We are just really excited for Xenoblade 3 Okay? This Week in Games

We're Just Really Excited For Xenoblade 3, Okay? - This Week in Games

We are here again. My name is Jean-Karlo and I’m happy to see you all again, if you’re coming back—or for the first time, if you’re new. I’m hoping you guys are having a good time—I know I am. I just saw this YouTube video that talked about the topic. Izuna, Legend of the Unemployed NinjaThis just about made my day. I’m not going to lie, talking about this obscure roguelike is a fast way to my heart. (Thanks, Pan Pizza!)).

I am approaching a month as a columnist and I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome I have received. I am happy to bring everyone a weekend of fun stories about their favourite games and new things that will soon be your favorites. Although I can’t guarantee that I’ll talk about crossovers using sexy ninja Gacha games based on erotic Visual Novels, I promise to keep my promises. can promise I’ll talk. Like right now.

This Week in Games

Xenoblade Chronicles 3Special Edition is Restocked… In a Not-Very-Useful Mannequin

The following information was available at the time of publication Xenoblade Chronicles 3Should be published. The reviews came out this week and were generally positive. It won’t be possible for me to play it, as I am not interested in writing about video games or watching VTubers gush about them. StrayI am a responsible functional weeb in-hiding and work a nine-to-5, so I have to get home before I can fall for another set of catgirls with English accents. Xenoblade Chronicles 3’sThe release process was quite difficult; suffice to state, NintendoHandling of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3This special edition release could be best described as a disaster. It was available only on Nintendo‘s website online, which was not up to the task to handle all of the oncoming traffic from gamers (and scalpers), looking to purchase a copy. Many people went home without a copy. NintendoLater, a second release was released which did better… but many people still wanted a copy that never came. It seemed like luck played a major role in your ability to grab a copy. That is not the way these things should go down. I got lucky, I got my copy—I feel for folks who didn’t, especially with how anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is.

Anyone who ordered a digital copy or physical should be getting it. You’re eligible for a third chance at a special edition. You could say so. NintendoThey still sell special edition copies… in their New York City-based store Nintendo Store. The copies are not available for purchase. Xenoblade’sRelease date is July 29th. This means that if you’re reading this, and you’re not currently in New York City, it won’t be much of a help. Worse, even if your special edition set was purchased, you will not be able to receive it until October when it ships out. Nintendo. If you purchased the special edition at NintendoYou can’t store it in New York.

I don’t know what possessed means. NintendoIt was a difficult decision to make for such a highly-anticipated title. I hope they don’t make it so uncomfortable in the future. Thank goodness for small favors. It feels like yesterday that we all were clamoring for it. NintendoTo actually release the first Xenoblade ChroniclesIn the U.S., all we need to do is pray that we get a Xenoblade Chronicles XRelease in the U.S. Xenoblade Chronicles 3You can add many goodies to the expansion pass Xenoblade Chronicles 3Well into December 2023

Tactics Ogre Is “Reborn”—Pyrrhic Victory To Follow

It feels like yesterday that everyone was clamoring for the Spectrum. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling togetherThe PSP remake for the classic strategy game with Queen-referencing strategy. Tactics OgreThat would be an ancestor. Final Fantasy Tactics. Google quickly shows that this remake was made 12 years ago. Moral of this story: Don’t expect me to keep my time for you.

However, those who love games that make you cry and that make you think about the terrible tragedy and futility that is war will be pleased to learn that Tactics OgreThis latest remake will be available on November 11. This version promises tons more quality-of life features, including an autosave function, faster battles, the option to play cutscenes either in English or Japanese, a revamped interface, and higher-fidelity audio. But that’s just the good news—nothing in Tactics OgreIs a pure happy victory. Reborn: Tactics OgreThere is a severe penalty for it…

Whatever the reason, Reborn: Tactics OgreSmoothens all Tactics OgreLovely sprite art. All the characters and sprites look a little less smudged and blobbier as a result. It’s already disappointing, but it gets worse when you consider the possibilities. Let Us Cling TogetherWe can still see how bad the spritework looks. Is that enough to make the entire game unplayable? I can honestly say that even me doesn’t believe this. Any version Tactics OgreIt is worth getting. The game looks a lot like someone has smeared Vaseline all across the sprites. However, it’s not a major problem. In the worst case scenario, you could pick up a PSP along with a used copy. Let Us Cling Together—and even then, you’d definitely be missing out on some good features. However, it would have been nice if they could see. Tactics OgreGiven an HD2D overhaul like Octopath TravelerOder Triangle StrategyInstead, opt for this blurred-over design.

