adopted after suffering constant bullying from her classmates due to her short yellow hair and yellow eyes.

Despite all this, Kisa still speaks and forms a sisterly relationship with Tohruhonda. Hiro Sohma, who has the ram spirit cursed, also blossoms with her. Kisa’s short hair – though the source of her suffering, gives her an adorable, unique appearance that stands out from the other characters in the show.

9 Lotte Jansson is a great friend (Little Witch Academia).

Lotte Jansson, a new witch in training for the show, is Lotte Jansson Little Witch Academia. Her curly, blonde hair is cute and practical. It keeps her hair from getting in her eyes while she does spells. Lotte is friendly and kind to all who meet her.

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Though she often finds herself mixed up in Atsuko Kagari’s hijinks, Lotte keeps a mostly level head and is often the voice of reason. Lotte is shy but always defends what she believes to be right. Lotte is a friend that fans will be grateful for.

8 Misty Wants To Stand Out (Pokémon)

Misty was Ash Ketchum’s first companion in the early days. Pokémon. Along with their friend, Brock, the three of them travel across the land searching far and wide for Pokémon to train. Misty hails originally from Cerulean City, where her sisters manage the local water-type gym.

Misty, unlike her sisters, has orange-colored hair. She wears it in a side ponytail. Misty is jealous of her sisters’ looks, but audiences think she’s one of the cutest characters in the Kanto region. Although she is afraid of bug-type Pokémon, Misty is a brave trainer who works hard to prove her worth.

7 Yona begins her quest (Yona Of The Dawn).

Yona never liked her curly red hair. Yona the Dawn. Her long hair often caused her trouble until Su-On, her long-time crush, said that her hair reminded her of the Dawn. However, when she discovers that Su-On was her father’s assassin, his platitudes about her hair only serve as a reminder of her father’s death.

A rival prince tries to capture her and grabs her long hair to stop her from falling asleep. Yona grabs a sword, cuts it off and frees herself from the prince. This is how she begins her journey of self-discovery, heroism, and her own heroism. Yona’s short hair is not only a reflection of her newfound grit but also a sign of rebirth as she begins her new life as a warrior.

6 Emma Saves Her Siblings (The Promised Neverland).

Emma is one of Grace Field House’s orphans. The Promised Neverland. Emma and Norman are two of three children who discover the truth of their existence. Emma is athletic, resourceful and an excellent thinker. Emma is highly perceptive and has keen intuition. This helps her lead Grace Field House’s escape.

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Emma’s short, orange hair reflects her energetic personality. Emma’s curly hair hints at a playful side. This is evident when Emma interacts and plays with her siblings. Emma’s charm and charisma are able to calm others in difficult situations, keeping Mom safe from suspicion.

5 Sailor Mercury Fights for Love and Intelligence (Sailor Moon).

Sailor Mercury is one the Sailor Scouts Sailor Moon. Her intelligence is unsurpassed, and her keen understanding of technology often helps during missions. Sailor Mercury is a shy girl, but she never gives up on a fight. She is always there for her friends when they need it.

Sailor Mercury’s short blue hair matches her calm personality. It is also a nod towards her water powers. Sailor Mercury fans know that she is a valuable friend.

4 Shirayuki is a master of her craft (Snow White and Red Hair)

Shirayuki works as a herbalist in the Clariness Kingdom. Snow White with Red Hair. Yona had long, red hair once, but she cut it to send a message. Shirayuki, a young woman of strong convictions, is strong and confident. She is an expert in her field and as kind as anyone can be.

Shirayuki’s short hair symbolizes her new beginnings as she leaves her home in Tanbarun and takes up residence in Clariness. It also signifies her first relationship with Prince Zen Wisteria in Clariness. Shirayuki is a strong independent woman who is clear about her goals and not afraid to pursue them.

3 Haruhi Fuoka Celebrates Kindness (Ouran High School Hosting Club)

Haruhi Fujioka is an honor student who gets roped into becoming a host for her school’s Host Club after she breaks a vase in Ouran High school Host Club. Although she is a girl, Haruhi’s patient nature makes her extremely popular with their club’s female customers. This bodes well to her debt repayment.

Haruhi’s short brown hair is often mistaken for a boy. She isn’t upset that she was misgendered. Haruhi believes that it does not matter what someone’s gender is as long as they are a good person. Haruhi aims to prove that humanity is more than just a few.

2 Minori Kushieda Steps Aside (Toradora!)

Minori Kushieda, Taiga Aisaka’s quirky and bubbly best friend in the show, is Minori Kushieda. Toradora!. Though she has a lot of energy, Kushieda harbors a secret heartbreak as she is in love with Taiga’s crush, Ryuuji Takasu. Kushieda is a friend who will not let Ryuji or Taiga down.

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Kushieda’s short, pink hair is perfect for her personality and love of sports. Kushieda also works as a waitress to earn extra money for her loved ones. Kushieda is able to go wherever life takes her because of her short hair.

1 Nobara Kusaki Does It All (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki, one of the newest Jujutsu High students in Japan, is Nobara Kugisaki. Jujutsu Kaisen. The Straw Doll cursed technique by Kugisaki is powerful and terrifying. It uses the concept of Voodoo dolls for devastating effects. Kugisaki is confident in herself and will do whatever it takes to make her mark.

Kugisaki is known for her short ginger hair. She usually wears it down but can be seen putting it up when off duty. Kugisaki is a fierce fighter but she also loves fashion and shopping. Kugisaki is an intelligent young woman who shows that not all women have to be male to be great warriors.

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