Uncle From Another World episode 5 has been delayed; new release date confirmed

Uncle From Another World episode 5 delayed, new release date confirmed

Uncle From Another World episode 5 was delayed. What is the reason for this delay?

We are now in the second month for the 2022 Summer anime slate. Fans all over the globe enjoy a slate that is dominated both by Isekai series and returning series.

Isekai Odisan, more commonly known as Uncle From Another World by fans outside Japan is one of the most innovative and visually-appealing series on the new slate.

Unfortunately, there are new reports that episode 5 of the Uncle From Another World anime has sadly been delayed – here is everything that fans need to know about the upcoming hiatus and the new release date.

Uncle from another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime



Uncle from another World | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime






Uncle From Another World Episode 5 is delayed

The official Japanese website for Uncle From Another World just confirmed that episode 5 of their anime series will suffer a significant delay.

In a news update the Isekai Ojisan Production Committee stated that COVID-19 was rife at the Atelier pontdarc animation studio.

“Due to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Atelier Pontdarc, the production company in charge of this work, and other related organizations, the broadcast schedule for episodes 5 and onward will be changed.” – Isekai Ojisan Production Committee, via isekaiojisan.com

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak in animation studios have a severe impact on production schedules.

Release date for Uncle From Another World EP 5 confirmed

The good news is that Uncle From Another World’s delay will be short. The Japanese website confirmed that episode 5 will release on Wednesday, August 17.Th.

  • Wednesday, August 3, 2009rd – Rebroadcast of episode 1
  • Wednesday, August 10Th – Rebroadcast of episode 2
  • Wednesday, August 17Th – Broadcast of episode 5
  • Wednesday, August 24Th – Broadcast of episode 6
  • Wednesday, August 31st – Broadcast of episode 7

The news report also noted how the “after September will be announced on the official anime website and official Twitter.”

“The Isekai Ojisan Production Committee will continue to produce this work with the health and safety of all staff members involved in the production of this work as our top priority.” – Isekai Ojisan Production Committee, via isekaiojisan.com

The Netflix release of Uncle From Another World episode 5, however, is still uncertain. Fans can expect an episode 5 delay starting August 10, as global streaming is currently one week behind domestic broadcast.ThUp to August 24,Th.

What has the anime been rated thus far?

Fans around the globe have generally reacted positively to Uncle From Another World, despite the fact that the international and domestic broadcasts were delayed slightly. This skews the online reactions.

The anime has a score of 7.6/10 on IMDB, 77% at Anilist, 3.85/5 at Anime Planet, and has peaked around 13Th place on Anime Trending’s ongoing fan polls.

“This anime is soo underated. This is one of The best comedy coming these past years…sadly people drop the series/or not pick it up because of the ojisan MC… they really missed out.” – User shiroukama-72371, via IMDB.

On MyAnimeList, the series is scoring an impressive 7.99/10 with over 16,00 reviews and 100,000 members – making Uncle From Another World the 7thThe 2022 Summer slate has the highest-rated anime.

  • Made in Abyss season 2 – 8.76/10
  • Overlord season 4 – 8.33/10
  • Love Live Superstar season 2 – 8.18/10
  • Lycoris Recoil – 8.18/10
  • Classroom of the Elite season 2 – 8.11/10
  • Call of the Night – 8.05/10
  • Uncle From Another World – 7.99/10
  • DanMachi – 7.91/10

“When weird and whacky things click. You will be having a great time. You can decide if the humor is for you. The show is very enjoyable. For example, the fact that someone actually came home from an Isekai. Can you name any other people who have achieved this feat? It’s new and creative.” – User Ellenwitch, via MAL.

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