Who will fight alongside Jisuk Yoo in the fight for Jisuk Yoo’s freedom? Release Date

Who Will Fight With Jisuk Yoo? Release Date


Eleceed Chapter 205 promises to be a delight for action-loving readers. Fans were more surprised by the previous fight than the fight against Sucheon. Nobody expected Wooin to deliver such a powerful performance. Everybody in the arena is shocked at the potential of these rookies. They have performed admirably against top academy scorers. Fans can expect more excitement and suspense in the next chapters.

The next chapter of manhwa will feature ace fighters on both sides. The identity of the new academy fighter is still unknown. Jisuk Yoo is interested in fighting the Awakened Academy’s fighter. But things aren’t going as smoothly now as they were during previous fights. The aura around this new fighter is strong. The next chapter is likely to see the collision between raw forces. It’s time to move on to the spoilers and insight into the chapter of the titular manhwa!

Eleceed Chapter 205

Eleceed Chapter 205: A Brute Fighter Vs. Jisuk Yoo!

The next chapters will be hard to swallow for the readers. Eleceed lovers will enjoy the suspense. Eleceed Chapter 205 marks the beginning of the brutal fans that will appear in future chapters. The arena has seen the potential of rookies. Jean lost to Wooin in the previous round, even though he was not a Top 4 player. The elite power of Omega Academy’s student, Wooin, was disturbed by a low-class rookie.

The rookies also have not yet placed their ace fighters beside Sucheon. The Awakened Academy student sent their ace fight to begin the next bout. This new fighter appears very rough. He also has an unusual, violent aura about his eyes. Jisuk Yoo, a Shinhwa Association fighter, has agreed to face this Awakened Academy ace fighter. This means that the next fight will involve more than power control and trickery.

Eleceed Chapter 205

How Wooin Subdued Jeans

The 204th chapter was a blaze of fire as Jean and Wooin engaged in a fierce battle. Jean didn’t stop projecting fireballs at Wooin. His power control allowed him to redirect the ball’s path towards each other. Jean was surprised and decided to use power control to decide the winner of the match. They began a battle for control. Jean’s second attack saw her project multiple fireballs towards Wooin. Wooin was able to evade all of them.

Jean cursed Wooin and launched her attacks once more. She increased the intensity of her attacks. Wooin was surrounded by fire from all directions. He managed to dodge them all with his exceptional power control. He even took advantage of Jean’s attack to attack him. Jean lost the control fight. But she became irrational and tried killing Wooin. But Wooin’s colleagues stopped the match and asked the referee about it. The case was dropped by the teachers.

Eleceed Chapter 205

Eleceed Chapter205 Release Date

Due to their captivating plots, Eleceed chapters are growing in popularity. The makers release all chapters in one go, so fans don’t have to wait. That’s why the manhwa has not gone on a single break after its release. Eleceed Chapter 205 is due to be published on August 5, 2022. Don’t hesitate to visit The Anime Daily for more updates!


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