Weak Hero Manga Chapter203 Release Date and Timing, Story, Where To Find Online

Weak Hero Manga Chapter 203 Release Date And Time, Story, Where To Read Online

Lately, in the Weak Hero we all have seen Jimmy’s story, know the chapter 203 release date, time and story

Though his story was a fun one to watch as how he ended up in union and also his unique side that we all didn’t know existed. 

However, it’s time for Gray to take the seat and run the show. The Chapter 202 of Weak Hero begins with a contractor making a deal with his president and giving him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. 

Weak Hero Manga Chapter203 Release Date and Time, Story, And Where To Read It Online

The man looks quite similar to young Jack but he doesn’t seem to have any blood connection with him. However, it’s not to be said that the adults don’t have any connection to the high schools for delinquents. 

Ben Park is the target of another man sent by the man. Ben was able to see what the other man wanted. This chapter focused on how the confrontation between them grew. 

Weak Hero Chapter 203?

In this series, the author’s work is on another level as the series manages to intrigue its audience just with the fist fights. Chapter 203 is a chapter that will prepare Ben Park and a gangster for the fight. Fans are excited, it’s no surprise. 

Although Weak Hero Manhwa comes out every Thursday but authors inform us ahead of time if they aren’t able to release it on the prescribed time. 

Release Date: Chapter 203: Weak Hero

Manhwa Weak Hero Chapter 203 in South Korea will be available July 28, 2022. It will also be available in other countries starting on:

July 28, 2022 Pacific Daylight Time: 9:00 AM

July 28, 2022. Central Daylight Time at 11.00 AM on July 28, 2022. Eastern Daylight Time at noon on July 28, 20,22. British Summer Time at 5.00 PM on July 28, 2020. Indian Standard Time is 9.30 PM, July 29, 2022. Singapore Standard Time is midnight

July 29, 2022 Philippines Standard Time: 12:01 AM

July 29, 2022 Australia Time: 2.00 AM 

The official series is available via Webtoon. The other sources do not support the author’s work. 

What is the Weak Hero Manhwa about?

The Weak Hero is an Manhwa about Gray and his life after high school graduation. Gray has a fragile figure and a feminine face which makes him prone to bullying. 

But Gray isn’t someone who will take a beating. Gray’s life has been difficult, but so has his. After proving that he can handle bigger challenges, he now faces more. 

SEOPASS is the author, and Razen is the artist.

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