Transformers Get Cute Anime Girl Makeover – Interest

Transformers Get Cute Anime Girl Makeover - Interest

KotobukiyaPre-orders have been placed for the Optimus Prime statue in “Transformers” Bishoujo” line last Thursday. The statue depicts the Transformer in an adorable anime girl. It faithfully reproduces all of Optimus Prime’s original parts.

For a battle mask version, the head can be swapped out.

Are you interested in other beautifully-painted Transformers? KotobukiyaIt was confirmed that Megatron, Megatron, and Bumblebee statues were also in the works.

The products will be sold in international markets via international partners. KotobukiyaShop exclusive in Japan

Shunya Yamashita (Dai – Shogun – Great Revolution) designed the characters for Kotobukiya‘s long-running “Bishoujo“Series, which KotobukiyaThe first launch was in 2009.

Update:The company’s Anime ExpoSunday panel KotobukiyaThe surprise poll allowed attendees to choose the next character they would like to see. Bishoujo treatment. Starscream beat Jazz and Soundwave. [Via Transformer World 2005<]

Source: Kotobukiya blog via Transformer World 2005

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