Update on the Anime Limited Schedule – News [2022-08-03]

Anime Limited Schedule Update - News [2022-08-03]

The company’s announcement mentions a planned UK cinema release at the end of August

Anime LimitedProvides updated information about its releases up to August

Announcements include a reference the upcoming movie release Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko(pictured right), Friday, August 10, with the comment “This isn’t even the sole film we’re bringing to UK Cinemas this year but you’re No cost to speculate what we’re planning for the very end of August…” (emphasis in the original text).

Also, the update mentions that Anime LimitedShe is “hoping for news of a much anticipated vinyl release to close August.”

Here’s the August release schedule:

August 15

Seraph of the End– Standard Bluray

August 21

The Heroic Legend of ArslanSeason 1 – Standard Blu-ray

August 29

Blood-CUltimate Edition and Limited Edition. Both editions will include the 2011 Blood-CTVThe film sequel and series Blood-C: The Last Dark. The Ultimate Edition is limited in quantity to 500 units. It is exclusive to the AllTheAnimesite, it will also include a 144 page “Materials Archive Book.”

Emma: Victorian RomanceSeason 2 – Collectors Bluray

Magic Knight Rayearth– Complete Series Limited Edition, featuring 49 episodes.

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