Top 10 Anime Men Who Make Us Feel The Creeps

Muzan Kibutsuji From Demon Slayer

There are many characters to choose from in anime. Some characters have a flamboyant style, while some are more sophisticated in design. There are many anime characters that can be very attractive. There are many characters that can give you chills, however.

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These frightening characters not only look terrifying, but they also do unthinkable things. Many disturbing anime males dedicate a large portion of their lives and careers to villainy. Although the same can be said about many anime females, the most frightening were the anime men.

10 Goutou Has No Feeling for Humans (Parasyte, The Maxim)

ParasyteThe harrowing story of Shuichi Izumi is about a young man infected with an alien parasite. But instead of the parasite taking control of his body, it sticks to Shuichi. Although Shuichi and Migi, the parasite Migi, are initially apprehensive about one another, they eventually learn to live together.

Shuichi may not be as lucky as Shuichi. Gotou is a parasite. Gotou’s body is home to five parasites who work in concert. Goutou appears to be a normal human at first, but his face shows sharp fangs as well as more eyes when he is in parasite form. He can also create numerous blade appendages which he can use to devastating degrees. Goutou’s parasite version would make anyone’s stomach churn.

9 Gendo Ikari Puts Children In Danger (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Shinji Ikari is Neon Genesis EvangelionThe young protagonist is recruited to the Nerv program to pilot EVA Unit-01. His mission is to eliminate mysterious Angels, which pose a threat to humanity.

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Gendo Ikari, Shinji’s father is at the head of Nerv. Gendo Ikari, who lost his wife, abandons all contact with his son and buries himself in his work. He is now a cold, calculating individual who lacks empathy. Gendo is unsettling because of his lack of emotion and single-mindedness.

8 Unalaq’s Fanatical Beliefs Are Too Far (The Legend of Korra).

The Legend of KorraThis is the spin-off show that was popular. Avatar of The Last Airbender. Avatar Korra, an Avatar in-training, is making her mark. The world around her is changing as new ideologies regarding bending and spiritualism take root.

Unalaq, Korra’s uncle, is one of these leaders. Unalaq believes there shouldn’t be an Avatar, and that spirit and mortal realms should co-exist as one. Unfortunately, he is now aware that trying to force two species together at once is dangerous. Unalaq scares fans because of his single-minded devotion to his beliefs at the risk of everyone else – including his children.

7 Tomura Shiguraki keeps his family close (My Hero Academia).

My Hero Academia The story of Izuku Midoriya is about a young man who dreams to become a Pro Hero, despite the fact that he doesn’t possess a superpower. Izuku is gifted one by his idol and vows to work hard to reach his goals.

But not all of the characters have pure motives. Tomura Shiguraki, a sinister villain, has not only the horrible decay Quirk, but also an incredibly sickening appearance. Because of the stress of his past, he has a tendency to scratch at his skin, leaving it very blemished. The show’s fans were shocked to learn the true meaning of the hands he wears on the body.

6 Giovanni has Unsettling Augmentations (Fire Force).

Fire Force An anime about Shin Kusakabe (a young man) who joins the Fire Force Company 8 in 2019. This group was formed to investigate and kill the Infernals, people who spontaneously combust and become fiery monsters. Shinra hopes Shinra will be a hero and save others from these monsters.

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Not all Fire Force Companies are kind. Giovanni is the leader of Fire Force Company 3. He wears a top-hat and a plague doctor mask. His goal is to assist the White Clad which is responsible for creating the Infernals. Giovanni’s many bodily augmentations are one of his most bizarre traits. His inhuman appearance makes him one of the most frightening characters on the show.

5 The Reaper Loses His Face (Assassination Classroom).

Nagisa Shiota expects Class 3-E to be a nightmare when he is sent there. Instead, he discovers that he is being sent to Class 3-E by Nagisa Shiota. This assignment is secret and the assassins are only there to kill his teacher. Korosensei might be a genetically engineered trained killer, but the Class 3-E are amazed at how much they can learn from their marks.

The class meets The Reaper while they are learning and training. He is Korosensei’s ex–protege and has been assigned the task of taking out the teacher. This is a horrible thought for the class, who have grown to love Korosensei. However, it is more disturbing than The Reaper’s appearance. His face was cut off by The Reaper as part of his cover. This is not the kind of anime guy you want to be.

4 No Face Terrorizes Bath House (Spirited away)

Chihiro Ogino is driving with her parents to their new house when she comes across an abandoned amusement center. The park isn’t as empty as they thought and the three of their families are seduced into the spirit realm. Chihiro must save her parents from being captured in the Studio Ghibli classic 2001. Spirited Away.

Chihiro must work at the spirit bath house in order to get her parents back. Although she has many odd customers, No Face is the most spectral. Although he appears to be a kind and generous client, he quickly shows his greedy ways by opening his stomach and eating staff members. Although he does eventually calm down after reurgitating, viewers will not be able to forget No Face’s gaping mouth.

3 Muzan Kibutsuji Shows No Mercy (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado has been sent on a mission by his family to assassinate his relatives. His sister Nezuko, who is the only survivor of this attack and was transformed into a demonic being, is accompanying him. Tanjiro & Nezuko combine their skills to rid the universe of demons and go on the hunt for the one responsible.

They are not happy to find out that the demon they seek is Muzan Kibutsuji. Kibutsuji is able to change his appearance so he blends in with anyone. He is not afraid to murder his followers at will. Kibutsuji is a terrifying character because of his power and lack compassion.

2 Mahito Makes Gortesque Creations (Jujustu Kaisen)

In Jujutsu KaisenAfter a run-in against a cursed spirit, Yuji Itadori is made a sorcerer in training. Yuji can live with the curse (Sukuna), even though the spirit is still within him.

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Yuji is confronted with many dangerous spirits as he travels. None of these spirits are quite as dangerous or disturbing as Mahito. Although Mahito is a young cursed spirit, his inexplicable ability to transform matter and impetuousness make him extremely volatile. Mahito delights in turning himself and others into macabre creations. This bizarre hobby makes Mahito one the most creepy anime characters.

Alphonse and Edward Elric attempt to bring their mother back to life after their mother passes away. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Their transmutation goes wrong, with Edward losing his arm and leg and Alphonse losing his whole body. The boys embark on a journey together to get Alphone back.

They come across Shao Tucker, who is a State Alchemist. His greatest accomplishment was creating a living Chimera. Alphonse and Edward discover the evil secret to Tucker’s success. This is done by combining Tucker’s daughter with his pet. Some viewers skip this episode in order to avoid Tucker’s horrible acts.

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