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In different anime genres, human characters with animal traits are prevalent. Cat girls are especially common tropes and are loved by many for their adorable ears and other feline features. Cat boys aren’t as popular in anime, however.

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Like their female counterparts, cat boys can have ears, whiskers, and tails, and their personalities often mirror those of cats. They may be playful, loyal and curious. Some cats can even become actual cats by their own choice, or due to a curse. These characters, no matter their backgrounds or personalities, all share one thing – they are adorable cat boys.

10 Rokumon is a loyal and miniature cat boy (Rin-ne).

Rokumon, a cat that formed a contract to Rinne, a Shinigami human who guides the reincarnation of deceased spirits, is called Rokumon. In Rin-ne, Otherwise known as The Circle of ReincarnationBlack Cats sign contracts with Shinigami as partners to support them.

Rokumon can change into three different forms: cat, humanoid and huge demon. He is still cat-sized, but his default humanoid look gives him a human face. In all forms, he has black fur with green eyes. Rokumon is fiercely loyal to Rinne and is a loveable addition to the supernatural comedy series.

9 Cheshire Is A Cat Boy Version Of A Literary Character (Pandora Hearts)

Pandora HeartsGets a lot inspiration from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and as his name would suggest, Cheshire is based on the Cheshire Cat, a creature known for its wide, mischievous grin. Cheshire, however, is humanoid and retains many cat-like characteristics, including his ears, tail claws, clawed hands and fangs.

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He still wears the same belled collar he wore when he was a cat in his past lives. Cheshire is extremely loyal to Alice and protective of her, sometimes to an extreme, and can be aggressive and selfish, all of which are traits that many associate with cats.

8 Ryota Neko is the Leader Of A Yokai Cat Clan. (Nurarihyon no mago)

In Nurarihyon no MagoRyota Neki is a yokai and serves as the head for the Bakeneko Clan. He also leads 1st Street. Ryota Neko is a real-life cat. He can be cowardly like many cats. However, he is loyal to the people he loves. He is also a gambler.

His feline characteristics include his ears, a brown spot in his eye and a full mouth with sharp teeth. A headband with a pattern of paws is usually worn by him. This adorable design makes him a favorite character. Nurarihyon No Mago.

7 Boris Airay is a mischievous Cheshire cat (Alice In The Country Of Hearts).

Based on an Otome-based game Alice in the Country of HeartsAlso known as Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World) also takes inspiration from Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandBoris Airay, the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland is mischievous and unpredictable.

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Boris is a pink-colored cat with gold eyes and tail. He wears a collar that has a chain attached. He has a very cat-like personality, being easygoing and relaxed, and he dislikes having to work for anything.

6 Schrödinger Is A Cat Boy Villain (Hellsing Ultimate)

Schrödinger is a member of the Millenium Forces in Hellsing Ultimate. Created by Doc to be a spy and personal pet, Schrödinger is named after Schrödinger’s cat, a real-life experiment that explores how a hypothetical cat could be simultaneously dead and alive. Similarly, Hellsing Ultimate’s Schrödinger exists as long as he is aware he exists, which gives him regenerative and teleportation abilities.

Schrödinger often provides more lighthearted moments compared to the overall darkness of the show, yet he is still a sadistic antagonist. He is playful and has cat ears, which makes him cat-like. However, he is cruel and evil.

5 Cecil Is A Cat Boy Who Can Also Sing (Uta no Prince-sama)

Uta no Prince-sama is a rom-com anime that takes place at a music academy. Cecil Aijima belongs to the idol group Starish. He is the prince in Agnapolis and was cursed to be a black cat. It is in his cat form that he first meets Nanami, the female protagonist. He becomes her favorite cat and she calls him Kuppuru.

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Cecil, although he is human, does not have any feline traits. However, he has green eyes both in his male and female forms. Like a cat, he is curious, and he is very loyal to Nanami, who he has loved since the moment he first met her.

4 Leo is a powerful Lion Boy (Fairy Tail).

Leo is a Celestial Spirit. He leads the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Fairy Tail, . He can unleash powerful light attacks and is strong as the Lion. He lives in the Celestial Spirit World, but can be summoned by the Celestial Wizard to enter the human world.

Leo is also known by the name Loke. His cat-like ears are complemented by red hair that resembles a Lion’s mane. He has a great sense of chivalry and is very romantic with beautiful women. He is very loyal to his friends and is brave in the face of danger, just like the big cat he’s based on.

3 Ikuto Is Two Cat Boys In One (Shugo Chara!)

Shugo Chara!Ikuto Tsukiyomi, a popular anime cat boy, is Ikuto. Yoru is his Shugo Chara’s name, or Guardian Character. This is a fairy-like guardian that is the embodiment Ikuto’s dreams. Yoru, who has cat ears, paws and a tail is a miniature Ikuto.

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Ikuto, who sometimes appears with cat ears and a tail himself, has a very cat-like personality. He is aloof, mysterious, but also attentive, kind, and protective of those who he loves. He has cat-like reflexes and abilities, such as his Phantom Claw attack where he generates long claws from his hands to fight.

2 Killua Is An Especially Mischievous Cat Boy (Hunter x Hunter)

One character that fans might not realize is a cat boy is Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. Killua sometimes has cat-like features, such as ears, whiskers, paws, fangs, slitted eyes, and a curved mouth, but these are not permanent and are mainly for comedic effect.

His feline features, which tend to appear when he is being especially devious or when sweets are involved, serve to emphasize his mischievousness. He also can turn his fingernails into sharp claws, which he uses in combat. He is a bit like a cat and can sometimes be rude, but he is loyal to his friends, particularly Gon.

1 Kyo is turned into a cat by a family curse (Fruits Basket).

In Fruits Basket, the Soma family members are cursed to transform into the animals of the Zodiac if embraced by a person of the opposite sex. Kyo is cursed with the Cat spirit, the unlucky animal left out of the Zodiac, according to the legend.

Kyo turns into an orange cat when he is hugged by female characters. He is also a magnet for cats wherever he goes. He is a cat and dislikes water and rain in general. He also loves milk. He is hot-blooded and always looking to fight Yuki, who is the Rat in the Zodiac and his sworn enemy. However, he means well and cares deeply for Tohru.

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