Transgender Manga Artist Launches Manga Inspired By His Youth – Interest

Transgender Manga Artist Launches Manga Inspired By His Youth - Interest

Haikei, Seken-sama (Dear Society) manga launched on ShinchoshaService by the Kurage Bunch on Tuesday

Shin Kanzaki, manga artist launched the Haikei, Seken-sama (Dear Society) manga on Shinchosha‘s Kurage Bunch web manga serialization service on Tuesday. Kanzaki’s own experiences as transgender man inspired the manga.

The publisher describes the story like this:

A gay creator has created a hidden youth. Ten years ago, Rino Tachi, a high-school student from a small town in Japan, went to an all girls school. He studied there and there and enjoyed talking to his female friends. He was an ordinary girl except for the constant feeling of unease in his body. This story is about “love”, set in a time when conformity was more important than ever. It’s about finding the balance between living your best life and hiding the discontent. This is a story about finding oneself.

In a Q&A included in the publisher’s press release, Kanzaki commented that he wrote the manga as a way of conveying to others with similar experiences that they are not alone. He also hopes that people of all walks of life will be able to identify with the emotions portrayed in the story. They go beyond LGBT-specific concerns.

Kanzaki made his debut as a manga artist with the help of Hangyaku no Kage-tsukai(The Rebel Shadow Master), published By Kodansha.

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