Toronto Returns To Anime North 2022 In Full Force

Anime North 2022 Returns to Toronto After 3 Years In Full Force 1

The Anime North fan-run convention in Toronto returns with classic, fun attractions and cosplay to delight.

Anime North holds a special place within my heart. This was the first convention I attended and was also the closest to my home (literally, in my backyard). The con ran from May 24-26 2019, just before the pandemic. But after three years of pent-up otaku love and restrictions lessening, Anime North is back in full-effect—in a safe and healthy way today. It will be a great opportunity to meet your favorite anime voice actors and talents from hit shows like My Hero Academia and RWBY, plus many other resources.

This year’s event will take place at the Toronto Congress Center (650 Dixon Road), Delta Airport Hotel (65 Dixon Road), and Sheraton Airport Hotel (91 Dixon Road). Many of the classic events have returned to the North Building of Congress—from the stunning opening ceremonies to the majestic Saturday night Masquerade Ball. The South Building will see the return of the Vendor’s Hall for all the anime shopping for your otaku needs, featuring over 400 various booths of anime goodies to buy—time to find that missing copy of Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 0.

To ensure a COVID-friendly con, the Anime North 2022 staff have already detailed to attendees that they must provide proof of being “fully vaccinated” (received two doses, for most vaccines) and must strictly wear “a disposable medical mask or respirator which covers the mouth, nose, and chin” in indoor areas. Further details were provided on the policy page about how medical masks are preferred to cosplay masks. Staff have the right of deciding whether a mask should be accepted. Children under 6 years old are exempted, but they are encouraged to wear masks if possible.

Anime North 2022 Returns To Toronto After 3 Years In Full Force 2

These are the days and times when events will take place at the convention:

  • Friday: 5 PM – 1 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 1 AM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Saturday sales will be limited as the venue can only hold so many people and to avoid crowding. As of now, weekend admissions are not capped. Weekend admissions include Sunday-only, Friday-only, and Sunday-only. The most recent Anime North events saw over 10,000 people attend! This is 10 times the number of chapters Sensei Oda has published for the event. One Piece manga.

Kara Eberle for her titular characters and Arryn Zech for their voice acting talents are two of the many amazing voices at Anime North. RWBYRichard Epcar (extremely talented)Bleach, Pokémon Generations); and Aaron Dismuke, Caitlin Glass and Morgan Lauré for their work on My Hero Academia. A complete list of VTubers attending this year’s event includes Ironmouse, Nemurenai Ka and many more.

You can also participate or view some of the best anime costumes Toronto residents and visitors have in-store. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing cosplay at some of the newer, more popular anime shows such as Spy x Family Or Kaguyasama: Love is War. As the event unfolds, CGMagazine’s photographers and breaking news will be updated by CGMagazine. Come on down to celebrate one of the city’s biggest anime-centric cons!

UPDATE 07/17/2022 8 :20 AM ET

Anime North, with its huge returning crowd, was a spectacular spectacle as the heat and scorching sun beat down on hundreds of thousands of anime fans. But the heat and scorching sun did not deter the thousands of anime fans who were out celebrating what they love.

In a remarkable moment, CGMagazine managed to track down Amvkween, the cosplayer and content maker on Tik Tok. She was able to share that her experiences on Friday was “really amazing” and was looking forward to what was to come on Saturday and Sunday.

She noted, “So we’re going to the [Masquerade Ball]It’s like the cosplay showcase for the first time. I’m actually excited for that, to see the really good, handcrafted, cosplays that are going to be entered into competitions. It would be great to see those. And also sometimes people do a little bit of an acting performance with that, which is really fun.”

She also said that it was a wonderful feeling for anime lovers to be back in a safe space to display their hard work, especially after the end of the pandemic. She discussed how having fan reactions and excitement was the main “energy” she missed because that could not be done during the pandemic.

She agreed with many con attendees as she spoke to them. Genshin Impact cosplays “slayed” since the designs were amazing. The appreciation for Genshin ImpactIts fandom has not been able celebrate the game, which was launched in 2020 during the pandemic. Other fandoms have not been allowed to show their love for media hits like Spy x Family The League of Legends Television series Arcane.

We were able to quickly chat with many cosplayers, vendors, and casual con attendees. The general consensus was that Anime North should be back!

The Best Cosplay from Anime Nord 2022:

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