What lies ahead for Jujutsu Kaisen’s Director


Studio MAPPA launched its grand push in 2020, to become one the largest Japanese studios. Its biggest win was Jujutsu Kaisen. But JJKSunghoo Park, a Korean director who might have changed the anime landscape with his passion, would not have made the movie as big of a success.

Park is a big name in animation. He has worked in it for longer than anyone else. You can find their animation work in Bones and Sunrise as well as Production I.G. and a substantial amount at MAPPA where he lent his skills to. Garo, Yuri on IceAnd Zombieland Saga. After directing GARO: Vanishing lineHe was a MAPPA member and took on two projects in 2020. Jujutsu KaisenAnd The God of High School. Park and co. made it look effortless by taking on two such intense shows. Jujutsu KaisenThe year ended up being the most popular and best-looking.


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The Director’s Mark for Action

Many directors create action scenes that feel so unique that they are instantly associated with the action genres. Masahiro Ando is an example of someone who directs impeccable action while making romance shows. Snow White with Red Hair.

Although they may not be able to animate the entire action, the directors have a keen eye for how it should look and work with the staff to make the most of their efforts. Park’s choreography uses a lot of realistic characters to help ground the action and make it more believable.

The man was able to captained the country in just two years Jujutsu KaisenThe prequel film Jujutsu Kaisen 0The series’ definition as it exists in animation. Many people are interested in the future of JJKIt’s worth asking where Park will go next beyond the series.

A New Studio

It was back in March that news started breaking about Park beginning his own animation studio called E&H Production. Their official website was made public, as well as a recruitment page, which gives some insight into their current staff and past work. Attack on TitanTo EvangelionAll the way beyond.

The first project of this studio is known, which is quite exciting. Deadline reported in May that a new batch anime was being produced for Adult Swim. One show was planned. Ninja KamuiPark directed the film at his new studio. Sola Entertainment, who also produced it, is co-producing it. God of High SchoolsAnd Tower of God, and whose Digital Arts department has produced numerous 3D animations.

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While it was exciting to hear Park was moving onto new exciting projects, many had feared Park would end his work with MAPPA. It seemed as though Park was done with the studio, according to many headlines. Fans were relieved to see that Anime Expo had confirmed their return. However, this news was later retracted.

Future of Jujutsu Kaisen

Anime News Network reported at first that the network had reported during the Jujutsu KaisenPark directed the Staff Panel at Anime Expo. An update later clarified that Park was not involved in any such statements.

Although it is not clear on which side of the coin it will land on, it appears more likely Park won’t be involved. He would rather work on other projects than at MAPPA. The studio’s staff have been leaving the company before, due to overwork and too many projects.

Fans of this movie will be bitterly disappointed. Jujutsu KaisenPark’s direction resonated with all of them, regardless of their level of interest in the animation process. While there are many talented directors out there, is there anyone who can do the same for this series as the previous one? It remains to be seen.

Despite being questioned about their reputation, MAPPA continues to accept more work. They will produce season 2 of Vinland SagaWit Studio was taken over by, just like they did for Attack on Titan. All the while Mari Okada’s latest film is still unaccounted.

The next year of projects will determine if MAPPA is able to maintain its momentum, or if it will face a rude awakening. To see it all happen, however, it will take more than just the march of the time. It will require the support of the anime community and those working in the industry.

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