Save the Date: Wii U & 3DS eShop Closure Date Announced

It had to happen sooner than expected. It broke my heart to discuss it, but here are the results: Nintendoannounced that the Wii U will be available in stores on September 8. Nintendo3DS eShops are closing on March 27, 2023. Credit cards cannot be used to add funds into a Wii U account or 3DS account since May. NintendoBy August 29th, eShop cards won’t be available on these accounts. However, codes cannot be redeemed.

This is one that’s very heartbreaking. The Wii U GameBoy Advance titles that are now available through the Virtual Console are a great loss. We were not allowed access to them on a 3DS, and it is a shame. Only Wii U exclusives are available. Xenoblade Chronicles X requires saving now—all of the other big Wii U titles have since been ported. Unfortunately, the 3DS is not so fortunate. There are many 3DS games and DLC that can’t be played on this family of consoles. Crimson ShroudOder Attack of the Friday Monsters. Persona QThis delightful combination of Etrian OdysseyAnd Persona 3And 4This is a 3DS-only model, but it could be digital-only due to a production error. Fire Emblem AwakeningThe title that puts a stop to Fire EmblemFans around the globe will be able to see the map again, but it will only be in its default form. This will prevent players from accessing the downloadable classes and Xenologues, as well as the one beach-map that covered a Tharja, a swimmer-wearing Tharja, with a curtain. And it’s even worse for Fire Emblem FatesRevelations was DLC-only. And were you guys also fans of Theatrythm – Final Fantasy Curtain Call? This game was loaded with tons of incredible DLC, including music. Live Alive, SaGa, The End of the World is YouAnd many other wonderful things! Square-Enix titles. You all know the drill: DLC is all you need (and it all comes together at a staggering triple digit price). There’s also bizarre stuff like Zara, The Fastest FairyThis is an unusual fact, and I think we’ll be less fortunate without it.

I feel terrible for the 3DS. It meant so much to me and I love it so much. Despite all the pain in my peanut gallery, it was worth it. NintendoThe 3DS was not affected by the collapse of the console industry. Nintendo afloat between “major” consoles. The 3DS didn’t get a proper “swan song”, it just died with a quiet whimper. It was a very good console. It’s possible to enjoy it while still having full access to its digital library.

I Don’t Wanna Do Another “Blank Draws Near” Joke, Here’s Some Dragon Quest News

Twofer was our deal Dragon QuestThis week, we have been working on two games! First, the development of an offline version Dragon Quest X continues. The game’s basics were covered in a second trailer released last week. The trailer is in Japanese because there are no plans to bring it over to the U.S.

The trailer shows you the five races your character can choose from, as well as the basics of crafting and the skill system. There are also fun details such the fishing and gambling minigames. Most of the game’s look and feel is similar. Dragon Quest IX – Sentinels of Starry SkyThis is not a bad thing. Dragon Questyou can use as your MMORPG’s base. It will be available for download on the PS5, PS4, and Xbox One. NintendoChange and Steam.

Dragon QuestIt has truly come to its best in the United States with more players embracing its turn-based systems, charming characters, and writing. Dragon Quest XIIt was a hit with a wide audience in the U.S. and the hero of that game got a spot on a prestigious TV show. Smash Broscontender (which was well-earned). There’s also stuff like the Dragon Quest: Dai’s AdventureComing out is anime, which I absolutely recommend to everyone. I hope that this anime will be available soon. DQXGets ported to the U.S. Square-EnixDecides to take Final Fantasy XIVOut to pasture, they also design an offline adaptation. But I digress—and that’s a long way off, anyway. Heck, Final Fantasy XIStill hasn’t gone offline

The second is a deeper dive into the future Dragon Quest Treasures. This one seems to be new ground. Dragon Quest franchise, as it’s a “treasure hunting” game. The players control Erik and Mia, their siblings. They travel the Draconian Islands recruiting monsters to help locate treasure chests. They must return to their base in order to value their treasure. Pirates can also be a problem on their return journey. Some other fun details included their spirit-companions Purrsula and Porcus who were flying piggy-piggy. It was interesting to see how the twins might be able to travel the globe with the help of a rare monster’s ability. Erik grabbed onto a Dracky and flew around the area. This is a fresh take on the idea of Dragon Quest Monsters, the classic mons-based spinoff Dragon QuestThis was then an expansion. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly BrideThe monster-taming system. What’s more, Dragon Quest MonstersThis is tied into Dragon Quest VI – Realms for Reverie; so too does Dragon Quest Treasuresserves as a prequel Dragon Quest XIErik was one of the party members that you were playing in that game.

