Trigun Stampede’s first trailer shows Vash’s new look

Vash in the new anime

The first glimpse at the new CG anime Trigun Stampede showcases Vash the Stampede in a fresh look and teases a new story about the pacifist gunslinger.

The new: A first look Trigun StampedeFinally, anime is revealed.

The trailer was shown at the Anime Expo Los Angeles panel. Panelists Yoshihiro Watanabe (producer), Kiyotaka Wiki (creator), and Katsuhiro Tokitakei (producer) participated in a discussion. The trailer opens with a brief scene of Vash and his brother, Knives. After that, the trailer cuts to clips showing off his new character design which includes a new haircut, as well as his new costume. The trailer confirms that the new series will be rebooted, as one producer said.

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Trigun StampedeCrunchyroll announced the series’ distribution earlier this month. Toho is producing the show, along with animation studio Orange. Orange is a company that specializes CG animation and is most well-known for its work on Netflix’s hit series. BEASTARS. Panel members revealed that Yoshitsugu Maatsuoka will play Vash in the anime. Matasuoka’s best-known role is that of Inosuke Haibara in Demon Slayer. The anime will also feature Junya Ikeda from Digimon Adventure as Knives Millions, and Maaya Sakamoto, a veteran voice actor as Rem.

Nightow’s original manga first appeared in 1995. This series takes place in America’s Wild West Period and follows Vash, the Stampede, a notorious criminal who is said have decimated entire cities by himself. Meryl Stryfe (an insurance agent) and Milly Thomson (a journalist) are given the task of following Vash around, trying to minimize the collateral damage he does to the world. But they discover that the “Humanoid Typhoon,” a pacifist and goofy pacifist, is actually a laid-back man who hates human life.

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StampedeNightow’s manga will now be adapted in a second version. The first TrigunMadhouse, which produced classic anime such as “Anime on Ice” and “Anime on Ice”, premiered the anime in 1998. Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D Death Note. The anime was very well received and helped to establish a strong following in America, where it was broadcast on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. An animated movie Trigun: Badlands RumbleIn 2010, he released.

Original TrigunCrunchyroll offers anime streaming. Dark Horse Comics published the manga in English.

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