Who is Yeowun’s next Ally Release Date

Who Is Yeowun's Next Ally? Release Date


Nano Machine chapter 112 will move its attention away from the Demon Dragon Clan premises. Chun Yeowun is now free from any threat from the four lords. To avoid any future threat, he has disabled Chun Mukeum. Yeowun has many problems to face. He is currently fixing Mun Yu’s mental condition. Mun Yun may have misunderstood Yeowoon’s intentions. He believes Yu is being harmed by Vice Lord. Here’s everything you need about the next chapter of the title manhwa.

The upcoming chapter will mark Yeowun’s departure from the home of the Demon Dragon Clan. It will move its focus away from the Demon Dragon Clan and towards other elders. The revolution against the Lord is about to come to an end. Yeowun now has the support and backing of the Demon Dragon Clan. Now it’s Yeowun’s turn to turn away his attention toward other clans.

Nano Machine Chapter 117

Nano Machine Chapter 117: Who Will Be Yeowun’s Next Ally?

In the next storyline, Chun Yeowun must persuade other clans that they will support the Lord. He must also be aware of the plots by the four clan elders that interrupted his meeting with Mun Yun. Chun Yeowun may not follow a straight line. He has taken out Chun Mukeum’s right arm. Mukeum is now a cripple fighter, and can no longer be a Vice Lord. Yeowun wiped out all conspiracies of his enemy in one hit.

Yeowun will be concerned about the health of Mun Yu. Yu was treated with shock therapy. The treatment did not work at the end of the previous visit. Moreover, Mun Yu could not face the screams of Mun Yu and tried to resist Yeoqun’s actions. But the end result of Yeowun’s action will appear in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa!

Nano Machine Chapter 117

How did Mukeum become a cripple?

The revelation of the plans of the four Clan elders was the beginning of the 116th outing. After Yeowun is made Crown Prince, they plan to make Mukeum Vice Lord. Yeowun murdered almost all of the Six Martial Clan members in front the Lord. He is very fearsome to everyone. The scene again shifts to the tip of Yeowun’s guard on Mukeum’s neck. Mukeum was extremely scared because he had in mind to kill Crown Prince.

Bu Churyong begged and then resisted against Yeowun’s guard. But he could not match the power of his female guard. Yeowun told Churyong to point the sword at Mukeum. As Churyong was begging on the floor, Yeowun stopped the sword from striking him. Yeowun demanded the jade and cut out Mukeum’s right arm to spare his life. The plan of the elders was destroyed by Yeowun. Yeowun was granted the loyalty to the Demon Dragon Clan as payment for the jade.

Nano Machine Chapter 117

Nano Machine Chapter 112: Release Date

Due to their popularity with readers, the manhwas are receiving continuous runs. These manhwas are also receiving digital releases to increase their reach in other languages. Nano Machine Chapter 117 does not differ in this regard. According to the schedule, it will be released on August 5, 2022. All chapters will be available on the official pages for Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage. Don’t forget to get all the anime world updates on one and only The Anime Daily!


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