I find it funny to look at the whole thing. Dragon Quest series was held up for so long as the poster-child of JRPGs in terms of how “stagnant” the genre is, but the Dragon QuestThere are so many spin-offs of series, just by themselves MonstersAnd its monster taming Rocket SlimeIts goo-fy take is a great addition to any party. ZeldaThe -esque puzzle solving to TornekoThe games that are based on roguelike exploration. I’m looking forward. TreasuresIt will be available on the 9th of December. Nintendo Switch. I think I’ll be only halfway through. Xenoblade Chronicles 3Then…

NEXTONAnnounces One 30-year Anniversary Project

I like to talk about visual novels, whenever possible—they’re an important part of anime and gaming fandom. Nuts to whether they count as “real games” or not, too many anime franchises have their roots in visual novels, and far too many game series made their fame courtesy of folks who cut their teeth on visual novels (fun fact: Iga, daddy of the Metroidvania, got his start with Tokimeki Memorial). Here’s a big scoop on visual novels: the week just ended. NEXTONA big project for their 30th anniversary was announced: a remake 1998’s classic. One: Kagayake kisatsu e.

OneIt is an important title. Many of the staff went on to found this game. KeyThis would in turn create many beloved visual novels titles like Kanon, Air?, Clannad. It was also one those beloved, big adult VNs that grew so large it deserved a console port. Fate Stay/NightLater, it was given to another. PlayStationThe trailer has been removed from the port. The trailer does not provide much beyond a quick overview of the main story and introducing the cast. We don’t yet know the consoles, so we didn’t see much. OneIt will not be coming out soon, and it won’t be back to the shelves. We will keep an eye out for this one.

AmnesiaThey Will Not Be Forgotten!

Other visual novel news: Memories and AmnesiaAnd Amnesia: Later × CrowdWe are heading to the Nintendo Switch! IdeaFactory has created some cool special edition sets, not content with porting the beloved Otome games to Switch. Have a look!

The Switch is my favorite platform for visual novels. You can carry it around so you can enjoy these games while on the move. Also, visual novels are simple enough to read on the commute. Headphones are also available. You can also use headphones if you wish. Akira IshidaTo whisper sweet words into your ears, but your ears alone. It is the best way to be isolated from commuters. (Does Akira IshidaStill do VNs Are they the ones people most love these days? (I appreciate VNs very much, but I don’t know much about them.

In any case: AmnesiaYou will find plenty of melodrama at this location. The first AmnesiaThis article details the misadventures and failures of an amnesiac woman who tries to balance her desire to regain her memories with her pursuit of a few eligible bachelors. But there’s a catch. If any of them discover her missing memories, it could lead to her never being able to regain her memories again. Progress is about balancing three factors with your partner: you have to say the right things to each of them to increase their affection. But you also need to watch their Trust and Suspicion. You want to maintain trust at an all time high. If Suspicion becomes too high, it will lead to a bad end. I am particularly interested in Gallery, which allows you to peruse older images not unlock in the story and can touch specific points of an image to unlock additional information that is not available within the main game.

Meanwhile, Later × CrowdThis expansion serves as an extension to the main game. It provides additional insight into the main routes and also gives you a glimpse into the side-characters. This expansion will help you make your routes end in wedding bells.

The Special Edition is very stylish, featuring soundtracks, steelbooks, and an artwork book. The Special Edition also includes a set bromide cards. This is the easiest way to get me to pledge money to a Patreon. However, the art has not been completed yet. The NintendoIf you are just looking for digital copies, the eShop pages have already been created.

I don’t know how we managed to get a double dose of soccer-game news this past week. We just did it, and they are both huge doozies. The first up is one anyone from Latin America is going to boggle at just a little: we’re getting a mobile game based off of—of all things—Captain Tsubasa!

Captain TsubasaIs an old Shonen Jump classic. Created by Yōichi TakahashiThis beloved series was first broadcast in 1980. It’s about Tsubasa Ozora and his journey to Japan at the FIFA World Cup. Captain TsubasaIt has not been popularized in the United States but is being used. Saint SeiyaAnd Slam DunkIt was popularized in Latin America, where it was called “The Latin American” Super Campeones. And whatever the reason. Captain TsubasaIs now available in mobile form. Captain TsubasaAce. Available courtesy DeNAThe game is now available for pre-registration. From the trailer, there is not much information about the game. There is no release date. Although people from Mexico are excited about the game, I hope it finds an audience worldwide.

