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Devil is a part timer

Devil is a part timer

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Spy x Family has showcased multiple anime tropes and genres in one show. It’s action-packed, yet comedic and wholesome, but also have stakes that the main character has to achieve. At the same time, there is this innocent family dynamic that we see in each episode, yet each member in the household has a secret they’re trying so hard to keep.

As part one Spy x FamilyFans are eager to see the next part of this story when it comes out in 2022. What will happen to Twilight in the course of his mission? Who was the dog in Episode 11 that we saw? And will the Forgers be able to continue their ‘normal family’ persona? Season one is only 13 episodes long.

Before part 2 drops on Crunchyroll here are 10 anime worth your time if you liked them. Spy x Family

10. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game has a simple premise, trust your friends as you go through multiple challenges that test your friendship. It seems simple, but it turns out that one of your best friends is a traitor who secretly plans to sabotage the game for their own selfish reasons. When Yuuichi Katagiri and his friends were dragged into this game, it’s up to him to use his intuition to find out which of them is a traitor. To pay off their debt, they must all play a series of games. It’s a dark psychological thriller that ends each episode with you wanting to know more.

9. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

If you liked the idea of people playing a role, then you’ll love this anime. Wolf Girl and Black Prince is an anime about a teenage girl who’s in a fake relationship with the most popular guy in the school. Why? Erika, the girl, told her classmates she was in a relationship to fit in. The boy, named Kyoya, agrees to play along under the condition that she asks like a “wolf girl”. Similar to Spy x FamilyThere are many antics, misunderstandings and drama between the couples as they try and navigate their way through this fake relationship.

8. Kaguyasama: Love is War

Secrets are a topic Kaguya Shinomiya, and Miyuki Schirogane keep something from one another throughout the entire process Kaguyasama: Love is War. The two have to hide their romantic feelings for one another, as they believe that “whoever confesses first, loses”. Meanwhile, they see each other every day as they’re both student council members. They have to play multiple mind games and try to not be too subtle to get one of them to confess their true feelings. It’s a shoujo manga’s interpretation of a cat-and-mouse game, but with love and romance on the line.

7. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is another wholesome anime worth watching if you enjoyed Spy x Family. It’s about a cursed family that transforms into various animals from the Chinese zodiac and yearns for a normal life. The only outsider to know about their situation, the members of the cursed family go through drama, mischief and antics, while trying to figure out how to end it. It’s both wholesome and very emotional, not to mention it’s finished. It’s a good show to binge with enough content to help you get through the long break.

6. The Promised Neverland

If you enjoyed seeing Anya do cool things despite being old, then The Promised Neverland will amp up that child-like bravery. The anime is set in a darker story as it’s about three kids who plan to break out of the Grace Field house, after learning that they’re being raised as cattle, food for the demons who live outside the walls. These kids must plot their escape secretly, just like secret agents and spies. They also have to avoid being caught by their caregivers. These children must use every resource they have in order to escape this world, including secret training exercises and hidden messages found in Grace Field House.

You can just watch Season 1. We don’t speak about season 2.

5. Vampire Knight Guilty

Vampire Knight Guilty is the second season of Vampire Knight. The second season builds on the world-building of the first season by introducing us all to the characters. Each character is hiding something from the other. And all these secrets somewhat link up to the series’ final conflict when our heroes face the main antagonist. You want to know the secrets of each character, especially as they begin to avoid each others.

4. Devil is a Part-Timer

If Spy x Family made you enjoy stories about tough and strong people living a mundane life, then Devil is a Part Timer is another anime with a similar story trope. It’s a comedic series about a powerful demon who now works in a fast-food restaurant. He was once a soldier who fought against a great hero, but was defeated in battle. He and one his loyal generals fled to Tokyo in modern-day Tokyo only to discover that there is no magic and they must work every day to survive. The hero was able to follow the demon in normal life, watching him do good deeds at work, thanks to his antics. It makes you question whether or not he’s really an awful guy.

3. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop is an anime worth watching if you enjoyed Lloyd and Anya’s relationship. It’s about a 30-year-old man named Daikichi Kawachi, who adopts Rin, the illegitimate child of his dead grandfather after the family sees her as an embarrassment and should be sent to an orphanage. After initially struggling to care for the six-year old girl, Kawachi and Rin form a close bond and eventually get along. Daikichi isn’t alone when raising this child as he receives advice from other single parents within his area. It’s a fun and comedic splice of life anime and only last for one season.

2. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is an action-packed anime starring the students of 3-E, who were given the task to assassinate their teacher, who threatened to blow up the Earth in under a year. This mission was hidden from their parents, as well as other students in the school. They also had to cope with drama and high school life. Their teacher Koro-sensei has a reason for choosing this class to teach them before he destroys our planet. As the class attempts to murder their teacher, each student slowly uncovers its own secrets.

1. The Way of the Househusband

And if you’re a fan of something wholesome but has a lot of action, then you will enjoy The Way of the HouseHusband. It’s about a former yakuza who joins everyday society after getting married and becomes a househusband. He makes friends with other yakuza members, and they all have their own lives. Although they appear tough and intimidating from the outside, they are actually very gentle people.

Spy x Family has captured fans hearts of anime fans because of the various story tropes the show has to offer. These shows offer everything from a family story to a thrilling spy-thriller to a heartwarming family story. The anime listed here will hopefully satisfy your entertainment requirements before Crunchyroll releases part 2.

Spy x Family – Part two is scheduled to be released in October 2022.

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