Who is the Weakest Hokage

Thanks to the friendship of Madara Uchiha & Hashirama Senju, we were able to forge a new alliance. Naruto’s Konoha was the first village to be created. They wanted a place where children could grow up in love and peace, with no need to go to war. As someone strong enough to protect everyone, the Hokage was created for the village.

Konoha has seen many Hokage fall and rise over the years. While some Hokage have gone on to make a name for theirself and get their names in history books, others have seen mediocre reigns and were considered failures.


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The Candidates for The Weakest HOKAGE

All Hokage are powerful shinobi, so it’s no surprise that all of them were strong and capable in their own ways. But that doesn’t mean they were all equal. Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage was extremely powerful and had a strength so absurd that he was called the ‘God Of Shinobi’ in all Five Great Nations. Hashirama was so strong that he could match MadaraUchiha in battle and defeat Madara. This clearly puts him out of contention for the spot of weakest Hokage. Tobirama Senju, his brother, was also following him. Tobirama, although not as strong as Hashirama, was still impressive. While he wasn’t as powerful as his brother, Tobirama Senju could still fight the Uchiha with ease and even scare Orochimaru when he was close to his full power.

Hiruzen Srutobi, also known as the Third Hokage was a legend ninja, whose power rivaled that of Hashirama Senju. He was able to defeat Orochimaru with the help of two Edo Kage, even at his advanced age. This victory cost him his life. Hiruzen, just like Hashirama, was a formidable Hokage. He was eventually succeeded, however, by Minato Naikaze, the legendary fourth Hokage. Minato was only 17 years old, but his strength was so great that Hiruzen (and Jiraiya) considered him untouchable. His untimely death meant that Minato never reached his full potential.

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Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage and the fifth, was clearly one of the weaker. As she became the Hokage far beyond her prime, her strength was not comparable to that of other Kage. Tsunade, a Kage who was considered weaker than Onoki and Ay in the Fourth Great Ninja War wasn’t the strongest. Kakashi Hatake succeeded Tsunade, who was just like her wasn’t very powerful during his time as Kage. Kakashi was already without his Sharingan, and this made him very weak. The Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki is considered the strongest, and it is evident that Kakashi Hatake or Tsunade Senju are the weakest.

Who Is the Weakest Hokage: Kakashi or Tsunade

As we have already established, Kakashi Hatake and Tsunade Senju are the weakest Hokages of Konohagakure. Tsunade and Kakashi are actually quite similar in terms of strength. Naruto. Their fighting styles are very different. Tsunade, while being a more powerful tank, is more focused on Kakashi’s tactics. Kakashi is calmer and more calculating and has a lot of power. Tsunade Senju and Kakashi Hatake are both highly skilled Kage.

Tsunade Senju however, was very old at the time she became the Hokage. This was evident in several instances when her true face emerged after her use of the mitotic renewal jutsu. Tsunade was also unable to fight in many battles, such as against Madara Uchiha. Against Pain, she could not engage in combat with him and prevent him from blowing the village up, despite saving many lives. Kakashi’s Sharingan was often believed to have made him weaker. This is a farce.

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Kakashi was stronger than ever as a Kage, even though he lost his Sharingan. Naruto Light novels are a good example of this. Kakashi would be able to fight longer and use his chakra more effectively if he didn’t have to drain his chakra reserves by the eye. To make him a better fighter, he also developed powerful techniques like the Purple Electricity. The Boruto Kakashi hatake, an anime character, was able, despite having been far beyond his prime Hokage days for combat, to match Kashin oji for a while. This only goes to show that he’s a monstrous fighter and has only grown stronger.

Tsunade Sju is, all things considered, the weakest Hokage age of the Naruto Series because she is not only the weakest Sannin, but also far beyond her best days as the Hokage. Tsunade was a great Hokage, however. She proved time and again that she was worthy of the title Fifth Hokage, demonstrating her inherited Will to Fire and putting her life on the line for all those she loves. Tsunade was definitely a highly successful Hokage. But she wasn’t as strong or as the others as the fans were able to see in this story.

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