There’s Level-5, a soccer anime that is loved abroad. Inazuma Eleven. The longest-running series of RPGs based on soccer, the Inazuma ElevenThe series were a hot commodity. There were three main games and 11 spin-offs. Only one of these games made it to the United States. This was many years later. However, this seems to be Level-5’s method of doing business with its franchises. If a series is popular in Japan, you can make annual sequels and only release the first entry in the U.S. after the series has died. It happened with Yōkai WatchThe definite possibility of, was touted for some time as a positive. Pokémon killer (it wasn’t—poor series burned bright but burned fast), and we saw it with Inazuma Eleven. The fourth Inazuma Eleven title, Victory Road of HeroesFor the PS4, a Japanese release of, is planned for next year. NintendoSwitch, iOS and Android. Level-5 provided a wealth of information on the game via their blog.

The game’s first feature is a radical departure from previous games. It is played from the point of view of a character who cannot play soccer and instead guides his fellow teammates. There is a mode that allows you to recruit players from the past Inazuma ElevenCharacters are available, but this is a standalone game that takes place in a world completely different from the mainline. Plus, the Switch version has been specifically designed to reintroduce the series’ pen-and paper-esque controls. It’s all amazing stuff. Level-5 is working twice as hard to keep this secret. Inazuma ElevenThe unique feeling of the game is maintained without making it a sim soccer game. It sounds intriguing, and I can see it being enjoyed for a long time. Inazuma ElevenFans are eagerly awaiting this new title. Is it coming to the USA? We don’t know. Level-5 appears to be gone. Yōkai WatchIt could be in Japan or the U.S. They might think so. Inazuma ElevenIn the U.S.,’s time in sunlight has ended

Resident Evil Village‘s Expansions incoming: Virginia, Ethan isn’t just an Arm

It wouldn’t be possible. Resident EvilWithout a Mercenaries Mode! We were privy to this week’s Resident Evil Village Gold EditionTrailer that details all the new goodies in the game. It’s a lot!

First, Ethan can use the third-person view to tell his story. This is something I love: The first-person perspective for the new Resident EvilGames (it’s an excellent way to keep tension, just like the original games with their tank control controls), but the third person view feels like a good practice run. Resident Evil IV remake. The Mercenaries mode allows players to create bioweapons. So far, the confirmed playable characters are “that boulder-punching asshole” Chris Redfield, Heisenberg and his magnetic hammer, and Lady Dimitrescu and her bad manicure. Chris has all the usual firearms, Heisenberg showed some great uses of magnetism, including a spinning sawblade that he used to dismember his body. Dimitrescu is able to summon her daughters through swarms or bugs. There’s also the mysterious “Shadows of a Rose” mode, which appears to detail Rose’s adventures from the epilogue to Village. Final, the game can be upgraded to the PS5 free of charge for players who already own the PS4. All this goodness will be available on the PS4, PS5, and Xbox families. SteamStadia (lol), and, this October 28th.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2.Announced

This is very exciting! Famitsu has revealed that CyberConnect is working to create a sequel for last summer’s “CyberConnect” video. Fuga: Melodies of Steel!

The logo is the only visual reference, as it’s still a little early. But thanks to those who played the first FugaYou know what to expect: A group of furry-children pilots a small tank-sized vehicle as they attempt to survive in a war heavily inspired by World War II. Each child can have stats and bonuses that give perks to the tank if assigned to certain tasks, but the tank also comes with a Soul Canon that can destroy any enemy… at cost to one of the tank’s children. The first FugaThere were many endings, depending on how many children you sacrificed. The True End required no sacrifices. Fuga 2This is a base for offering bonuses if you have save data Fuga 1Additional bonuses for True End are included.

I regret not having picked it up Fuga 1It’s true, I have struggled with both of these issues up to now. XenobladeSince I bought my Switch, I’ve played games (I’m a slow gamer, okay?)). Fugagehört to the very beloved series Little Tail Bronx, which includes titles such as Tail ConcertoOne of my favorite titles. SoLaToRoBoFor the DS. It’s not only nice to see another Little Tail Bonx game so soon—but also to see a direct sequel in the first game. SoLaToRoBoReferenced and cameoed Tail ConcertoIt was cast but not connected to any other. They are delightful, charming, beautiful games. The problem is that they are so hard to find and rare. Even if they aren’t, FugaGames are more melancholy and tragic than they seem. SoLaToRoBoI highly recommend it. Todd Ciolek, our buddy and the best Todd in gaming, reviewed the first one. He has some great words to say about it. There is no news. Fuga 2’sIt was released in the U.S. but will be available in Japan next year.

