Top 10 Best Anime Girls with White Hair Ranked

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Characters in Japanese anime come in many sizes and shapes. Some characters may have brown or plain black hair while others have white or gray hair.

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It’s rarely explained how or why an adolescent or 20-something-year-old anime character would have white hair, but it often looks good rather than strange. White hair can look elegant and beautiful, especially on girls who are anime characters. You might even be a magical princess or witch.

10 Uzaki Hana Has A Playful Streak (Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out!)

Uzaki Hana, a fun-loving troublemaker, has completely changed her personality since high school. Uzaki was shy and quiet during her school years. But, now she is lively and energetic as a college student. This might make Shinichi irritated sometimes.

Uzaki, a petite girl with pale gray-white hair, contrasts starkly with her bright personality. It’s funny how light gray or white hair is often interpreted as a cool-headed kuudere. But this time, it’s not the case.

9 Aqua’s Divine Friend Eris (Konosuba).

Eris is just one of many deities that can be found in the fantasy realm of KonosubaAqua’s friend and rival, Eris. Aqua has long blue hair. Eris, on the other hand, is well-known for her silvery blonde hair and modest outfit. However, she acts as an adventurer rogue while wearing a more casual style.

Eris is generally happy and kind. Aqua does a terrible job of teasing her. Eris is also a casual friend to Kazuma, Darkness and Darkness when she assumes her “Chris”, adventurer identity. However, she is seldom seen fighting.

8 Kirari Momobami Is A Chilling Antagonist (Kakegurui)

Kirari Momobami was a child of extraordinary wealth and tends to act as such. Kirari Momobami and Ririka, her twin sister, are complete schemers. They view Hyakkou as their private playground, particularly Kirari, who is the president of the student council. She is cool and calculating.

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Kirari is confident, beautiful and brilliant as one would expect. KakeguruiOne of the most intriguing and compelling antagonists. Yumeko Jabami’s final and greatest challenge is certain to be her. Fans can’t wait for the final outcome. It will be a battle for order against chaos.

7 Kei Shirogane Is A Classic Tsundere (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Kei Shirogane may not be as ambitious as her big brother Miyuki. Kei also finds Miyuki annoying and overbearing in the home. Kei is still able to support her brother, as she did when she helped him pick an outfit for the Shuchiin school festivals.

Kei is a classic Tsundere. A short-tempered girl, Kei finds her brother’s love fascinating. However, she doesn’t want the attention to be too involved. Kaguya Shinomiya, the Fujiwara sisters and she get along well.

6 Honma Meiko Is Dead But Not Yet Gone (Anohana)

The anime drama with intense action Anohana: That Day’s Flower This is about Honma Meiko/Menma, who died in 2008 and her inability of moving on. Her spirit is still alive and well, but Jinta, her grouchy friend, couldn’t see or hear her at first.

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Menma began to be seen and heard by other friends, and they tried to figure out what happened to Menma and why her spirit lingers. Menma doesn’t want them to fight, and this could cause some emotional wounds to reopen.

5 Elizabeth Liones: A Princess Hero (The Seven Deadly Sins).

Elizabeth, princess of the Liones kingdom is more than what she seems to be. Elizabeth fled the castle disguised as an old knight. Then she joined the Seven Deadly Sins Squad as a loyal friend, and then as a helper. Although she is not a great fighter, she can still help in other ways.

Later, Elizabeth was revealed to have been a fallen angel. She was cursed with the ability to live, die and be reborn many more times as a mortal. She lost all her memories, so this was a punishment she and Meliodas both had to endure. However, that curse did not keep them apart for good.

4 Shiro Is An Expert Gamer (No Game No Life)

Shiro is Sora’s foster sibling. Together, they are unbeatable in any online game. Shiro is slightly more intelligent than Sora, and she is better at seeing patterns in games like chess.

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Shiro is an Isekai heroine and found herself, together with Sora in a world where games have replaced warfare as a way of settling disputes. Sora und Shiro have found their place and are ready to win the contest. Shiro is eager to get started.

3 Kanna Kamui Is A Good Kid (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

The cheerful seinen anime series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Stars the charming dragon maid Toru who offered to take care of Miss Kobayashi without charge. Soon, other mythical creatures joined the fun at this reverse-isekai adventure.

Kanna is the youngest character in the series and one of her most innocent. Her lavender-tinged blonde hair and love for eating whole crabs make her downright cuddly. Kanna is Kobayashi’s foster child, and even Kobayashi can’t resist her charming charm.

2 Mirajane Strauss is a Perfect Big Sister (Fairy Tail).

Mirajane Strauss can alter her body for battle, and is the strongest and oldest of the three Strausses. Mirajane is able to transform into a slim demon with wings and tail, while Lisanna can use animal parts such as bird wings or Elfman’s body.

Mirajane hated and feared her powers once, but she now embraces them and uses their incredible power to protect her Fairy Tail guild colleagues. She is also the guild’s beloved Barmaid and an emotional rock for anyone who may need her.

1 Echidna Is A Curious Witch (Re:Zero)

Echidna is one seven witches that were modeled after seven deadly sins. Echidna in particular is the witch of greed. Echidna is a hungry seeker of new knowledge and insight, as well as a frenemy to Subaru Natsuki, an underdog isekai hero. Their relationship is quite strange.

Echidna is well-known for her dark brown eyes and pale hair. Her black gown makes her one of the most colorful witches in the series. She is also one of the most beloved witches, and she has done much to help Subaru.

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