Top 10 Bleach Waifus, Ranked

bleach waifus

Tite Kubo’s hit shonen manga series Bleach The anime series was made into a legend in 2004. Since then anime fans have fallen in love. Bleach’sIncredible cast of characters: from the hero Ichigo Kurosaki, to the cool and smart Uryu Ishida, and the friendly Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. Everyone has their favourite. Bleach character.

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Fans of anime can also choose and pick their favorite waifu Bleach’sThey have a wide range of characters, and many to choose from. An ideal waifu isn’t just an attractive character — the ultimate waifu is someone who is kind, smart, funny, tough, and overall, an outstanding person who would make the ideal companion for any anime fan.

10 Nanao Ise Is Tough But Fair & She Loves Books Too

Nanao Ise served as Lieutenant in Squad 8 under Captain Shunsui KYoraku until they both transferred to Squad 1. Nanao made her first appearance in the Soul Society Arc as Shunsui’s loyal but constantly irritated second-in-command — and she has a tsundere streak to her, too.

Nanao is beloved because of her charm and elegance. However, she has the kind of big-sister personality any anime fan would appreciate. Shunsui almost considers Nanao a beloved daughter.

9 Kukaku Shiba Is Like A Firework

Kukaku Shiba is from a minor noble family like her brother Kaien Shiba. Kukaku Shiba was a childo practitioner and appeared in the Soul Society Arc early. She lived in a strange mansion far from the Seireitei.

Kukaku is a big-sister with a lot to offer, including her skill in kido and flashy attitude. While she may have criticized Ganju or Ichigo at times, she was always kind and caring. Bleach fans love her.

8 Lisa Yadomaru: Eccentric but Cool

Lisa Yadomaru, one of eight Visoreds who are retired Soul Reapers and can summon their Hollow masks for help in battle, is one of them. Although she’s not the strongest, Lisa Yadomaru, an unusual and cool Visored, is undoubtedly the most beloved.

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Lisa is well-known for her ponytail braids, schoolgirl look, and, most importantly, her shameless perversion. Lisa is often seen with nudie magazines in her hands and pushes anyone who asks. This won many over. Bleach fans.

7 Riruka Dokogamine Is A Cuddly Undere

Many of these Bleach’sThe best girls are hot-tempered, standoffish tsunderes who initially act aggressively and obstinately, but then reveal their caring and warm side later. This is tsundere tradition. Riruka Dokugamine was a Fullbring warrior who appeared in the Fullbring Arc.

Riruka is vibrant and colourful. She also had an amusing crush upon Ichigo. This helped her to be kinder later on in the arc. Many Bleach Fans were sorry to see Riruka go after the arc was over.

6 Nelliel Is An Arrancar Waifu

Although most Arrancars or unmasked Hollows are cruel and unusual characters, there are a few exceptions. That includes the charming fallen Espada Nelliel, who was introduced in her adorable toddler form — but there’s more to her than that.

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Nelliel’s true form is that of a kind but tough young woman who can stand up to most modern Espadas and she has an innocent and charming crush on Ichigo, who had saved her life at least once up to that point. Nelliel’s character as a fearless, compassionate warrior makes her a top-tier WAIFU, Hollow mask and all.

5  Tier Halibel Is Wise & Mature

Despite her horrific Hollow mask and her utter loyalty towards the cruel Sosuke-Aizen, many loved the 3rd Espada Tier Halibel Bleach Her charismatic personality is a hit with fans. She is a member of the Espadas most sympathetic and compassionate members.

Halibel is a caring and wise warrior. She cherishes her three fratricciones as her foster sisters, rather than as disposable minions. Halibel is well-liked for her calm confidence in battle, even against multiple opponents.

4 Nemu Kurotsuchi Is Always Worth Protecting

Lieutenant of Squad 12 Nemu Kurotsuchi, a soft-spoken individual who was created in a lab by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, is the soft-spoken Nemu Kurotsuchi. Mayuri’s “daughter”, Mayuri, often assists him in battle and at the lab. However, Mayuri treated Nemu badly in battle in the Soul Society Arc. Even Nemu’s enemy, Uryu Ishida, felt bad for her.

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Soon Nemu became close friends with Uryu, and they have been good friends ever since. Bleach Nemu is loved by her kind and innocent personality. She can also drill through rocks with her naked hands, which is deceivingly powerful.

3 Rukia Kuchiki is Ichigo’s Soul Reaper Friend

Rukia Kuchiki was first ever to appear as a Soul Reaper. Bleach and in the anime’s first season, she was definitely Best Girl. There are many things you love about her. From her passion for rabbits to her playful sense of humor to her curiosity about the human condition, there is so much to admire.

Rukia is also a beloved friend. Bleach’sBest tsundere is a small but strong Soul Reaper that won’t listen to anyone, even troublemakers such as Kon and Ichigo. You will also find her vulnerable and compassionate side. This makes her an excellent waifu.

2 Rangiku Matsumoto is so funny

Squad 10’s second commander is Lieutenant Rangiku Moatsumoto. Although she’s a very powerful officer, that doesn’t explain why. Bleach Rangiku is beloved by her fans. Rangiku is well-known for her upbeat personality. She can also make friends with everyone. She believes that there is always time for a good party.

Rangiku is known for her compassion, empathy, and kindness. She comforted Orihime Inoue in distress like a big sister. Rangiku is soundly confident and at ease with herself, which can be a desirable trait for anyone.

1 Yoruichi Shihoin Is An Even Better Rangiku

Rangiku Matsumoto has a lot of things to love, but Bleach‘s #1 waifu, the rogue ninja Yoruichi Shihoin, is unbeatable. Yoruichi, a confident and fearless martial artist and assassin, fears no enemies and has also made a significant personal sacrifice for Kisuke.

Yoruichi’s bright and playful personality is what makes her so beloved. She’s a jokester and goofball, who loves to tease Byakuya and other characters. She is also compassionate and will sacrifice life and limb to help a friend in distress.

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