Vampire in the Garden Season 1 Review

Vampire in the Garden: Season 1 Review

Netflix now has Vampire in the Garden streaming.

Vampire in the Garden continues Netflix’s trend to revive the supernatural. Original video animation formatA new generation is creating original series that combine great animation with plenty of gore. The latest collaboration between the streamer, Wit Studio (arguably the most exciting studios in anime), is this series. Even though the visuals are impressive, the story is far from Wit Studio’s most recent achievements. Ranking of Kings Spy x Family.

The story takes place in a world that was ravaged by a plague, which led to the rise of vampires around the globe. The subsequent war eventually overran humans to the point where the last remnants of humanity now reside in a city surrounded by huge walls that keep them safe from the monsters outside — Sound familiar?? Because vampires are sensitive to sound, all culture and music have been banned and forgotten. Only the ones living outside the walls have the ability to enjoy luxury and comfort.

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Momo is a young child soldier who hesitates to kill unprovoked vampire children. One day, she decides to flee the human city. She meets Fine, Queen of Vampires. Fine is both sick of the vampire world, and literally sick because she refuses to drink human blood. Momo and Fine are pursued by armies from both sides of the conflict. They form a forbidden alliance and embark on a quest to find a mythical paradise where vampires and humans can live in harmony.

The story has a melancholic tone throughout its five episodes, with themes of prejudice and longing that bring to mind Wolf’s Rain, but also the original Fullmetal Alchemist — you could easily drop the song BratjaIt would look like a suit or armor around the child alchemist’s disembodied soul in any episode. Vampire in the Garden has a powerful anti-war message. It teaches that avoiding conflict is the only path to breaking free from violence cycles. This anime shows how Wit animated Attack on Titan’s last few seasons, as well as its transition towards a more nuanced political fight.

Studio Wit, as usual, brings its world to life using meticulous, striking craft. Every detail adds to the story. The rich production design, especially the Czarist-era influence for the vampire realms, with its lavish castles brimming full of lights, beautiful dresses and beautiful music, is reminiscent the criminally underseen early 2000s masterpiece. Gankutsuou – The Count of Monte Cristo. The people live in dull, Soviet-era buildings, with no personality or senses of fashion. Art, particularly music, is hugely important to the series, which is crucial both to the story’s central themes and to show how art can distract us from our problems and ills, and how its absence can lead to misery. Despite the fact that humans live worse lives after banning culture, vampires fill their empty souls with artistic distractions that can’t really fill them, especially since human blood is scarce.

All of this is only the background. The action is still high-quality, as gunfights mix 3D and 2D in ways which bring out the best, dynamic choreography and handheld-like camera movements that highlight the tension of each fight. Vampire in the Garden is a movie that shows how technology advances to combat vampires.

Vampire in the Garden ends up feeling like a story that we have seen many times before.

Yet, the show’s five episodes are a bit bland overall. It quickly abandons any attempt to shed light on its world or show a new perspective on the vampire story. This suggests that there are many unresolved stories. A fascinating side story tells of a town that was split in half. Humans lived on one side and traded blood with vampires on the opposite side for money. Yet, it is treated as nothing more than window dressing.

Vampire in the Garden ends up feeling like a story we’ve heard a million times. But with great visuals. This is definitely a step down from Wit Studio but it’s still an interesting concept that doesn’t require a lot of time.

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