“Please Don’t Spoil Digimon Survive”, Says Digimon Twitter

So, Digimon! These are my favourite Digimon vpets. Digimon SurviveDigimon enthusiasts around the world are excited to have their chance at raising Angewomon. But the Digimon social media account has a specific request for folks: “Don’t spoil the game for at least two months after its release”.

Now, society has—in my opinion—gotten what the scientific community calls “completely idiotic” about spoilers. It personally turns me off intensely to bring up having gone to see a movie in the theaters and instead of an excited “Oh, cool, did you have fun?” I’m met with a panicked “Don’t spoil anything!”. Like, my dude, if your movie or game is completely scuttled because the post-credits stinger was “spoiled” for you, maybe the movie sucks? We all know how to do it. Hunt for Red OctoberIt does not shake down but it is still a great movie. Your game is not enjoyable if you don’t have a trailer that explains how combat works.

It’s not hard to understand: I grew-up in the boonies, and there wasn’t a single bookstore near me. I watched every single thing. Death NoteBy osmosis: I can hear people shouting at their tops about the latest developments on GaiaOnline. This is how I know what happens in that series. Yes, it is a bit strange that someone would deliberately ruin a suspenseful film. People will want to talk about games. People are eagerly anticipating the release of this game. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and while I’m not gonna tell anyone “sucks to be you” if they didn’t no-life the game on Day One to find out Bingo and Toghopper are the Guv’nah, Innit (because I am that bitch who took over a year to beat both Xenoblades—each), I will say it feels so trite to have this kind of message out. Digimon is more open to this than others and has provided a hashtag for people to use to discuss spoilers. While I appreciate their efforts, they are not attempting to silence all criticisms or dumb comments. But, I am looking forward to a time when our media interactions change so that novelty doesn’t take precedence over the overall experience. From the beginning, I knew that Aerith would die. Final Fantasy VIIIt didn’t diminish the importance of the game. “Enjoy the water, not the fish”, is what I’m saying. Not that I’m gonna be a jerk about it: I’m not gonna go out of my way to scream about Bingo and Toghopper stealing the Clow Cards to pawn them off so they can pay for Joey’s sister’s eye-surgery, but it would be nice if “No spoilers!” got replaced with “I hope you had fun!”.

Let’s close with some quick tips:

  • We are excited to announce a new TekkenSoon anime will be available! Tekken: BloodlinesThe August 18th issue will be available Netflix.
  • No More Heroes III is due out for the PS4/PS5/Xbox family this October 11th—or October 14th if you’re in Europe.
  • KonamiA new agreement has been made with the World Baseball Softball Confederation in order to create a new baseball game. That surprised me as much as you. KonamiIs creating a new sport game.
  • SNKThe trailer for the new additions has been released King of Fighters VIII: Team Awakened Orochi are now available for use, including Orochi Chris and Orochi Yashiro—but most importantly Orochi Shermie.
  • Dragon BallBreakersRelease date: October 11th in Japan and October 14th elsewhere
  • Bright Memory: InfiniteThis game was released this week! The game is short and made by just one person. However, it looks incredible. It’s available on Switch and is a great game to play when you need a break. Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

This is it for this week. You and I are both wondering how I find so many things to say each week. I’m sorry, guys. You have the floor to answer: Who are your favorite new characters? Xenoblade Chronicles 3And why is Toghopper and Bingo so different? Do you guys feel as certain as I am that Pyra and Mythra will be represented in the game via the DLC? Did you try the original Tactics OgreOder One? (Ooh, how about?) Ogre Battle? (I’ve always been curious about that one.) Do you look forward to it? Resident Evil VillageAnd getting your hands on Lady Dimitrescu Do it. Be kind to one another. I’ll see you guys in seven.

This Week In Games Jean-KarloLemus writes this week’s games from Portland. Jean-Karlo is a freelance writer for AnimeNewsNetwork. When he’s not working with AnimeNewsNetwork Jean-Karlo enjoys playing JRPGs while munching popcorn and watching v-tubers. @mouse_inhouse.

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