Top 10 Best Anime Boys with white hair, Ranked

Top 10 Best Anime Boys With White Hair, Ranked

The anime genre is well-known for its characters with strange hair colors. However, those with white hair stand out above the rest. While white hair can be striking by itself, it’s even more memorable when it’s paired with a person who is charming.

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Because of their charisma, bright personalities and flashy powers, anime boys with snowy white hair are a fan favorite. Although not all of their hairstyles are gravity-defying, they are still stunning. Their brightly colored hair is actually a plus.

10 Near Plays with His Hair A Lot (Death note)

Near is L’s youngest successor Death Note. Near’s hair is a similar style to his predecessor, who had incredibly long black hair. Near loves playing with his hair much like L.

He is a bright and observant young man despite his boyish appearance. Problem-solving is his favorite hobby. He sees every investigation like a new puzzle. Near isn’t as gifted as L. He can use deductive reasoning, but L could do it in almost any situation. Near, however, can only use it mathematically.

9 Tomoe Is A Charming Fox Yokai (Kamisama Kiss)

While there are many lovable yokai in anime, they pale in comparison with Tomoe. Kamisama Kiss. He is a fox yokai, with long, fluffy white hair.

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After becoming a familiar, his locks are trimmed to give him a neat appearance. His hair, which is wild yokai’s, is undoubtedly long and voluminous. This gives him an effortless, untidy look. Tomoe is loved by his fans in any form. He’s charming no matter what and always has a few tricks of his own.

8 Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer), is The Flashy Sounds Hashira

Demon Slayer’sTengen Uzui has the flashiest Hashira that the Corps ever witnessed. His top priority is to kill as many demons possible in the most spectacular way possible.

Tengen’s bright white hair is often styled with braids and a large, ornate, headband with large gems. Tengen wore his hair down while he was investigating the Entertainment District. He wore his hair down after he retired and swapped the headband for an eyepatch made with the same stones.

7 Hatsuharu’s Punk Rock Style (Fruits Basket).

Hatsuharu is able to get out of his school uniform even when he’s in a dull one. Fruits BasketHe finds a way of putting an edge on his look by wearing chokers and refusing buttons.

His hair is a perfect match for his punk rock style. He has spiky, shaggy hair that is white with black roots. Although he is often criticized for his unnatural hair color he continues to live his normal day. Hatsuharu has two sides, even though he is often quite serious. People believe it is “Dark Haru” who gets more aggressive. He’ll also turn into an Ox if a woman touches him.

6 Zero Is A Former Vampire Hunter (Vampire Knight)

Zero from Vampire KnightBorn into a bloodline of vampire hunters, Zero became a vampire when he was bitten by an pureblood. Zero is a cool person with a great sense of humor. Zero has a laidback, yet sophisticated sense of fashion. This is complemented by his striking silver-white hair.

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He rarely wears his school uniform correctly, often leaving his shirt untucked or wearing his tie loosely. He has several earrings and even a tattoo along the side of his neck.

5 Kaneki’s Hair Got Whitened by Marie-Antoinette Syndrome (Tokyo Ghoul).

Ken Kaneki Tokyo GhoulHe didn’t always have the iconic white hair. It was originally black. But after 13 days of torture, Kaneki got Marie-Antoinette Syndrome. His hair turned white.

He is a half-ghoul and his humanity is always at war with his ghoulishness. As the opposing sides clash, his hair changes between black and white. His hair never became purely white or black again in the series. Hints of the other color were always visible. Kaneki is a master at bringing the hairstyle of characters whose hair reflects them to a new level.

4 Inuyasha Is A Half-Demon Dog (Inuyasha)

As the titular protagonist of his series, Inuyasha has become one of anime’s most iconic yokai thanks to his rough-around-the-edges personality. He’s not the most cuddly guy, even though his white hair looks great with his fluffy ears.

Inuyasha, a half-demon horse and brave swordsman, would rather die than surrender in a fight. Because of his sharp claws, fangs, and strength, Inuyasha has many impressive abilities. He can heal, gain super strength, and even become fully-demonic.

3 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto), is the Copy-Cat Ninja

Kakashi Hatake is one NarutoOne of the most loved characters in comic books is a result of his unique teaching methods, remarkable combat prowess and general charm that’s difficult for others to match. His visually appealing design is what draws fans to him.

His silver-white, spikey hair is held up by his ninja hat. He wears it over his right eye to conceal the Sharingan. He also wears half of his face covered by his skin-tight top like a mask. Fans were unable to see his left eye or hair at first, which sparked a lot of curiosity about this Jonin-level ninja.

2 Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter), is An Electrifying Assassin

Killua Hunter X HunterKillua is a trained assassin but acts just like any other kid. Killua is outgoing, playful, and brave. Killua already had many special skills due to his experience in assassination. But mastering Nen elevated him to a whole new level.

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His main element is lightning. His ultimate technique, Godspeed is one of the most powerful in the series. Killua has made Killua’s hair white, and Kurapika’s chains and Hisoka’s clownish clothes iconic.

1 SatoruGojo Is A Blindfolded Mastermind in Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru’s Gojo quickly rose to be one of the most beloved anime characters. Jujutsu Kaisen2020 anime adaptation. Satoru is a quirky, cocky character with a great sense humor and a smile that never fails to make people smile.

He’s a charming character with a great personality. He’s actually the strongest person on the planet. He uses a blindfold to protect his Six Eyes technique. He reveals his sparkling blue eyes when he removes the blindfold. They perfectly complement his brilliant white hair.

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