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Spoilers for Episode 1 – Uncle from Another World: “I’m Finally back From the Fantasy World of Granbahamal after 17 long years!” Crunchyroll is streaming the episode now.

Although Uncle Kousuke may not have had the opportunity to live the 17 years of his life that he lived, there is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out who won the console wars in the 90s. Uncle from another world Is This is a comedy fantasy with a refreshing take on the Isekai trope.

Based on Shindeiru hotondo’s comedic Manga Uncle from another worldIt’s a nostalgic Isekai fantasy adventure with an unexpected twist. Uncle Kousuke has been in a coma since the age of seventeen years. But he suddenly awakens when Takafumi Takaoka comes to visit. Takafumi realizes that his uncle wasn’t just lying in bed for so long, but that he was actually fighting for the life of his family in an alternate dimension. It also turns out that he may have inherited supernatural abilities. Takafumi, Uncle Kousuke, and Takafumi join forces to address modern society. However, they still prioritize video gaming over all else.


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Takafumi’s Eccentric, Esoteric Uncle

Poor Kousuke, who was just 17 years old, was struck by a truck and spent nearly two decades in an unconscious state. At first, the middle-aged man makes a deranged impression by speaking in tongues and claiming that he is magical. When Kousuke speaks Japanese, his claims prove to be true. The origin story of these supernatural abilities may not have been as farfetched as we thought.

Kousuke, who is still in a coma is transported to an alternate reality where his mind is confused for an orc because of his unappealing appearance. The boy is sold into slavery. He must fight for his life in a world filled with monsters. His only allies are a persistent, sadistic Elf who brilliantly fulfills the task. tsundere role. Kousuke, thankfully, has had some experience in such situations. Not first hand but by dedicating his childhood all things SEGA. Granbahamal seems to be a less important issue for the young warrior than his acceptance there, where the humans seem just as vicious and sinister as the creatures.

Kousuke probably suffered severe trauma after seventeen years of hardship. However, he has relied heavily upon his memory-erasing skills to manage the repercussions. Although he doesn’t appear to have PTSD, Kousuke is clearly not able to think like a 34-year old man. He also displays many impulsive traits typical of a teenager. While he did not appear to spend much time socializing in Granbahamal with his friends, Takafumi was particularly surprised by his uncle’s poor lady skills. His uncle and Takafumi might be neck-and-neck in terms of maturity.

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SEGA Obsessed

Kousuke summarizes his priorities very well when his biggest concern after returning to the Land of the Living is about how well he is doing SEGAis involved in the console wars. The news that is the envy of Nintendo SonyThe man is devastated that the game has been taken over by someone else. He compares it to the trauma he suffered in Granbahamal. Kousuke’s vast knowledge of technology back in the 90s assists him greatly in adapting the modern age. He soon discovers the joys associated with online content creation.Wii-fii“. However, his heart is clearly still in the “good old days”, and Kousuke doesn’t want to switch to a smartphone. He prefers old-school flip phones (that can also spin now) instead.

Kousuke is passionate about SEGAThis information is provided in the Content of Uncle from another worldYou will find many nostalgic nods back to classic gaming in the first episode. Animation techniques can jump between anime aesthetics and 16-bit styles. There are also scenes from iconic gaming movies. SEGAImages include references to games such as:

  • Joe Musashi Shinobi (1987)
  • Golden Axe (1989)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)
  • Street Fighter 2 (1991)
  • Saint Sword (1991)
  • Sega Saturn JapanBoot-up screen (1994).
  • Magic Knight Rayearth (1995)
  • NIGHTS into Dreams (1996)
  • Guardian Heroes (1996)
  • Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru (1997)
  • Digital Dance Vol 1: Namie Amuro (1997)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Takafumi’s Tale

The introduction can be seen by viewers. Uncle from Another World Takafumi was unaware that Kousuke would need to be hospitalized suddenly. While the details of the incident are unclear, Takafumi revealed that his Uncle’s coma created a great divide in the family. The young man appears to have assumed responsibility for Kousuke’s care. The financial burden of 17 years worth of hospital bills caused stress in the family. Perhaps they were unable to agree on whether or not it was best to pull the plug. Takafumi appears to have distanced his clan from this.

Takafumi is a young independent man who seems to be a good fit for his age. His financial woes could all be attributed to the fact that Takafumi’s former roommate moved out and left him with all the bills. He is clearly resourceful and has a keen eye for the next opportunity. Takafumi immediately puts his uncle to use when he realizes that his magic abilities could be virally-worthy. YouTubeThey also made a lot of money by selling clips. The genius of Takafumi’s online shopping was also to remove the delivery fee. He took only thirty minutes to locate the best deals within Kousuke’s parameters. Takafumi, like his uncle, has some otaku characteristics. He often relates his life experiences with anime or games, but he doesn’t seem as obsessed as Kaouske.

An Unconventional Isekai

Even though the idea of Isekai may not be new to anime fans, Uncle from another worldThis classic trope is given a new spin by the way it is presented. Kousuke’s experience in another world is the backbone of Isekai. His story starts at the end of his travels. Even though his adventures play a significant role in the anime, the whole Isekai storyline can be seen almost as a prequel. Uncle from another worldOne that viewers can only see through flashbacks.

It is interesting that the spectator is not actually given the “first person” perspective in this anime. Takafumi serves as an audience surrogate for most of the anime. Although fans are invested in Kousuke’s comedy Isekai story they also get the Takafumi experience from his perspective. The gaming perspective allows Kousuke to easily switch between different viewpoints, making it easy to maneuver through his memories. But, once the audience gets invested in the Granbahamal storyline they are pulled back to reality and share Takafumi’s frustrations at needing (no, wanting) to find out what happened to his family. Uncle from Another World

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