What if …? Season 2 Characters and plots revealed

What If...? Season Two Characters and Plots Revealed

Marvel Studios’ animation panel took place this morning at San Diego Comic-Con and revealed a lot of exciting information about Spider-Man Freshman Year, X-Men ’97More. Marvel’s second season will be revealed by the panel.What if …?This has been increased to 2023 ComicBook.comBrandon Davis, a member of the’s, attended the panel to learn more about the new season and which characters will be featured. 

The panel stated that there would be a Hela-centric episode. We will see Captain Carter meet The Winter Soldier, an encounter between Odin, The Mandarin, and Tony Stark’s Sakaar with Valkyrie, Hulk, which will likely feature a race scene. Black Widow and Captain Carter were seen on footage from the con. They were walking through a city filled with robots that looked a lot like humanoids from the 1960s. Yondu, young Peter Parker and Red Guardian were also seen. Bucky will assist Red Guardian and Thanos will be in a second confrontation. Also, it looks like an episode will be set in 1602. 

The panel revealed that the Captain Carter version seen in the movie was the one shown during the panel. Doctor Stranger in Multiverse of Madness is not the same version from What If …?. Bryan Andrews, executive producer, explained that “It’s not our Captain Carter.” “That’s just one variant.” Brad Winderbaum, Executive Producer, stated that “Our Captain Carter wouldn’t have gone down so quickly.” 

Previously, What If …? A.C. Bradley, the head writer of the show, said that the missing Gamora episode will be a “prequel” episode for the upcoming season. 

Bradley replied, “We definitely will,” when Bradley was asked if they’ll be seeing more Gamora. “What happened with the Gamora episode, there was originally supposed to be — early on in the season — a Tony and Gamora-centric episode. Due to COVID delays and production delays, one our incredible animation houses around the world was pretty severely affected by the pandemic. The choice was between pushing the entire season forward to later in the year or moving this episode to Season 2. We chose to push that episode to Season 2 and we hoped Gamora’s appearance at the finale will serve as a teaser to what lies ahead. Season 2 will almost feel like a prequel. We’ll find out how Tony and Gamora became best friends.

Bradley said, “Given all of the upheaval we’ve gone through over the past two years pushing an episode is nothing and we fully understand.” “Our animation houses were absolute rock stars in pulling this off,” Bradley said.

Keep checking back for updates from Comic-Con 2022. 

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